God of War

God of War

By:  Xiao Wu  Updated just now
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He rose from abjection and achieved eternity in glory.He embraced the prettiest beauties and killed the strongest opponents. He was able to shift the clouds into rain and cover the sky with one hand.He could overrun the entire world and go anywhere as he pleased.He pacified wars and held the world in awe.He was matchless in the world.However, his hair turned white overnight for his beloved woman and he was on the verge of death.He was surrounded by enemies who were trying to take his life.He struggled his way to become mighty and fought for everything he cherished.For this age, he was the only king of the Dark World.His name was a byword for might.As a man living in the world, his only ideal was to pursue brilliance.

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Afolabi Akiwumi
bad ass book..should be among the bests but the English translation at a point is a spoiler for me...
2024-04-15 01:26:05
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Afolabi Akiwumi
this is one of the best stories I've read but at a point the translation errors become so much and it becomes confusing...
2024-03-06 02:45:05
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Suddika Agampodi
Are there any more chapters coming
2022-10-30 19:28:51
840 Chapters
Chapter 1-Go to the Light
Deep in the Yun Yue Plateau in southwest Zhongzhou State, amid vast stretches of primeval forest, was a campsite you can never find on map.The campsite was basically built inside the primeval forest. Apart from the trees that sheltered people from the wind and rain, there were only a few undulating mountains around the campsite.The borderline between Zhongzhou State and Annan State lay less than two kilometers away from the main entrance of the campsite. It was somewhere extremely remote that few people ever set their foot on it. Not even birds would shit there.The campsite was pretty small. There were only about a dozen thatched huts for people to live in and a small but clean open-air training ground.A watchtower about 10-meter-high and a flagpole, on top of which the Star Flag of Zhongzhou State fluttering in the air, stood desolately in the middle of the training ground. This was the highest point of the campsite. But in su
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Chapter 2-Come from the Darkness
In Zhongzhou State, as a city that was the second only to the capital Youzhou in importance, every corner of Huating was full of busy scenes during a whole day. This was especially true at the station. With the steady rise of the status of Zhongzhou State in the world, Huating's development seemed to have reached the climax. More and more people began to seek opportunities in this bustling and prosperous city. The station was filled with people hurrying to and fro. Crowds of people could be seen in every corner of the station. So many people! This was Li Tianlan's first impression of Huating. With a paper bag in his hand, he wore clothes of coarse cloth and followed the crowd out of the station, feeling like a fish out of water from head to toe. Too many people hurried to and fro. And that was his only feeling. This city seemed to radiate an invisible pressure at any moment and everyone around him was walking in a hurry. This super-fa
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Chapter 3-Yu's Restaurant
The so-called private home cuisine referred to the food sold by small restaurants that opened especially in residential or office buildings. Usually, such restaurants had no business licenses, waiters, and fixed menus. However, their chefs were quite skilled. The threshold of this kind of business was extremely low. As long as the cooks were good at cooking, it would not take much effort for the owner to run such a business. The only difference lied in the taste of the food. Huating was a city with a population of tens of millions of people and you could easily find more than ten thousand restaurants that sold private home cuisine here. But few of them could be remembered by their guests. After all, the entry threshold of running such a business was low, so the quality of their food was unavoidably on various levels. Among countless such restaurants, few were able to make their brands famous. Yu's Restaurant was one of the few restaurants. In Huating, Yu's Resta
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Chapter 4-Peerless Genius
Covering a small area, the yard of Yu's Restaurant was decent and surrounded by flower beds, with only a stone path leading to its inside. Some stone tables were placed triangularly in the yard. Sitting beside them was like sitting in the sea of flowers full of pleasant fragrance. Li Tianlan entered the yard and saw an old man in his 70s lying in a wooden lounge chair, sleepy in the sun. The old man was thin and short about five feet, grey-haired and face-wrinkled. He looked pleased lying in his chair, which was much bigger than him, giving an air of a decayed man in his late life. Li Tianlan looked serene. Having noticed that someone entered his yard, the old man opened his eyes and glanced at Qin Weibai, speaking up with a smile, "Are you here hoping for a free meal again, young lady? You have all kinds of delicacies to enjoy. I thought it would be pretty hard for you to cherish my rough cooking." "No, your cooking is not rough at
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Chapter 5-The Sky Academy
