Chapter 87 - The End.

*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV*


Her lips trailed kisses down my neck, making me grip tight on the sheets while I bit my lower lip to keep myself from crying her name in pleasure. As she casually licked and gently sucked my skin, I couldn't help but grab her hair with my left hand, and my right one was inside her shirt and scratching her bareback.

She stopped kissing my neck and chuckled when I involuntarily pulled her hair back a bit hard, and I apologized quickly.

"Sorry, Love."

"Don't worry. I like it." Syd replied and looked me in the eyes. I saw her smirk and eyed my lips.

"Please stop biting your lip too hard. It'll bleed." She asked me and leaned down to peck on my lips, and I responded immediately.

How can I not bite it if she was so damn good at this kind of matter? And I don't want to be loud because neighbors might hear, or maybe any of her housemates or friends have arrived and wonder what we're doing here.

Well, if she were in my situation, I am so freaking sure she'll

Hey, darling! Finally! It's the end of Ghost in Red. I hope you enjoyed reading this book. I love you. ~Brey

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Hi Brey, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your life. Lots of love, hugs and prayers for you my favorite writer.
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Cme Khan
hi brey, plz tell me that you are fine
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Hi Brey, any update regarding your work?

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