By:  Authoress Aria  Ongoing
Language: English
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Catalina and Alexander are from two very opposite worlds. Alexander is a rich,handsome,down to earth and cool guy but Catalina is the clearly opposite hot,unpredictable,beauty that kills and introvert. What happens when east meets west??

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Great story dear ...️ keep it up dear
2021-08-06 18:59:18
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Oluwa Shemy
Can't wait to find out what's gon' happen ... let's do this ...
2021-08-06 05:07:59
user avatar
Authoress Aria
I love the characters I just hope they fall in love with each other
2021-08-06 03:08:38
user avatar
Nice Cover and the plot is really good and Captivating.
2021-08-05 13:22:07
user avatar
Nice plot and the cover is captivating, plus pulling
2021-08-05 13:15:26
user avatar
A. O. Anjay
Interesting book. This is one story you should definitely check out.
2021-08-02 20:14:29
user avatar
Good book, nice plot and characters
2021-07-25 04:09:36
11 Chapters
What the heck
GUITY(She stole my heart)Episode OneBy Authoress Aria  Alexander I walked in my mansion and saw my father at the door with that angry looks he always has."Hi dad"I greeted pulling of my tie."How could you Xander,how could you ask the board members to play chess with you who does that"he scolded with a loud voice."Easy dad or you may have an heart attack and die because your unnecessary shouting"I said."That's no way to speak too your father Alex"Gabby scolded and I looked at her with disbelief."If I were you I would shut that pretty mouth of yours and figure out how to watch my weight cause you look like an air balloon"I warned sternly with a smirk,she huffed and puffed glaring at me."And as for you dad I have toldyou several times not to meddle in the affairs of company if so wish we gamble instead of chess then so be it. You should worry about your self and your teenage bitch
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Let's get the over with
GUILTY (She stole my heart) Episode Two By Authoress AriaPreviously on GUILTYI smiled seeing the blue diamond"Finally your mine""I want you to take over the company""Sir your family earloom has been stolen  Alexander "This better be a joke"I warned. "Am afraid not sir"she said and I sighed and spranged up immediately.  "Tell Collins to the jet ready am flying to London right now"I said sternly and hanged up.  I just took my phone and my cars and hurried downstairs,I saw Gabby eating ice cream,she froze when she saw but I just walked past...... The drive to the airport was a very quick one.  "Mr Qin"The pilot greeted. "Hey Freddie how soon can we get there"I asked impatiently. "Roughly 4hrs"he smiled and I nodd
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Your Sick
 GUILTY(She stole my heart)Episode 3By Authoress AriaPreviously on GUILTY"I really wonder how my family my earloom was stolen under London's top security noses""Steven it's a woman""Let's get this over with I don't wanna see her face for too long"Catalina  I looked at the company's finical conditions,it was terrible. "Who has being handle the company's account since"I asked the MD sternly."Ma'am it''s.."she trembled."Answer me!!! Damn it!"I banged the table harshly."Miss Downs"she said shaking."Are you mad what are you saying you liar!"Tania screamed about to hit her but I held her hand and slapped her making all the board members gasp."You don't hit my staffs without my permission Miss Downs"I said with anger."How dare you do that in front of the staffs am a down why would I steal from my father's company??"she lied."Oh shut up
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Than to come to me
GUILTY(She stole my heart)Episode 4By Authoress AriaPreviously on GUILTY I  can't believe a simple woman broke into one of the most secured place,the third richest man in the city's house"one of the guard's said."Your about to now"I smirked"So this is yours Miss hoodie"unknown pov  "My queen" Kasper called me and I turned."Am afraid they are getting close,the prince is falling for her"he said in one gulp."Kasper my poor little friend you don't see what this means for me,if they get close they will be forced to see their true selves"I smirked."But my queen won't it be your downfall"he asker shaking and in a jiff I grabbed his neck and watched him pee in fear."Your humans are pathetic,they are just two small pest they can do me no harm. But I want Alexander at all cost I want his life span"I said and walked but to my chair."Kasper"I called and he
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The fucking son of a bitch
GUILTY  (She's stole my heart) Episode 5 By Authoress AriaPreviously on GUILTY"Your about to find out now""What are you??""Now you'll have no choice than to come to me yourself miss hoodie"I smiled Catalina  I walked back home in thoughts,what happened to me there my eyes they changed color and I have never felt that powerful before like my body Wasn't mine anymore. "That's true cause it's ours"I heard a voice in my head "Huh??"I turned around but no one was there maybe am hearing things. "Oh quit turning around am inside you,am apart of you"she giggled and I flashed back to when I was 5. 15 years ago "Mummy mummy"little Cata ran to miss Downs. "Hey slow down my little munchkin"she carried her on her laps smiling.