The Sky Academy was located between the Wudong New Area and Chongguang Island of Huating. A few decades ago, when the international situation was still stable and peaceful, and the Sky Academy had not been built, there was already an official name for the place it was located—Changqing Island. It was a place with the best natural environment and it was also one of the places with the most developed tourism industry. However, all these had become history with the outbreak of the continuous secret warfares within Zhongzhou State. Zhongzhou State, once in the mire of wars, was particularly sensitive to the turbulent international situation. In the early years of the outbreak of the secret warfares between different nations, the higher-ups decided to establish the Sky Academy after careful consideration, and they chose Changqing Island as the location of the academy. 120,000 residents on the island were relocated within a month and compensation was paid to them imme
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Chapter 6-Strength Testing
Zhongzhou State was a country of 1.6 billion people. If the authorities were to summarize all kinds of information to sort out a list of the top ten experts in Zhongzhou State, then, Zhuang Huayang, the General of Zhongzhou State, also the headmaster of the Sky Academy, would be among them without a doubt. Zhuang Huayang was in his seventies. However, he kept in good health, so his horrifying combat capability still had no sign of decline. A few years ago, when Zhongzhou State was once again in conflict with a foreign force that had been hovering on its borders, Zhuang Huayang assumed leadership and headed to the border. In the final moment, the old man in his sixties fought the decisive battle personally. He alone pursued the enemy troops for nearly 200 kilometers and killed nearly 800 foreign elites of special warfare overnight before escaping unscathed. After this battle, his reputation, which had been gradually declining under the suppression of the headmaster of a
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Chapter 7-A Photo
Room 601 of unit 1 of the first building in block A. This was the dormitory that the Sky Academy allocated to Li Tianlan. The freshman reception work of the Sky Academy was conducted in an extremely simple way. After confirming that the admission letters from Li Tianlan and Yu Qingyan were authentic, their senior female schoolmate, the person who was in charge of the reception work, simply archived their basic information and told them their respective dorm numbers. She had no intention of personally leading the way for them, so the procedure of giving directions was omitted. Li Tianlan did not feel surprised. He knew from the very start that it was a Special Warfare Academy riddled with cruel internal competitions, so he didn't expect to sense any human kindness from here. He took the free school bus together with Yu Qingyan to the dormitory area. And after saying goodbye to her at the gate, Li Tianlan went straight to his dormitory. These dormitories, t
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Chapter 8-The Silver Spear Pierced the Sky
In the morning, the weather was still sunny in Huating, but in the afternoon, it underwent a sudden change. Above the Sky Academy, the clear sky darkened with great speed. As the clouds got lower and lower, the air became more and more depressing. The Sky Academy, which was originally very quiet because the term had not yet officially began, became even quieter. The heavy rain poured down at nightfall. Li Tianlan, who had eaten dinner outside, was loitering when the sudden heavy rain almost immediately drenched him. By the time he hurried back to the dormitory, his clothes were completely wet. This made him both distressed and annoyed. Although his clothes looked ordinary, they were quite expensive. His shirt, suit pants, leather shoes, and underwear cost nearly 5,000 yuan in total. Although he did not know these brands, he had seen their exact prices when Qin Weibai bought them for him. 5,000 yuan was a fortune that enabled him to travel back and forth between
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Chapter 9-The Spear Danced Like a Dragon
"Run away!" "Run as fast as I can!" This was the only thought in An Jia's heart. At this moment, in the torrential rain and earsplitting thunder, the stones and steel bars that had been blasted away in the reverse direction on the roof had completely disappeared from his eyes. A two-meter-long silver spear completely occupied his mind. This was a long weapon with a rather imposing shape. Obviously, its ability to shrink enabled its owner to carry it more conveniently. Before it extended completely, it was just a 10-centimeter metal pipe. But once it fully extended, anyone would marvel at its craftsmanship. The two-meter-long spear was completely extended from the ten-centimeter handle, but the thickness of the entire spear was almost the same and it made people feel good when holding it. What made An Jia more panic was the spearhead. The spearhead was sharp without tassels, and the two sharp blades spread outward i
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Chapter 10-To Trigger the Thunder by Flicking Fingers
An Jia was not afraid of death. He would not have successfully entered the Ice-condensing Realm in his early thirties with his ordinary aptitude if he had been craven and cowardly. Only talented and brave ones could enter the Four Realms of Martial Arts. An Jia's powerful strength was sufficient to prove that he had the righteous ardor that enabled him to press forward with an indomitable will. So when seeing his brother was firmly nailed to the tree by the spear, An Jia had only endless sorrow rather than fear in his heart. He did not even listen to Li Tianlan because he had subconsciously rushed to the direction of his sworn brother. The killing intent in Li Tianlan's pupils did not reduce a bit. He suddenly stretched out to grasp An Jia's neck. The killing intent was surging crazily in his heart, and he attacked with all his strength. If he successfully grasped An Jia, there would be not even room for An Jia, who was unguarded, to have a
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