Frame Of Mind

Frame Of Mind

By:  Aislinn Jasper  Completed
Language: English
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'What do you think? Am I a psychopath Sarah?'He said in a gravelly voice, gradually tightening his grip over Sarah's throat with his right hand while his left hand was holding Sarah's right hand with all his power, almost embedding it into the wall behind Sarah...Sarah was running out of breath and her eyes went teary when he yelled...****Sarah is a rich girl who after being trapped in her own house for almost two years finally came out. But now all she wants is a normal life. She joins a company called The Ambition to start a new fresh life but there are certain people and things that are approaching her. Which can or may reveal some of the things about her past...

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The story is a psychological thriller that will bring you something. It is unique, compelling, and intriguing. At the same time, the characters are introduced perfectly. Good job!
2020-09-15 10:43:02
91 Chapters
This is a short introduction to all the essential Characters who are you going to read in this book further. Their looks will be discussed in the further chapters of the Novel.  Enjoy reading, I hope you like it!! Sarah Brown - A 24-year-old woman who is jobless. She is the daughter of a rich woman Hannah Brown. She is very polite and of jolly nature but gets irritated or angry too easily. Emma Miller - A 24-year-old woman who is the president of the company The Ambition. A polite woman but hates her life. Niall Carter - A 27-year-old man who is the CEO of his father's Company 'The Ambition .' A bit arrogant and has apoplexy. He is very intelligent but doesn't like to show off his skills. Lisa Edwards - A 26-year-old woman who is a famous Psychologist at a well-known hospital 'Rutherford Medical Center.' She is an intelligent woman who treats her patients politely.&n
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What Kind Of Person Are you?
What do you think? Am I a psychopath Sarah?'He said in a gravelly voice, gradually tightening his grip over Sarah's throat with his right hand while his left hand was holding Sarah's right hand with all his power, almost embedding it into the wall behind Sarah. He was in his scariest look today. His eyes were red due to so much consumption of alcohol and Sarah was slowly running out of breath. It was just so dark in there and they were standing in the corner'Say something, Sarah, why aren't you answering?' He said again in the same voice.'Tell me before I lose it!' He yelled suddenly which made Sarah's eyes teary. She started to breathe heavily to survive this scenario and with all her energy and breath left in her, she said in a wheezy voice,'I'm not able to breathe Mr Niall ...'****It all started one month ago...Finally, my job hunt for today ends here cau
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He Is A Psychopath
Finally, I am on my way to the job hunt again. ugh! God! didn't you ever pity me for my situation? I don't think anyone's life could be such hell as mine, like how could anyone's life suddenly turnout as hell. Well, I just don't want this job. I...I just want to work somewhere else. Where the head above me is not weirder at all, at any cost. Thinking all this I didn't realize when I reached the stop. From there I have to walk about five to ten minutes to reach there and to save money ten minutes of walk is just a piece of cake.After walking, as I said almost ten minutes I found myself standing in front of a huge building on whose top "The Ambition" was written in bold blue letters. The whole building was painted white. From huge, I mean really huge!! It had almost 50 to 60 floors, but hey, I'm just too bad at guessing so. please don't judge. But I can guarantee that it could be around 20 to 25 floors.  Well, whatever, as I was about to e
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Unforgettable Memories...
One day ago...'Mr. Niall, I have to leave this job cause my family and I are shifting somewhere else.' Said Amanda Wilkinson to me in a quavering voice and placed a resignation letter on my table. I don't know why but she was afraid that I'll find out somehow that this was her excuse and that's it, I already knew.'Yeah, why not. Just leave, I'm also fed up of your mistakes and accepting your apologies. So...Just leave!' I said and at last, I screamed my words. She walked out, but even though she tried to walk I knew she rushed out. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to control my apoplexy. She was really an irritating Manager. Her mistakes made me think sometimes that I should do the work that she was supposed to do. Despite asking her to do so with her zero IQ level. Well, she was gone and again I was compelled to find a new manager. Well, it was not that hard, Emma will help me. In all the women she is the only sensib
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The First Day
The next morning before the interview, Niall came into the Hall in which the interview was going to be taken. He was sitting there cause he needed some time alone because he wasn't able to sleep the whole night. He was happy and a bit of the nostalgic cause at the end of the day, he was going to meet her, finally. When no one came into the room for the next five minutes he stood up and went towards the big window which was on the left side of the room. He stood there thinking of multiple things at the same time. And suddenly his meditation got broken by a big thud,' I get it he is a psychopath.' Said someone who was there in the room all this time without being noticed by him.When he turned around he found a girl with dark brown hair sitting in the room, alone. He wasn't able to see her face. So he asked,'Who?' and his voice echoed in the empty room.Sarah got scared of the voice which echoed in the roo
