From His Maid to Mate
From His Maid to Mate
Author: Kp_46

Chapter 1

Inside a mildly lit living room, two people, a man and a woman, who were supposedly around their middle ages were sitting engrossed in deep conversation.

"Do you think we should do this?" Victor woods turned his sight towards his wife, Agathe woods as he stared at her with an unspeakable yet flickering emotion in his eyes.

From his face, it was clearly visible that he was currently caught on a tough spot.

Agathe Woods had been married to Victor Woods for more than two decades, took a couple of moments to respond, following which, she nodded with hesitation evident on her face, explaining to her husband her thoughts. "What do you want to do then? Let your son die, when you have a chance to save him?"

Victor Woods was stunned from what he heard from his wife. Even though they had so many problems, he never thought of doing what his wife had suggested just now. Let alone getting such thought’s in fact, he despised such a method.

Yet, can they fight with destiny?

Today, his fate was making him choose something that he always pushed away.


On a deserted road, filled with trees, birds chirping around and sun rising up and sun light seeping through the leaves and plants standing tall, two girls were walking while talking to each other.

"Sophie, you look weird?"

Mary and Sophie had the same destination-- where they would work every day. Even the timings were the same, just the work done by both of them were different. And so, they would leave together, walk through the way, and would come back together as well.

Today, Sophie, who was Mary's childhood friend and best friend as well as her neighbour, seems to be a little worried and zoned out, making Mary question her.

Mary softly grabbed Sophie’s arm was waiting for Sophie's answer but had only received silence.

"Sophie... is everything good?" Mary asked again, this time in a more gentle tone.

When Mary questioned Sophie again, Sophie was unable to control her tears and they started falling one by one passing through her cheek and dropping from her pointed chin.

“Sophie!” Mary was taken aback by Sophie's crying.

They had been neighbours since childhood and had been best friends as well. Being best friends, they shared everything with each other and Mary already knew that Sophie was a strong girl like her who would never cry for silly things. She would always face everything in a determined and tough manner.

Mary quickly held Sophie's hands and consoled her while patting her shoulder. "Sophie, is something worrying you?" Mary started patting Sophie's head softly like how her mother would do to her child.

“Sophie, everything will be fine. There's no need to cry.” Even though Mary didn’t knew why Sophie was crying, she tried to calm her down first.

 With Mary's constant consoling, Sophie felt a little better and stopped crying. Mary felt relieved and did not ask Sophie again the reason behind her worriedness.

While the girls kept on walking, Sophie started telling Mary why she was down since morning and what was worrying her.

“Mary, you remember my sister?” Sophie asked while her eyes were straight, looking ahead on the road.

Mary was a little bit startled after hearing Sophie's question. She blinked her eyes a couple of times before nodding softly. "Your sister, Sophia... yes, I remember her."

Three years ago, Sophie's sister, who was five years older than her, Sophia Clinton, was sent as a maid to a werewolf family staying far away from their small village.

At that time, Sophie's family was in need for a lot of money and the family who purchased Sophia gave them a good amount of it, enough for them to live a comfortable life for next ten years at least.

It was said that Sophia Clinton was living well as a maid in the werewolves' house and was also sending some money to her family every now and then. It was a common occurrence for Werewolves, to keep humans as their maids. As maids, the girls would have to many other immoral things and would not be regarded as living beings.

Once sold, they would be nothing than a toy in their eyes and would be treated in the worst way one could ever imagine.

It was a general practice in their area to send human females or human males to werewolves as their caretakers, maids, housekeepers, bodyguards, army’s or their personal toys.

Mary knew that this was nothing new and that there would be very few people who would be able to escape from this fate of theirs.

How she hoped she would be one of those few people who would be able to escape this fate of her’s as well.

Mostly, boys would be the only one who would be able to escape by going to cities and dwelling over there.

As compared to them, the girls-- they would more or less have the same fate of becoming a maid in someone else's house and then living there their whole life before getting abandoned, or killed or gifted to another family and continuing to serve them.

Getting Mary's confirmation, Sophie wiped her tear stained face with the back of her hands as she informed Mary. "The person who purchased my sister, has a cousin younger brother. Now, they want to buy me as well."

As soon as Sophie finished speaking, tears uncontrollably started flowing through her eyes and her eyes reddened. Her breathing hitched and her voice chocked.

No one ever wanted to lose the freedom they have. Even if they did not have a good amount of money to spend, wear luxurious clothes, and eat good food, they were all content in their life. At least they were with their family. Had the chance to speak to their mother and father, see them, have meal with them, and enjoy their care and love. Enjoy the warmth of a family.

Usually everyone living in the village would work in fields and factories and earn something to live their life normally unless, someone from their family is purchased. Someone, because it was not only girls who would be purchased, the same was true for boys as well.

It was not that all the werewolves were bad and all the Maids would suffer the same kind of behaviour. Some of them were good as well. Like the one who purchased Sophia Clinton, Sophie's elder sister.

Even though three years have passed and no one has ever seen Sophia again, she would usually keep on writing some letters once every year and would also send a little bit of money. This naturally showed that she was favoured by the werewolf and had a good life over there.

As compared to some good werewolves, there would be some who would be bad as well. They would be unscrupulous with their actions and would furthermore treat their maids or servants like trash. If ten people are sold, eight of them die within a year due to being overworked or being abused and harassed.

Sophia was one of the two of them who were naturally lucky.

Mary immediately understood why Sophie, her best friend, was sad since morning. This was indeed a big matter and with them being humans, who has no power in front of werewolves, they can only accept the offer.

"Sophie…" Mary was short of words as she knew that there was not a single word that she could say to console her best friend. Taking a deep breath, Mary tried to cheer Sophie up by hugging her, which was of no use.

Little did she know that her fate, which is coincidentally similar to her best friend, was also on its way.

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