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GUILTY (She stole my heart) Episode 6By Authoress AriaPreviously on GUILTY"Am apart of you""Sir there's a problem""Hell yeah am going to end him""Let me go!!" Alexander Immediately she slapped me the whole board members stood up and gasped. I turned and looked at her,I could feel her fear and she shivered. "Leave us"I said coldly and everyone walked out of the room and I went and locked the door. "Whyy....why are you locking the door huh"she asked clearly scared of me. I took off my jacket and my removed a few buttons from my shirt walking dangerously close to her. "Please......please..don't come any any closer and warning you. If my family finds out about this its going to be very disastrous"she stuttered. I eyed her from her feet to her lips,she kept moving back till her back hit the wall and her
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My heart
GUILTY (She stole my heart) Episode. 7 By Authoress AriaPreviously on GUILTY "What do you want!" "You!!" "I'll never leave you Catherina even if death come to take you away I'll follow and bring you back I'll never let you go I promise you" Catalina"Baby are you expecting anyone??"mom asked me and I paused remembering my day with Mr Qin "Yes mom am going for the gala that CEO Qin organized I was thinking it will be very good for the business right"I lied hoping mom will buy it when she suddenly hugged me. "Oh Thank you sweetheart I know your father will be very happy that your Taking his company to the next level like he dreamt of"she said almost in tears. "Oh my emotional crazy Sexy momma you know I'll do anything for you and dad I love you both so much"I said
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Don't leave me
Episode EightCatalina"Stop Catalina what happened to you,where are you going" Alex stopped me"Please let me go,I need to go please"I begged"Okay but at least let me come with you"he said looking at me,I flinched and immediately moved back."No please I need to go alone"I said and removed my hand from his."Lina"he called and threw a car key at me,I nodded and unlocked the  cat and s black sports car beeped. I got in and drove straight home,I walked in the house shaking."Mom"I shouted and I heard growling behind me."She's not here 'Cara said"And how the hell do you kmow"i said in thought frustrated."Shut up and listen to me,take two steps forward and kick behind you"she instructed."What are you saying"I asked ."Just do it"she yelled. I did as instructed and I felt I kicked something,it flew out the kitchen door,I saw five note monkey men like creatures with slimy stuffs com
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She's DEAD
GUILTYShe stole my heartEpisode Nine  Alexander"Where is she" I asked Philip as soon as he walked into the room."Am sorry price but her last stop was her house and we haven't found out anything else"he said."Damn it,I shouldn't have let her leave on her own now have lost her"I said bowing my head. When I felt something jump on the table. I turned and saw Aaron,my pet panther."You know something right?"I asked and he smirked."Show me"I commanded and he walked towards me,I placed my palm on his head. I saw everything,it came flashing to me I saw how she fought the flins and when she unknowingly used her powers to kill them when she saw her friend and when they took her."Thank you"I placed my head on his head."You have to hurry up"he said and rushed to my bike and drove off in full speed."Lina am coming for you I won't let any harm come to you I promise"I said and zoomed off. I
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Trust Me
Episode Ten Alexander "Xander"I heard her coughing and I rushed to her but something pulled her away."No!"I yelled "Let me go!"I heard her scream,the effect of the blast made my head spin a little,I regained myself shortly and ran outside. I saw Theodore,I should have known. They won't let me have her that easily."I see you,fell for my trap"Theodore laughed."You know I really thought you would have grown up by now I see your still very stupid and immature mocked him and his eyes turned yellow, I smirked."You know for someone's who's going to die you have the gut you still run that mouth of yours"he said angrily."You should know now that I and death have come a long way,we are even friends right now but you won't know that till you see him later"I smiled and he charged at me. When I started strangling him. ",let me go please"he begged breathlessly.
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