Wifey Forever

Wifey Forever

By:  Brownskin  Ongoing
Language: English
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more please... do you have any social media I can follow?
2021-07-16 20:26:07
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Brenda A Fuqua
Great Book but is there not more?
2020-11-29 02:33:24
15 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Damn, not this shit again!” I said as i got out my car. Another private call. The same woman asking for my husband. I took the stairs two at a time trying to get in the house. 
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Chapter 2
 I woke up the next morning with a new determine mindset. I rolled over and checked my phone. 20 messages from Damien.  I was not in the mood to read the lies i knew he was gone tell. I wonder where he stayed last night. Then again it was not my business.  I got up to get myself together and fixed the kids some to eat. As i proceed to the kitchen, my oldest son came out his room. 
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Chapter 3
Me and the kids been doing just fine by ourselves. Damien had finally stop calling me like he was crazy. He came by last weekend and got the kids. They told me all about his new apartment. They was excited. My boys was sad that their dad wasn't in the house with us but they was getting use to the idea. We was all in the living room watching tv. My phone rang. I saw it was Kita. "Hello." i answered. "let's go to the mall." She said. I really didn't wanna go anywhere but I had been in the house with the kids for months. It had been a minute since our ladies night. "Alright!  I'll see if the kids daddy will get them for a few ours!" I told her. I called Damien and he was happy to get them. He was doing any and everything to keep me happy. I actually loved the new him. He had spent more time with the kids these last couple months then he had in all the time we been together. I couldn't even lie I kind of mis
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Chapter 4
Everything that could go wrong this morning has! The kids and I overslept. They was moving hella slow and i was very annoyed. "Mommy, I'm tired." Aza whined. "Well you should've went to bed. Instead, you wanted to watch frozen." I scorned her. No sooner as I closed my car door to drop the kids at school, my phone rang. It was my assistant Zaria. I don't even answer because whatever it was could wait until I made it in. It was times like this that I miss Damien. He would've at least dropped the kids off for me. Speaking of him, he had been sending me flowers and small gifts every week. The little things that he use to do. I guess you gotta divorce a man before he realize that he wanted you. I had heard that the girl was actually pregnant. Everytime i thought about it, i got mad. So sending me gifts wasn't gone work. But i had decided that it was time we talk. Christmas was coming up and i wanted the kids to be happy.
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Chapter 5
I decided to stop at the local diner after work. Today was a hard day. We have been really busy at the bakery. I was thinking about hiring more staff. I was even working more hours than i normally had to.I had missed lunch and was starving. I took a seat at an empty booth and waited on my waitress to come. I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat. As I looked at the menu, I heard a familiar voice and looked up surprised. I did not have time for this stuff today. "Hey, beautiful." said Micheal. "I see you never called me. I'm a good guy. Can i sit with you?" I nodded my head. This man was just so fine. I was not about to keep turning him down. What was the harm of having a simple lunch together?"How has your day been going?" He asked.I sighed and went into details about my work day. He listened with real interest and was genuine in his responses. I had to admit he was easy to talk to. The waitress came and too
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Chapter 6
It was finally the night of me and Michael first date. My girls was at my house. They was suppose to be helping me get ready. The kids was with my mom so i had a free weekend. I was going through my closet trying to find the perfect outfit before Sheka did my hair and makeup. "Wear the red dress with the 10 inch red bottoms." Suggested Kita. "I'm not trying to look like a stripper on our first date."Michael and I had been texting everyday through out the day. He made sure he called me every night. We sat on the phone for hours. I felt like I had known him for years. I told him about my marriage and where it went wrong. And he told me about his marriage. We both needed real love in our life. "When do we met him?" Asked Jessica. "Will y'all please let us get through our first day first?  Y'all just wanna be up in his business. You guys I really like him. So let's not run hi
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Chapter 7
Micheal and I had been dating for a couple months. Things has been going good. Damien had got the divorce paper, and decided to sign the them.  He hasn't sign yet though. He has been trying to talk me out of going through with it. I haven't told him about Micheal.I was at Damien's picking up the kids. He was rushing around the apartment trying to get the kids things together. "Shunshine, just go one one date with me.""i will not. I told you I was past all that and besides don't you have some else you need to be worried about. Like signing our papers. Why is you making this so hard? I didn't ask for anything. You can see the kids when you want. I just want this to be done.""But i just want us. I promise I have changed.""Damien, I'm seeing someone, and it is serious."He looked at me like I was lying. I don't wanna hurt him but it was time that he knew the truth. We was over. "But baby I stil
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Chapter 8
Today was the day that the kids meet Micheal. I had already told them about him. The boys was kind of mad but baby girl was excited to meet mommy's friend. I had changed my clothes a dozen time. I was nervous for some reason. I was sitting in the kitchen on the phone with Kita, waiting on the boys to finish getting ready. The only reason they agreed to go was because I promise they could ride the go cars. My boys liked anything that they could drive. "Kita, what am I gonna do if the kids doesn't like him?" i asked,"Girl, them kids can not live your life. Stop worrying and put yourself first for once. They are old enough to realize that you not with their sorry ass daddy anymore and that you deserve to be happy." She never let Damien make it. She always threw some kind of slick insult whenever she mentioned his name. You would've thought she was the one that was married to him. "I know but I want them to like him. If my kids
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Chapter 9
I had just left girl's night with the girls. It had been a minute. We all been so busy in our everyday lives, that we rarely had time to catch up. Kita and her man has broken up. That shocked me. He was always good to her. Hardworking man. He worshipped the ground she walked on. She said she needed some time to herself. I don't believe that for a minute. She was gone end up telling me sooner or later. My girl couldn't hold water. I was on my way to Micheal house. We had been going good. I was at his house every other day. He had even given me his spare key. "Hey Baby." Micheal greeted me as i came through the door. I was fallen in love with this man.  "Hey bae." I replied back. "What we doing tonight?""I was thinking about just staying in and cooking for you." He said ."That's fine with me."I loved a man that can cook. He was from the south so he could cook cook. His momma made s
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Chapter 10
"Damien, just sign the damn papers. What I do is none of your business.""Who is this dude that you had around my damn kids? I'm not signing shit. You belong to me. I thought If I gave you a little time that you would let me back in the house," he screamed in the phone. I was getting a headache. We had been arguing on the phone for the last hour. He was mad because the kids told him about us meeting Micheal at Incredible Pizza. I was so over his little temper tantrum. "How is your other baby momma? You seem to forget about that situation. It's funny she finally stopped calling my phone as soon as I put your ass out."I really didn't care about her being pregnant anymore. That was his problem. My days of worrying about who and what he was doing was behind me. But he was pissing me off. Just sign the damn papers. He act like he had any right to be mad. Dude was a trip. Sometimes I wondered how I ended up falling for someone as contro
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