Getting away with the Alpha's Pup

Getting away with the Alpha's Pup

By:  Lana Mora  Updated just now
Language: English
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When the young Alpha Dylan was still the heir to the pack, his parents brought the innocent Cherry to live with them, hoping to foster a connection between them. Smitten with Dylan from the start, Cherry longed to grow closer to him, while Dylan remained aloof and distant. After a fateful night of revelry, the drunk Dylan succumbed to his desires, spending a passionate night with Cherry. However, his reaction the next day left her heartbroken and disillusioned. Feeling abandoned, Cherry decided to leave all by herself. Two weeks later, Cherry discovered that she was pregnant and decided to embark on a journey of independence and self-discovery in Berlin, where she pursued her dream of becoming a designer. Years went by, and Cherry returned to reunite with her father, only to be discovered by Dylan's friend, who soon learned about the existence of Cherry's daughter Fern. Witnessing this unexpected twist of fate, Dylan set off on a challenging quest to win back the love of his life.

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user avatar
A good read. It keeps me entertained
2023-10-27 19:33:31
user avatar
95 chapters 10 / 27 / 23. Updated daily~~
2023-10-27 19:31:55
user avatar
Cherry's character development is chef's kiss. Can't get enough of this!!!
2023-10-27 18:50:13
user avatar
Interesting. Waiting for more chapters
2023-10-19 20:14:05
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Jenelle Earl
A great book so far
2023-10-16 08:36:57
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Christine Owings
22 chapters 7/29/23. Three weeks since last update
2023-07-30 06:25:37
user avatar
Book had lots of potential until Dylan lost his memory. . So unnecessary & unneeded. Lost me unfortunately to continue
2023-10-13 11:05:54
148 Chapters
Chapter 1
Cherry I let myself in, noticing Dylan’s keys in the bowl on the table. My heart punched my chest like a jackhammer, overreacting to the fact that he was home. I dropped my own keys in the bowl with a clatter. A moment later, Dylan’s study door opened. Dylan filled the doorway. His shoulders were so broad they almost touched both sides of the frame, and he seemed to loom over me, even with the long hallway between us. I always felt overwhelmed by his presence. His dark eyes found me in the low light, and I fought to conceal how much his stare affected me. His strong features were so handsome, filled with all the rugged beauty of the Moon God that only our pack’s most talented artists could hope to imbue their sculptures with. I felt Dylan’s pull on me like I did the full moon. I wanted to go to him. My lips prickled as if telling me to use them as I wanted to. “Kiss him,” they seemed to whisper. If only... Instead, I stated the obvious, “You’re home.” He frowned. “Thought you wer
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Chapter 2
Cherry Worry crept through me. For what must have been the thousandth time, I wondered if there was something wrong with me. Dylan hadn’t shown any sign of being attracted to me. He didn’t seem remotely interested in me like that. He hadn’t even kissed me, and we’d lived together for a whole year. Heat flushed over my skin as one of my common fantasies played through my thoughts: Dylan’s tall, muscular form pushing through my bedroom door, his dark eyes claiming mine before he took me in his arms and kissed me. But that’s where the fantasy petered out as it so often did. After all, I didn’t have much experience in that department. Who was I trying to fool? I didn’t have any sexual experience. Nothing. Helplessness whirled through me. The truth was, since being told by our Alpha and Luna that Dylan was my fated mate, I’d grown up with the idea that things between us would just happen. It’s not that I’d intentionally kept myself for Dylan, but I suppose, looking back when I’d fantasi
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Chapter 3
Dylan I clicked the door shut to my study, running my hands through my hair in exasperation. Exasperation at Cherry, at myself, at this whole god-damned situation. For a moment, guilt kept me at the door. I thought of Cherry perched on a bar stool, eating alone in the kitchen. Her grey eyes washed-out and picking daintily at her meal. I almost went back. Almost. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about her. She was… What is she? The truth was I didn’t know anymore. But the hopefulness in Cherry’s tone as she’d said dinner was ready had knotted my stomach. It wasn’t at the thought of her cooking. Her food is always bloody delicious. I knew part of me would regret not sitting down for a bite. But it was what lurked beneath that simple offer of food. An important part of the mating bond was a mate’s desire to nourish the other. The more frequently I gave in to her cooking and ate with her, the more chance there was for the bond that was destined to exist between us to grow. No doubt, it
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Chapter 4
Dylan Again, I imagined the slender woman sitting in the kitchen, her long blonde hair and smooth heart-shaped face undeniably beautiful. It was why I couldn’t share a room with her, despite the hurt I knew it caused her. After all, I was still a hot-blooded male who saw how god-damned beautiful she was—every day. I didn’t trust myself to share a bed with such a beautiful woman and keep my hands to myself. I knew Cherry was only eighteen and likely hadn’t had any experience with guys. After all, from the age of eleven, she’d known she was destined to be my mate and the future Luna of the Starsmoon pack. She deserved her first time to be with someone who truly cared for her. And although I found her beautiful and desirable because of my parents and the future they’d decreed for us, Cherry came with too many trappings. I was a future Alpha. My future wouldn’t be dictated to me by anyone. Once, after a few beers, I’d confessed all this to Bert, my Beta, and friend. He’d advised me to t
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Chapter 5
