Chapter 2

Mary finished her work, and along with Sophie, came back home. As compared to Victor and Agathe, Mary would be the first one to come back home. Consequently, she would earn lesser than them as well.

Everyday, when she comes back home, she would be greeted by the sight of her brother who would keep on reading books or something else.

Since he was not in good health, he would only sit up on the couch, which was almost worn out, or he would sleep on his bed. Intense activities, such as walking for a long time, or working, or any body movements were barred for Sylvester. 

It had just been around a year ago that her brother, Sylvester Woods, had been diagnosed with an incurable disease. Not only was the disease incurable, it was fatal as well. It was then that everything changed.

The condition of Sylvester did not improve with time, but was just temporarily stabilized with treatement. But who knew, the peacefulness won't last long?

Two weeks ago, while they were eating dinner together, his son suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell unconscious. Those memories would always haunt Mary.

As soon as Mary arrived, she would rush to the kitchen and cook something for him and her parents to eat after they come back from their tiring work.

Like every other day, today also Mary came back home and was greeted by Sylvester's happy smile.

"Sister, you're back!" This was the line that Sylvester would say everyday every time he sees Mary coming back. If not because of Sylvester’s smiling face, Mary would have lost her hope to live. She was proud of her younger brother. 

She was proud of her brother. No one knew how he got the cpurage but he handeled everything. He never whined or troubled them. He would stay alone all day long but never complained. Mary's heart softened as a mischevious kid flashed in her memories. 

"Sister!" Sylvester called again seeing Mary in daze. 

Mary nodded and quickly got freshened up before going back into the small kitchen and started cooking meals for everyone.

Seeing her sister working so hard for him, Sylvester had a sad smile on his face as he suggested. "Sister, do you need some help?"

Sylvester would ask Mary everyday whenever she would cook if she needed some help in anything, such as cutting vegetables, peeling something, starting fire or anything, but Mary would politely decline it.

How could she allow her brother who was already sick to help her?

"No, Sylvester. I can do it. Take some rest." Mary stated chopping as she answered Sylvester and went back to focus on her work.

Sylvester already knew that no matter how much he pursued his sister, she would be stubborn on her decision and would not allow him to help.

He simply nodded his head and went back to reading the book that he was already reading when Mary came back.

Just as Mary finished cooking and was putting off the fire, her parents Victor and Agathe arrived as well.

When both of them freshen up, Mary had already set the table and Sylvester had already started eating. Due to his medications, Sylvester would feel hungrier than a normal person and would sleep more as well. Out of twenty four hours in a day he would sleep for more than twelve hours.

Like every other day, today was a normal day but Sylvester and Mary felt that there was something else going on as well.

Mary gathered her courage as she questioned her parents. "Mom, Dad, are you worried about something?"

Victor, who was trying to stuff the food into his mouth, while many thoughts were going around in his mind, was a little startled when he heard his older daughter questioning him. His eyes welled up with tears which he quickly hid by bowing his head down and coughing a little bit.

Sylvester also noticed that his parents were not acting normal like the usual. Not that they were abnormal, it was just that he felt the air around them was a little stiff. And they were much more quieter than they usually would be. Every day, at least they would ask him how he was feeling, but today they didn’t even respond to his greeting.

"Dad, are you okay? Mom, is everything fine?" Sylvester questioned them, and Mary nodded her head as well. Even though he could not help them, he at least can talk to them and hear them out.

When Victor woods saw his son questioning him and the worry and anxiousness on his son’s face, his heart immediately softened. Looking at his son, he without a second thought hardened his heart for his only daughter and decided to follow what they had already decided early in the morning.

Victor shook his head and the family of four went back to eating their dinner again, quitely.

After the dinner was finished, Sylvester went back to sleep, while Mary and Agathe were supposed to wash the dishes.

Just as Mary was about to go and support Agathe in washing the dishes, she was called out by her father, Victor Woods.

"Mary, come let's take a walk."

Even though Victor already said that there was nothing to worry about on the dinner table, Mary already knew that there was something which was troubling her father. As compared to her mother, Mary was closer to her father as she always felt that he supported her more than Sylvester.

Mary turned her head to look at Agathe who was arranging dishes in the wash basin for washing. Getting approval from her mother, Mary nodded her head. "Okay, Dad. I will keep the dishes in the kitchen and come."

Informing Victor, Mary helped Agathe to keep all the dishes in the kitchen, following which she was urged by Agathe as well, to follow her dad.

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