Chapter 80 - Hers

*Sydney Roswell's POV*


"Yow, Sydney! I have a question. Don't get this wrong, aight? It's just a question or a suggestion. Just out of curiosity." Grace called me and asked, and I turned my swivel chair to look at her sitting comfortably on my bed beside her girlfriend, who was busy munching some popcorn.

I raised an eyebrow in response to tell her to go on, and she grinned. Let me bet. I strongly know this will be about OJ again. There was nothing that this person asked me that the girl I adore wasn't mentioned.

"Well... You do know that OJ will be home finally later from Chicago. What if... What if you just... tell OJ everything... the whole truth? You know... your journey together, the things you did for her, everything you did together while she's still out of her body, what you feel, that you're girlfriends, and... all of it. Maybe she can remember, even just a bit." She suggested and looked so serious while Emma stopped shoving pieces of popcorn in her mouth to look at me an
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