The Magic of Irina

The Magic of Irina

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Irina was a witch, but she didn't know she was one or the fact that she was spellbound. Until one day, she met an attractive mysterious man. He showed her true origin to her. He also claimed that he was from the future and told her that her mother was an evil queen and was wrecking a havoc in his land, the only one who could stop her evil mother was her. What Irina will do? Will she believes him and go to the future with him?

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85 Chapters
Center Kingdom, present time. “Don’t go in there, Lucas.” Lucas glared and kept on walking into the house. The door was ajar. Humid air welcomed him mixed with the smell of burning flesh and blood. He turned to the living room where a flame hanging on the side wall. Not much damage had done in the room, but he saw a very strange way death of a man. He recognized who the dead man was. He stared at the dead body sadly, there was a scorch in his skin, not all of his skin but a straight line from head down his forehead to the center his nose and divided his lips into four, the line went all the way down to each of his foot. His eyes were open and almost out of its socket. Strong arms managed in time to prevent him touching the dead body. “I knew you’d be like this.” “Let me go, Darren.” Lucas hissed the order through clenched teeth. Tears welled the rim of his eyes. “That’s Janvi. He’s, he’s…” The word dead didn’t exist in his head for the moment. He didn’t want to believe what he saw
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Chapter 1
“Irina, why are you following me again?” Roman looked at his daughter, amused by the way she stood close to him. “If you are so afraid, why don’t you just stay at home. It’s not even dark yet.” He earned a glare from her that made him chuckle. “I am not afraid, Papa. I’m just worry about you. By the time you light all the lampposts on the street, it would already dark and you don’t have someone to talk to on your way home.” Irina watched the twilight across the river, admiring its beauty. A light chuckle escaped from her father. “Of course, you are.” Then he stretched his hand to her. She took his hand, smoothly slid her hand up to cling on his arm as they walked to the next lamppost. “I’m going to the library tomorrow.” Roman lifted one brow hearing her exciting tone. “Aren’t you going there like everyday?” Emphasizing on the words like everyday, then he continued. “What’s so special about going there tomorrow?” “Because,” She smiled widely. “I might able to make my dream come tr
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Chapter 2
PRANKKKK… The plate in Irina’s hand smoothly landed on the floor in pieces. “Oops,” She looked at her father, ready for a lecture. “it doesn’t want me to hold it.” Irina didn’t feel guilty. She knew somehow her father would manage to bring the same plate home. Although she didn’t understand why her father didn’t bring plate with different colors or motives home. Why it had to be the same type? Roman’s eyes were on the floor, then swiftly turned to his daughter’s guiltless expression. He sighed at her ridiculous excuse. “That’s the second plate for this morning.” “Sorry…” Snorting, Roman knew his daughter didn’t regret it at all. “Please don’t help me and go to your room. I’ll call you when breakfast ready.” “No, Papa. I need to help you so we can have breakfast faster.” “No! You proved it already, your help slows the process. Now go wait in your room. I’m afraid if I let you stay here, I’m sure you’d broke all our plates and glasses.” “But…” Irina faced her father’s one brow li
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Chapter 3
Irina walked out of the library, feeling down and angry. Even though she had reached the exit door, she could still hear their yells clearly. Home wasn’t the right place to be in right now. She needed time to be alone to clear her mind and calm her fuming heart. The forest was perfect for it, as always. Thus, she strode through the arch bridge and then turned left. Walking straight into the dense forest. The event in the library was still fresh in her mind. She felt betrayed. As the library’s loyal member, she knew all the library’s staff because she had visited it regularly. So, why they’re not considering her to be one of them instead of that stranger man? With crumpled mind she set foot on the forest ground. Breezy air blew gently over her face. Telling her that she was on the right path to the river. Half way, where soil ground gradually became green with soft wild grass. Irina’s mind repeatedly played the event in the library, but as soon as the scenery changed, she took off
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Chapter 4
Lunch time, Irina opened the front door as gently as she could. Although she already prepared herself for a thorough lecture from her father, she still took precaution. If she could avoid the disciplinary lecture, why not? Peeking through the slight open door, the hall that led to the living room was quiet. She stepped inside, still with the same precaution, she tiptoed towards the stairs. When she passed the living room, her father cleared his throat. She wore her pitiful expression before she turned to face her father, making sure her heart also supported her looks. “Papa, I’m sorry.” Her father gave a snort to her pleading opening line. This was not the first time though. She went out of the house without telling him, and he suddenly appeared in the room which she made sure that he wasn’t in it. So, she wasn’t shocked anymore and be prepared to be scolded. Roman rolled his eyes. “I know you’re not.” “I really am, Papa.” Irina strode towards her father. She took a seat on one a
