Greek Alphas

Greek Alphas

By:  Kataya Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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The gods wanted to walk among the mortals. The Fates knew just what to do. Zeus and Hera were the popular students while the Fates did their best to make sure they were safe. Until Jace come along. A mysteries student that exudes an animalistic aura. His senses have honed in on Andromeda the older sister of the Fates in disguise. Will she keep her wits about her or choose to live for herself?

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Kataya Moon
Greek Alphas will be returning soon. look forward to new chapters soon.
2021-07-21 13:36:22
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Liking the history with a nice twist of fiction. Most is well edited, I truly appreciate that as it’s much easier to read.
2021-01-02 13:38:13
35 Chapters
In the beginning, the Gods ruled the world up high on Mount Olympus. They were the Greek gods that everyone knew, loved, and feared. Zeus was the all-powerful king of the Gods, the one that tamed, ended, the titans including his father. He was the most loved and feared. When he was angry, he would throw lightning bolt just to calm himself down. Hera, his queen, was always by his side. Her beauty was unrivaled. She was by far the calmer of the two but had a dislike of the mortals due to Zeus’ philandering ways. The two of them often looked down on the mortals. Each having their own thoughts about how they lived. Zeus with amusement and Hera with contempt.It was a normal day in the life of the gods. They all gathered together for a celebration. It wasn’t a special occasion. Zeus just wanted to gather all his immortal children together along with his brothers. Poseidon being the youngest of the three was the first one to show up on Olympu
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First semester
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOLIt was a few weeks before school was about to start. The Fates had settled into their apartment of campus well they were going by new names for their time in the mortal realm. Cleo, Lakeisha, and Andromeda Moiria. Their apartment was fashioned in a typical college dwelling but they each had their own room. Cleo was the youngest, bright and bubbly, her room had a hint of a princess feel to it, almost a child like quality. Lakeisha being the middle sister, slightly mature and kind, her room was sophisticated with a girly feel. Andr
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The young man raised his hands in the air then looked at Andi. “If she had a problem with it she would’ve said so, right Cheré?”Her mouth had gone dry, he made her speechless. Not only was her heart steadily picking up speed but her mouth failed to listen to her brain until she felt a shove in her back. “Ah. Yes. You’re right. I should thank you for keeping me from falling.”Cleo and Lakeshia chimed in at the same time. “yes, she would like to thank you by asking you out on a date!”
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Getting Ready for the Arcade
Andi got to her first class seconds before the professor closed the door. She looked behind her to see two other students right behind her be locked out. She knew what type of professor he was. Cleo waved her over to an empty seat. Andi walked past Jupiter and Juno sitting near there front of the class. He tried to reach out to grab her and have her sit near him. Before he could she moved her hand away taking her seat next to her sister. She could feel the electricity crackling around them. She looked at her sisters wondering why he was so adamant about trying to control them, her in particular.The professor stood in front of the class and begin to give his semester speech. What he expected of his students and what he would not
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Andi had gone down to Bourbon Street. It looked less lively in the daytime than the bustling rapture at night. It felt like a different world. She walked around for a time before going into a daiquiri shop. She never was one to partake in alcohol even when all the gods would gather for their needs of celebration. The most amazing ale could rival the strongest spirit, vodka. The different flavors lined the counters in slushie machines. She knew her sisters would love to come to a place like this.She stood off to the side as she weighed her options. The appeal of a virgin drink was strong, increasingly strong, and predictable. Today, of all days she wanted to shed the mean goth girl image she undoubtedly sustained the year prior coming to get the ball rollin
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Jace opened the door for her. His lips pressed around the straw of his drink. He watched how her expressions changed only slightly. It was barely noticeable but he caught on to it. He allowed her to walk out in front of him. Then ended up allowing another couple to go in. He was about to let go when a few more people showed up to go in the shop. He sighed softly as he watched Andi get further away from him. Andi had gotten just a few feet away from him when she noticed she didn’t feel his presence. When she looked back she seen he was still holding the door open. It made her smile seeing that there were chivalrous men in this time. Most gods in the olden days did as they pleased. They took the goddesses as they saw fit and the mortals by force. Think
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Corrine didn’t like the way he hung up on her. He never once did that to her before. It made her angry. Her inner she-wolf snarled in agreement with her discontent at his actions. His wolf belonged to her and only her, no one else. There was more she needed to say. The fact that this Andi Moiria just popped up out of no where was cause for concern. She may love him with all her heart but he is her best friend first and foremost. No random or ridiculously bitchy woman could take that away from her. She knew she had to continue digging into her and her weird sisters. None of them looked alike except around the eyes. They all had the same glowing eyes.Corrine decided that very instant she heard whispers of Jace being asked out by the “queen of mean" she would make sure that anyone that would keep her from her destiny would be regretful that they did. Even though looking into those Moiria girls wouldn’t be enough she planned to stick to Jace like Loctite. Their bond was forged fr
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Unexpected Surprise
Cynthia knew what she had to do. Instead of telling Andi she left the room and grabbed Apollo. “We’re going to go ahead and leave. Sorry it seems you maybe beyond help for your first date Andi. See you in class tomorrow.”Andi looked at their retreating backs with her mouth opened in an O. Could she really be beyond help because of her clothing selection? Apollo just knew exactly what Cynthia was thinking. It was better to give a false truth than an outright lie. She had something up her sleeve. Cleo joined the two sisters. Seeing Andi with her mouth open she lightly touched her chin to close her mouth. Teasing her older sister with a smile she spoke, “You mustn’t leave your mouth open unless you want flies to make a home in there.”The audible sound of Andi swallowing and wetting her mouth was funny to the two of them. Yet, Andi had her thoughts on what she could do to make Jace look at her as something more than the Queen Bitch on campus. Only one idea woul
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Once Cynthia was inside her house. She called an emergency sorority meeting. She was president of their house. Others seemed to think she was wishy-washy but in fact she was the most considerate and kind president on Greek row. The ladies in this house were all open minded and in some aspect free spirits. They all had different majors but they all wanted what’s was best for womankind. “Ladies, I need your help. It’s a bit of an emergency.”The members all joined her in the dining hall. It was where they did their discussions for the week. Each lady took their perspective seat and looked to Cynthia as they waited for her to speak. “Sisters, I need your help. It’s my cousin Andi.”They other girls turned to each other and gasp. They never spoke a word to her but they all knew the rumors surrounding her. One member spoke up since the others weren’t sure what Andi could have done. “Is this because of the rumors she is going out with Jace?”“Oh good. You heard
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Both Cleo and Lakeisha looked at each other, Andi was in no shape to look into anyone’s future. Sensing what her sisters were going to say to her she decided to cut them off. “Like I said before. I’ll be fine. It won’t take me long.” She got ready, avoiding looking at herself in the mirror. She didn’t want to see how ghastly she looked. It was still cool enough to wear a hoodie in the morning. Andi didn’t put on a shirt just her hoodie and black leggings. Her boots were by the front door. Cleo and Lakiesha had gone back to bed. She knocked on both of their doors. “I’m leaving. Be back soon.” Andi opened the door and locked it. She hurried over to Greek row. Cynthia’s sorority was one she liked visiting. They were forward thinking women. She had hoped that the none of their futures would be bleak. It was nearly eight am when she got there. Just as she was about to knock on the door. Cynthia opened it. She clapped her hands together. It was weird to see her so early in
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