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The Lift Incident
Jeremy stood in one corner of the lift chewing his chewing gum and wearing a denim jacket, unzipped and a white shirt which was almost transparent under that fashionable jacket. I admit, he looked handsome but a lot scarier than a man handsome. I stood in another corner of the lift to prevent any kind of conversation with him.I took out my phone started to look into it and Suddenly the lights of the lift started to flicker on about the 14th floor and suddenly the lift stopped on the fifteenth floor. But to my amusement, the door didn't open. I looked at Jeremy but he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. He was just listening to the songs which were being played on his earphones. I thought that might be for a second until suddenly, the lift started to go down recklessly at a very high speed. Due to the trembling of the lift as it started to go down I screamed my lungs out and got a tight grip on the handle of the lift. The lights were still flickering. I got a glimpse
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At This Hour?...
Are you alright Sarah?' I asked as soon as I reached her table.She was sitting with all blank expressions like a mannequin sitting on the chair, breathing.And as soon as she saw me I thought she'll feel more relay but she got more worried. She stood up and said. 'Emma doesn't take it anyways, we were just stuck in there, it's nothing like what you're thinking.' She said worriedly.'He was just...he just was calming me down cause I'm..I'm afraid of darkness.' She further in one breath.'It's's very alright, I'm not misunderstanding at all. Calm down and here drink this.' I said and handed over a bottle of water. She drank almost all the water present in it and finally she took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a bit. 'Do you really trust me, Emma?' She asked and opened her eyes.'Hmm. I trust you.' I said.'But no one here trusts me, Mr. Niall doesn't
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An Unknown Shadow
‘Sorry, Ms. Margret for this inconvenience but you know I really needed to shift here. It was urgent. I hope you and the girl living here don't mind.' I said.'Don't worry dear, it's fine. And don't worry Sarah is a nice girl. She will not mind at all.' Said Ms. Margret with a warm smile.'Sarah??' I asked not knowing to whom should I call with this name.'Your new roommate. She is a nice girl she'll help you. Treat her like your elder sister.' She said and patted my back.'Thank you, Ms. Margret.' I said.'Call me Aunt darling and mention not.' She said and took me upstairs.We went up and there was Brown's door. We knocked on the door and to my astonishment, the girl living there opened the gate faster than I thought. She looked.... ugly wearing a shiny red shirt and shiny red pants, obviously paired with it. Her hair was uncombed and I guess she was eating something could be seen on her right hand and mouth.
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He Is A Total Weirdo
I sat in the car before him so to avoid any circumstances in which he could scold me.He came and sat in the seat right next to me. I looked at him and he didn't even bother to look at me.'Mr. Niall, you may please sit on the backseat comfortably, why are you sitting here?' I asked him with adding all honorifics.'I'm not sure about your driving and I don't wish to die all of a sudden in the morning.' he said arrogantly.I sighed in frustration and started to drive.' for you.' He said and handed over a chocolate bar to me out of the blue as we reached the destination.'A chocolate bar? But why?' I asked.'Umm..take this as an apology from my side. Emma told me yesterday that you were afraid of darkness and Jeremy was comforting you.' He said looking in front.Oh! so you finally understood, you arrogant ass.'Thanks a lot, Mr Niall .' I said wit
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Do You Know Me?
As I rushed to the parking lot I saw a guy laughing in a low pitch and talking to someone. As I went in I saw that guy was Jeremy and on top of that he was with a girl there, flirting. I ignored them and towards my car but as soon as I reached my car I realized that my keys were still on my desk almost 20 floors above. I had to again go up. I turned around in frustration and saw Jeremy standing close to me. In reflex, I pinched him in the stomach, though that punch was very light he acted as if I had broken his some of the bones. He was the one who approached me and not me and asked me to get into his car. Though I refused many times cause he was acting all flirty but the fact that Anna was all alone in the house made me accept his favour.This all that happened, there was not a single time when I approached him, in the lift too when I squat down and closed my eyes he came and hugged me. Just to comfort me nothing else. But why Mr Niall and everyone is blaming me. W
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