Cherry Our whole pack was seated around a huge banquet table, draped in crisp white linen and decorated with candles and flowers. A feast of rich dishes rested along the middle, which the pack had all pitched in to make, and were all enjoying now. Despite the festive mood, my own was strained. I sat to the left of Dylan. He was to the right of his father, while Heather sat to Chris’s left. I felt like Dylan, and I were supposed to be the mirror image of our Alpha and Luna, but creeping shame built in me. I couldn’t help noticing how often Heather leaned in to talk to Chris or patted her husband’s arm and other little signs of affection that marked the pair as a proper couple. Whereas Dylan and I had barely exchanged two words all night. Dylan mostly talked to his father about pack business. The only time I managed to speak to him was to ask if he’d tried the salmon or venison and other dull things. A sheen of sweat beaded along my forehead as I dwelled on what everyone must be thin
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Chapter 6
Cherry As if underwater, I heard Heather and Chris’s voices telling Dylan and me to go and join the party. The pack’s excitement flooded the room. Someone had set music playing, the pounding beat like the jackhammer of my heart. Everything around me seemed to blur. A wall of well-wishers surrounded me for what felt like an eternity. With each exchange, my breath caught more sharply. It barely registered as my dad found me, pulling me into a giant bear hug. In his arms, my feelings threatened to spill out, but more excited arms soon tugged me onward. Finally, at the edge of the room, the space around me was clear of friends. I take a step, only to find myself teetering as if walking on unstable ground. Belatedly, I realized that I was, somehow, beside Dylan. He must have come out the other side of the pack, too. Instinctually, my arm reached out to him, curving around his but Dylan tensed. A frown marred his handsome brows, and he pushed me away as if unable to bear my touch. I gape
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Chapter 7
Cherry Dylan was heavy. Luckily, he was lucid enough to walk, albeit with lurching steps. He was so tall compared to my petite frame. My head only came up to his chest. Even in the heels I wore, he towered over me. Now and then, his big hand flopped against my neck or down my back as he steadied himself. By keeping an arm around his waist, I guided him in the right direction and kept him upright. Within a few short minutes, we were at our door. It suddenly dawned on me that I’d left my coat, with my keys, at Dylan’s parents. “Fuck,” I swore. Dylan let out a deep laugh, and my eyes darted up to him. He stared down at me. “I haven’t heard you swear before.” With the way he blinked at me, you’d have thought I’d grown a second head. I reminded myself that he was drunk. He probably was seeing two of me. I sighed, “Well, now you have.” Irritation needled through me as the cold night stung my bare arms, neck, and back. Even Dylan’s body heat as he leaned on me couldn’t chase the cold aw
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Chapter 8
Cherry His fingers fell away, and I felt the head of his arousal press against my entrance. Its firm pressure was delicious. I opened to him completely. Gently, he drove into me, stretching me wider and wider. I felt a shudder of pain, but pressing my legs against his ass, I encouraged him further in. The discomfort was soon gone, and only his fullness was left. It was all I could think about. As he moved, I bucked against him, and it was the most exquisite pleasure I’d ever experienced. His breath was on my throat, his tongue trailing kisses down to the neckline of my dress. He dragged the silk up and over my head, stripping me of my bra too. Then his attention was on my breasts, kneading and nuzzling them. As he thrust into me and suckled, I spiraled over the edge. “Dylan,” I panted. I’d lost track of the number of times I’d come apart when he found his own release, letting out a groan and spilling hot inside me. *** When I blinked my eyes open, it took me a moment to convince
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Chapter 9
Dylan I lumbered into the loft: the open-plan office was where I spent a large portion of time. The Starsmoon kept a complex of buildings here in which to manage our various businesses. We ran a diverse range of trades, which allowed our community to be autonomous and sustain us. We managed a few farms, a large amount of forestry, and a timber and silage business. All of these things required day- to-day admin tasks. Yet, I couldn’t focus on the dozen or so tasks that had racked up because all I could think about washer. Cherry. And the spectacular mess I’d made of things. I hadn’t thought it could get any worse than playing house and being trapped in a life I didn’t want. Well, it could. And it had. Through drunken sex, and my life had reached the breaking point. I swept a hand tiredly across my face, still feeling groggy from the party two nights’ ago. I didn’t usually drink much. A beer or two with Bert or the other guys in the pack was usually the limit. Whereas at the party,
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Chapter 10
Dylan I stiffened, feeling the weight of guilt settle on my shoulders. I didn’t dislike Cherry. But I couldn’t stand this feeling of being trapped in something I hadn’t chosen. I was a fucking Alpha, for Nuu-Chah’s sake. I gave the orders. I drummed my fingers on the desk, wondering how I could ever accept this. Then, a flash of Cherry, looking at me with her grey eyes, almost silver like the dress she’d worn the other night, shot through me. The memory of her gaze on me with such meaning, although it still caused my stomach to knot, also fired a note of desire through me. Maybe, just maybe, our path would bring us together. Maybe with time, I could grow to accept her. When Bert brought me my much-needed caffeine hit, I fired up the laptop, and my tasks engulfed me. The day flew by, and when I returned home with the dusk, it was with anticipation. I’d resolved to talk to Cherry: to try to patch things up for the sake of the future. For the sake of what we might be to each other giv
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