Freedom Again

Freedom Again

By:  Rosa Ait  Ongoing
Language: English
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karima, a 17 years old who would get bullied in school because of her bad clothing, her father died when she was 13 years old, her mom remarried again. Her stepdad and stepsister treats her well infront of her mother but when she is gone. they turn super evil and beat her up. She would run away someday and try to find herself. Ayan, a very successful business man. He is known for his arrogance, he would find this girl and take her in. What would happen to these two? would they fall in love? Would she reach her goal and find herself! I will be posting this on royalroad, please do read it there. I'm so excited because my book was just nominated for the 2021 Readers Choice Awards contest by TCK Publishing! Please vote for it at

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Mandy Sizemore
Very good story so far. I just love it.
2021-05-22 02:26:23
11 Chapters
" Karima honey, get down here. Your dad has a surprise for you" shouted my dad from the living room. He is here, my father is home.I run down the stairs excited to see my, I long for him. He is a fireman and has been away for three days. I know for some people it would be normal, but for me, No!!!I adore my dad, he has been here for me since the day I was born, for a whole 13 years he never said no to me. He treats me like a princess, and took care of me, my mom is a surgeon so she is rarely home, I spend most of my time with my daddy. I saw him sitting on the couch in the living room holding a sky blue box, while tapping his foot on the ground impatiently.Onething My Father dislikes is waiting, and well I made him wait.I bounced on him hugging from behind. Tightly letting him know I missed him so much. He turned around and looked at me, chuckling softly while pating my head." Oh, your daddy misses you too,  prin
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"Honey, wake up." a soft tender voice told me." It's time for you to wake up, dear." It said again.Who is this? Who could wake me up?OH! IT'S MOM.
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how it feels to be lonely?
Did you ever ask yourself these questions?Why does everyone I got close to leave me?Am I the reason behind there departure?Do I have a fatal disease that drive every person away from me? Well, I never wondered such things until this moment.I stood there looking at my one and only childhood friend, Tania, as she jokes and laughs with the most unexpected people, My bullies. I made my way to the school entrance ignoring the stinging feeling in my heart. She got tired of me.Is that a new feeling? No.Did I expect that? absolutely yes.I was always wondering when would she get tired of me and my pathetic excuse of a life. As they all did.Everytime I think I made a friend, they leave and side up with 'them'. Tania, was different. She was my savior, my shoulder to cry on, the person who always catch me before I fall. She was my only hope, the person that cleans
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An angel sent from above
 Everyone was laughing at my weak state, some even recorded. My whole life I covered myself, now everyone saw my hair, saw me in such pathetic state. A coward, a crybaby. My hijab off.  My whole life, I was nice to everyone, I helped anyone, never judged nor insulted anyone. Only because my precious god told us to do good to those who did bad to us and never stop at their level, it was the most painful punishment. Yet, all that people did is despise me, judge me, insult me. Why?  Is it because I had no one to protect me?, or was it all a test from god?  I never let anything get to me, not even when Melissa and her friends, beat me up. Not even when I saw my childhood friend with my enemies. However, this was inacceptable. They took it too far. *She* took it too far.  I looked at my reflection i
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face the devil
"Where the hell did you get that scarf from?" He roared,There we go again."I-I- got this from a friend." I stuttered,I stopped to face him as I was midway through the stairs trying to go to my room without him noticing me, but guess what?Mission escape failed."From a friend? What friend huh? since when do you have friends, you worthless piece of shit?" He shouted making me flinch at his tone.His face and eyes were bloodshot, he was reeking of alcohol and he was angry. I started shaking in fear knowing I was doomed and there is no one to save me from his wrath.He will hit me again for sure.Ya Allah! When would all this stop?"It was from a classmate of mine..... s-since mine g-ot d-d-irty." I said slowly looking down, not daring to meet his furious calculative eyes.He chuckled darkly, his hoarse voice echoing through the whole empty house."It was from a guy, right?" He slurred, his words barely aud
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Face the devil part 2
"Strip,"I froze after hearing what the devil himself said.I didn't know what to or what to say. He smirked, pleased by my weak and vulnerable state. I hugged myself tighter, afraid.How to escape? What kind of sick joke is this?I raised my shaking eyes, daring for the first time to meet his fixing gaze. He stood there in all his glory, waiting for me to submit to his sinful demand. A tear slipped down my face, looking at the door, hoping, praying someone would come and save me from this shameless man in front of me."Don't you dare run, trust me, you will only make it worse for you," And I cried, fat tears started streaming down my pale face like a flowing river, not daring to stop.I knew too well what he was talking about; he was trying to steal away the innocence and pureness I was trying my entire life to protect. He wanted to discard me like a flower and leave me unwanted and dirty. I run to the door, trying to open it.
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Letting Go
"Is it true?"She said, venom dripping from each word she mouthed.She looked at me her always sweet soft eyes that made me feel home and made me fight anything in order to see them always sparkling are now distant. She believed him the only liar in this room.Nothing can describe the panic and shock I was experiencing. This can't be happening.She was my mother; she was the only person I have; she is my only family. I can't stand losing her too. I shook my head, silent tears flowing down my face, not believing every bit that my own mother, the one that brought me to this cruel world, her own flesh and blood would think that low of me."Trust me, honey, she is lying, can't you see how reasonable is this, she must be too lonely, she doesn't even have friends," I stayed silent, "don't believe her tears, it's because I turned her down," Oh Ya Allah.I froze in my place waiting for my mother's reaction and then it hit me.Of
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Her eyes tell
AYLAN:I looked outside my car's window, watching as people, cars, and trees pass before my eyes, The sun was setting taking my breath as its sun rays reflected on the green trees. It was so beautiful. I smiled, opening the window; I exhaled, closing my eyes lightly as the fresh air hit my face, the amazing scent hitting my nostrils. How beautiful nature is? How beautiful my home is? I can't help but think about how time flows fast, how life changes without us noticing, it feels just like yesterday when I had nothing to eat, no shelter and now look where I am. Happy, safe, and sound, with a lovely small family waiting for me home. I get what I want and even what I don't want, this is the secret of life, it turns and turns until we find ourselves in a whole new situation and state.My phone buzzed in my pocket with the Id "Mama" calling, I smiled answering the call."Hello, mo
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Her eyes tell part 2
"What do you mean I should go today?" I shouted at the guy in the other line."I am sorry, sir. It's for the sake of our organization.""You know it's my mother's birthday, how can I leave her?" I took a deep breath, calming myself down. It wasn't his fault. He is just my assistant, after all. "Okay, call them back, and tell them I am coming. You can take the rest of the days off, Sarah will come with me." I told him, calmly. It was indeed a good thing. However, today is her birthday. "What happened, sir?" Said Sarah, from beside me in the car.Sarah was my personal assistant, she is like a little sister to me. We prepared a whole surprise party for my mother. Now we will postpone it. I have other more important matters."We need to fly to France, Tonight," "Wow, that's a good thing, don't tell me they accepted your offer." She s
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The day I first saw her
flashback:Amazing it is to have somebody you can rely on, to know that no matter how tough life gets you always have arms to run to without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.That person for me as most people in the universe is the one who brought to this world, my mother.I sank further into the back seat of my car, holding a small emerald box. A gift I brought for my mother dearest, the kindest of them all.She sacrificed her whole life and youth into raising the man I became today. She dressed me, fed me, and made sure I never lacked anything nor let me shed a single tear. The person who never thought of herself only me and my well-being.Today was her birthday, how excited I was to see her reaction to this little surprise we prepared for her.I rolled down the window and let the morning fresh air invade us. Me, my secretary and my driver/I don't understand why peo
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