Chapter 85 - Make Love

*Sydney Roswell's POV*


"Her soft rosy lips gracefully danced with mine in a remarkable rhythm, making me feel all these familiar sensations inside me. When her powerful warm moist tongue slipped inside my mouth, I, with all enthusiasm, welcomed it for a friendly match.

I heard her chuckle while still not breaking our passionate kiss, and I gently bit her lower lip as I tried to dominate this session. Then I lost control of my hands when they started creeping inside her shirt to caress her delicate skin, which caused her to let out soft moans. Mmm, her voice is such excellent music in the ears. I could listen to it my whole life and never get tired.

And things happened a bit too quickly when she's now topless while we both sat on the bed. I swear I have no full control of my hands. But I absolutely love to see her wear nothing on top but her jade pendant necklace.

She continued bussing my neck, making me all turned on, while her right hand had been gently kneading my left boob unde

Hi, darling! I guess it wouldn't end here yet. XD Heads up for another chapter, and let's see if it will really end there. Love ya! ~Brey

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goodnovel comment avatar
Hehe, no problem, Khan. I'm pretty glad, too, that at least it's not the end yet. (-:
goodnovel comment avatar
Thank you so much author for not ending. you can't imagine how much happy I am. I was so surprised to see this bonus chapter and literally jumped like a little baby
goodnovel comment avatar
Haha, thank you so much for reading this book, hun. I'm glad you liked this one. <3

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