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Chapter 5
“You’ll look amazing if you weren’t pouting.” Nieal handed a cup of tea to Irina. Irina took the cup, her eyes wandered over to the selections of beverages on the long table across them. Did this mean she could only drink tea throughout the ball? Nieal didn’t have to tell Irina directly that the other beverages weren’t for her, the cup of tea in her hand was enough for her to understand. Nieal was being over-protective again. Argh. She was a grown woman and allowed to drink alcohol. “Then I don’t want looking amazing.” “Oh, come on. This is my welcome home ball. Aren’t you happy that I come back with no scratch?” “Then let me give you that scratch.” Whispered Irina as she sipped the tea. “Besides, this is my normal look, I’m sorry for being not amazing.” Nieal laughed. Making people turned at their direction. While Irina hid her face, pretending she was enjoying her tea. Butler Rhys came, three people was with him. ”Master, Deputy Ashen and his sons are here.” With falter laugh
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Chapter 6
Earlier in the morning, Lucas woke, panting. Beads of sweat visible in his forehead, damping his clothes. Horrible dreams haunted him for the past week. It felt real as if the dreams really happened in his life. When a dream came repeatedly, it usually had a deeper meaning behind it, right? But what was the meaning of his dream? Who was he? Why he had those kinds of dream? He didn’t have the answers for those questions. A week ago, Lucas woke, screaming. His head hurt like it would split into two, blurring his vision too. When the pain gradually subsided few moments later, he could see middle aged woman watching him. Concern was all over her face. She introduced herself as Mrs. Letty. She explained that she found him unconscious near her house, and had helped him because she recognized he was the same kind as her. He told her his name was Lucas when she asked and nodded when she wanted to know if he knew he was a wizard. Then, a week later, he still didn’t know who he was but his
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Chapter 7
Mrs. Letty back right when some walking guards made a loud noise with the bell in his hand. One of them yelled an announcement, he started yelling before the bell stopped tolling. To get a better hearing, some women ran to the front door, then the rest followed. While Lucas and Mrs. Letty looked at each other, at loss of word. They shook their head almost in unison then resumed their work. “Lucas…” A woman called him. She was running from the door to his table. Panting lightly, she asked. “Will you go to the ball with—” Her words cut by another woman. “No! Don’t you think about it.” Then she looked at Lucas with what she thought was an adorable face. “What do you think, Lucas? We’ll see you at the ball, yes?” The guards announced that the town’s master invited everyone in the town to his welcome home ball in his manor. “Err…” Lucas hesitated. “Come on, it’ll be fun.” Another woman tried to convince him. His and Mrs. Letty’s table were full with women, waiting for his answer. “Al
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Chapter 8
From behind a huge statue of a woman, Lucas peeked, she was in the front of tall and thin door. She opened it then disappeared into it as the door closed itself. After some times, ensuring no one was around, Lucas strode towards the door and went inside it. On a thick carpeted floor his feet fell into a silent step, his eyes wandered over the exclusive sight before him. The corridors decorated with expensive decorations and beautiful paintings were hanging on the wall. In his forgotten life, Lucas knew that he wasn’t a servant or butler, but he felt familiar with this kind of lux, somehow. There was one black and white drawing among the paintings on the wall that caught his attention. It obviously a drawing of this manor, drew from inside the stable. Very unique perspective, admired Lucas. Who drew this? Couldn’t stay long to keep on admiring the paintings as he was on a mission of tailing Irina. Lucas managed to have quite distance so that she wouldn’t notice. She led him through s
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Chapter 9
“This place, how far more do I have to walk?” Irina asked, panting with her palm against a bark of tree for support. “I thought you like walking in the forest.” Nieal chuckled. “This isn’t inside the forest yet, still the ranch area.” “Whaaaaat?” “Please don’t ask me to piggyback you. My poor back can’t survive your not-so transportable weight.” “What did you say?” “You’re heavy.” “Come again.” “You’re fat.” Irina fumed, glaring at Nieal. She looked down to the dry soil, searching for something to be thrown at Nieal. When she found a twig, Nieal had already ran. Irina ran too, chasing after him. Nieal’s laughter sounded unclear and distant, and Irina began to laugh too. Nieal slowed down so that Irina could reach him. When Nieal had a complete stop, he turned his body around to see how far Irina left behind. Turn out, Irina was not far. She looked surprised, didn’t expect Nieal would stop running so sudden. It seemed hard for her to slow down at that short distance. While Iri
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