Chapter 81 - Meet Me

*Sydney Roswell's POV*


Monday came. It's the first time I'm going back to the academy after about a month of absence. It was an absence to do something I know I will forever be grateful for and will never regret.

I had spent almost my whole day taking quizzes and exams in the empty detention room near the Principal's Office. It's absolutely tedious, but I have to do this if I want to catch up with the lessons of my classmates. I'm super happy I wouldn't need to take summer classes if I could pass these quizzes and exams.

I was currently answering the final two items of my last exam for today when an unfamiliar student suddenly came in and handed me a small piece of paper. She didn't say anything and left the room.

That's so weird.

I looked at what was written on the paper in my hold, and I blinked to read it clearly.

"Meet me at the bench fronting the library. 3:30 PM."

"What and who the hell are you?" I muttered and thought of who might this be, and the first person that came int
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