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Haunted Love (He killed her sister and she promised to get revenge.) Meet cole a wealthy business man who is ready to do anything to keep his business on the right track What happened when he made a gravely mistake by killing someone who was used as a camouflage. What happens when he found out? Meet Tracy a girl whose sister's last deathwish was to seek revenge an nd she's bent on getting it at all costs. What happens when she found out her sister's assassin was her boss but strangely falls in love with him. Will she really get her desired revenge?? Will she really kill the one she love just to seek for revenge? Remember,that was her sister'slast wish.

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25 Chapters
Chapter 1
TRACY  "Emily nooooo!!" I shrieked as I saw her lifeless body falling down, I quickly hid to avoid the assassin from seeing me,immediately I noticed he had turned about to leave, seeing he had completed his mission.I waited patiently, ensuring his shadow his no longer in view before running to meet Emily."Emily, please hang on! Just for some few minutes and I promise you're going to be fine"I cried as I saw blood gushing out from her mouth."Re...ve..nge" she stuttered holding my hands with her eyes fixed on mine."I promise, Emily" I replied drawing her Pinky finger for a Pinky promise."Who's he and why had he shot you" I asked after realizing I just made a promise to revenge "He..he..is"she tried speaking but she started coughing out more blood.I gasps in fright, shut my eyes closed tightly not wanting to behold the sight of her loosing her last breathe.I cursed under my breathe promising to get r
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Chapter 2
 Tracy sat up straight on her bed, she shared with her best friend, Jacqueline.Her mind pretty occupied with various thought she couldn't fathom.She sighed heavily as she stared at the wooden frame picture that was hung across the wall of her room.Her thought wander off as she looked at the smiling girl on the picture reminding her of how much she misses her sister.She couldn't believe the smiling girl was no more as she sob softly clenching her pillow tightly to her bosom.The door rattle open,she didn't seems to care knowing fully well it's going to be her friend Jacqueline."Tracy, guess what?" Jacqueline squealed sashing to where Tracy was smiling happily but quickly stopped as she noticed her mood.Jacqueline knew what would make her friend moody as she was.she had tried her best trying to make her forget her sister's death but Tracy was too eaten up to let go."Common! Tracy, how long are you going to keep mo
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3"Tell my manager to bring the first person in, am going to interview them personally" Cole said to his guard. He watched him bowed then left abruptly.Few minutes later, his guard, Jerome opened the door for a young lady putting on crop top with tight fitted short skirt to come in.He let out a chuckle as he stared at the lady before him."Are you going for a party?" He asked  stupefied shooking his head in disbelief knowing she had full dressed to seduce him."No,sir  I  actually came for the interview" the lady replied bowing her head in shame."Really? He asked casually Are you aware your job here is as a cook? He questioned sternly."Yes, sir" she replied with her head still down."You can kindly leave" Cole said disgustingly as he felt he couldn't stand her presence any longer.He was tempted to call his manager  for allowing such  indecent dressing but he by passed it calling out for the next person."Wh
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4Tracy woke up at the first ring of her alarm,she tossed her duvet aside mumbling some strange words.She yawned, stretching her body to it's fullest.Feeling satisfied she glance at her wall clock and realized it wasn't yet Dawn.She wondered why she had set the alarm at the first place as she resign to go back to bed.She threw the duvet back on her body but was drawn back on the second  ring of her alarm.Damn!! She muttered spranging to her feet recalling  the interview Jacqueline had told her about.She hastily went to the bathroom, took her bath and brushed her teeth.She took her time in dressing up, apply lip gloss and roll her hair into a bun which wasn't too comfortable with so she decided to let it free.She grabbed her bag making sure all her necessary documents are intact, Satisfied  she hit the road using the address she had earlier gotten from Jacqueline.In what seems like an hour,she finally arrived at her des
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Tracy straighten her posture deciding this wasn't a time for her to reminisce over her dead sister's word, she had been trying to unravel the secrecy behind her sister's death and finally she had finally seen an opportunity.She held her head higher gathering much courage in facing her interviewer."Hi.." she stammered clearing her throat blaming her voice for betraying her."Hello" he greeted back.She had almost forgotten she was being interviewed as she had greeted casually."Good afternoon, sir" she greeted politely correcting her self by greeting formally."Yh, so can I have your credentials" he replied in an arrogant tone.Tracy handed the brown file that contained her credentials over to him.She watched as he collected it without sparing her a glance and quickly went through it while she had her head bow praying silently."You're hired" he said abruptly."Your job starts now, meet Jerome, my guard to show you to your room
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Chapter 6
Tracy dished the already cooked food, waving the thought of poisoning it aside that was forming inside her head.She cautiously took it to the dining room, only to find her boss seated there already with his head facing down.She cleared her throat announcing her presence.He shot her a cold glare before sitting up.Tracy felt her heart beat accelerated, her hands suddenly turned sweaty. She has never been this nervous neither as she been as scared as this.She quietly placed the food down and turned to leave but he called her back."Have a taste" Cole said grumpily not trusting her enough.Tracy fixed a cool expression as she stuff the food in her mouth. She shrugged munching the food quietly." You're excused" he bluntly said.Tracy strode out of the dining room making her way to her own room.She got inside and closed the door with a click.Once inside, she let out a sigh of relief thanking God she had resisted the urge of po
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Chapter 7
Cole sat on his couch outside receiving the cool evening breeze.He sipped slowly from his glass of wine with his gaze facing the sky, his mind pretty occupied with his new cook.There was something fascinating, something different about her that he couldn't tell.He wondered why he always had this cranky feeling whenever she's with him, the feeling to smile so he could ease her fear.He was used to his workers being scared of him, so why's she different? He thought taking another sip from his wine.Not only her difference that astonishes him also her meal.He had emptied the whole content in the dish she had served him ;something he hadn't done in years.Her cooking skills must be really outstanding to had made him emptied the whole content.Just as her beauty is ravenous and also her cherry blossom lips are so damn cute that when she had tasted the meal he couldn't help but stare at her lips.While taking in her features, the way she ha
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Chapter 8
 TracyBeep! Beep! Beep! The unceasing sound of her phone rang with an incessant peal, waking her up from sleepShe tossed her duvet aside, walking sleepily to where her phone is.She answered it without looking at the caller's name."Hello" she yawned sleepily holding her phone close to her ears."Tracy, where the hell have you been"? I've been calling all bloody day and night" the caller's voice boomed which she recognized to be that of her friend, Jacqueline."I thought something bad had happened to you, where did you sleep? The voice continued not giving her chance to explain."Gosh! Queline, so many questions at a time, you didn't even get to say good morning.How bad of you" Tracy huffed rolling her sleepy eyes." Pardon my manners, honey.I was just so worried about you, I had a sleepless night and was so damn scared that I had almost file in a report for a missing person.Beside, you still haven't answered my question,where are you currently
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Chapter 9
Minute later, she came out wore her clothes, packed her hair into a bun before heading downstairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfastShe prepared it as fast as she could, arranged it in the most presenting was she could think of, then took it to the dining table humming a song as she walks.Her already sitted boss made her cringed with fear.She wonders why she always get nervous whenever she's with him.She shouldn't be scared of him. She encouraged herselfHe was her worst nightmare, a murderer, a killer.He's the reason behind her everyday tears and she was sure going to haunt him same way he did to her.Having encouraged her self enough.She lifted her head up and narrowed her eyes to meet his .Her gaze dropped instantly as it peered into the hot seething dark eyes.His eyes were blazing fire, his jaw tighten as though he was about to murder.Fear over took her as she shudder from where she stood still holding the tray that contained his br
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Chapter 10
Tracy laid on her bed staring at the ceiling, trying to get the kiss off her mind.She find it difficult to let such pleasurable memory off as she recall how tender his kiss had been.It was inviting, sizzling an totally out of control.The way his sensous tongue had stroke hers made her yearn for more.He had caught her unaware and she had gave in to him; something she couldn't believe she would do.It was her first kiss, she had always dreamt of having her first kiss at the altar with the man she loves, not to murderer, her sister's murderer at that.What suprises her was that his kiss had swept her off her feet and she had found herself craving for more as she had flung her arm tightly on his neck urging him for more.She couldn't explain what he was doing to her that moment, what matter most was that she wanted more of what he'd offered.When he had broken the kiss,she felt the urge of drawing him back but she had left him knowing it will be embarrassing.
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