The Mighty Guardians.

The Mighty Guardians.

By:  Hira Baig  Completed
Language: English
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It was said that when Lucifer was casted out of heaven, he swore on his powers to take revenge. His ego was hurt. He wanted the humans to pay for whatever happened to him. So he planted seven seeds of evil on earth as soon as he resurrected his true powers. As God always knew the plotting Lucifer was doing, God secretly created a plan to defeat Lucifer. The battle was between Lucifer and his demons against humanity. God also planted seeds of goodness, power, bravery and loyalty on earth too. With a little twist to surprise Lucifer with. Only the holy and religious people have known of that plan. Lucifer called it the age of his Victory against the humans. While God called it the Age of the Mighty Guardians.

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What is up with this book? It says FREE and the chapters don’t show locked until you go to get in them and it wants money.
2022-09-08 03:54:00
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An awesome book. I love it. I can't wait to finish it. ...️...️...️...️
2022-04-05 20:18:42
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The premise was interesting, but the story telling could be better. I was actually looking forward to the story's blurb. The actual story might still be some chapters in.
2021-12-12 17:36:59
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Yvonne Maldonado
This was a great book until the end. is there going to be a sequel? The ending was very confusing and ruined the whole book.
2023-01-21 07:08:59
179 Chapters
01: Worse Nightmare Ever.
KURT'S POV:-       "And now, the defending champion, the best of the best. As we all have expected, ladies and gentlemen, this year as well, Mr Kurt Rodriguez took first place in the yearly Bike racing championship. Please put your hands together for Kurt Rodriguez." I smirked widely as the host announced my name. I walked up towards the stage, taking the trophy in my hands. I kissed the trophy as always. Then they gave me the winning cheque. I grabbed the cheque and the reports took pictures.      The cheque was taken away and they gave me a mic. My fans were screaming my name. I gave the trophy to the woman standing behind me. Then I turned to look at my fans. "I love you all. My fans are the reason why I try harder than before to win this. So they will not be disappointed by my performance. I just want to say thank you to all my fans and my friends who have been supporting me and helping me win
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02: A Lovely Accident.
  KURT'S POV:-       As I had planned to run for half an hour, I decided to run in the park. It was not even six am in the morning. So the park was almost empty. A few elders walking in the park. The park was not very far away from the mansion. It took me almost ten minutes to run towards the park. The music was playing but I was not really the kind to listen to music at high volume. I always liked the volume nice and low. That way, I could always listen to my surroundings. Also, who would have missed the songs of nature in the morning.     Suddenly, I heard people screaming from behind. Before I could even turn to look at what was going on, I was pushed by someone. I landed on my butt and my left ankle hit one of the concrete benches in the park. "Hey, you! Stop or you will regret it later." I pulled my earplugs off as I heard a woman yelling angrily at the man who pushed me. He had a blue
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03: Twin Cuties.
  LEYLA'S POV:-     I sneezed and opened my eyes. I looked around while stretching my arms. "Oh, hell. I must have fallen asleep." I spoke to myself while looking around. It took me a minute to remember where I was and why I was there. I was at the hospital. And I was waiting for his parents to be at the hospital. I knew, I could then leave. I knew that accident was not my fault. But leaving someone behind, totally helpless, that was not actually my kind of thing. The doctors had already called his parents. And I was waiting for them to arrive so I could leave. I knew my father must be waiting for me to join him in the meeting.     My eyes went towards the two kids who looked the same age. And fact their faces looked almost the same. It was the ponytail and the girly dress the girl was wearing otherwise I would have thought those two were two boys. They were playing with each other. I smiled and stood u
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04: Ghost of A Bully.
  LEYLA'S POV:-     I pulled myself away from the wall and dusted my clothes and turned around to look at the bully. But he was nowhere to be found by then. I saw the kids again, instead. I went towards them and knelt down in front of them again. "Is he the bully here? Does he bully you both?" I asked them in a sweet tone. They both exchanged looks with each other then they turned towards me and nodded their heads. I gritted my teeth as I stood back up.      "He will no longer be the one. Go and hide. I will call you both once I am done with him." I told them and they nodded their heads. They ran away and turned around. In a minute, he walked out of the room he went flying in. He was growling in anger. I could see the wrinkles of anger on his face and red burning hell fire in his eyes. He was beyond angry. But it was not my fault. He was the one who was caught bullying two little kids. How could I
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05: Damn, I Saved a Celebrity!
LEYLA'S POV:-     I opened my eyes again and looked around. I sighed in relief as I was back in my real time realm. Stretching my arms I stood up from the bench. I stepped into the room where that hottie was. A smile appeared on his face as he saw me entering his room. "Where did you go? I thought you told me that you will stay until my parents are here." He asked me in a curious tone and I raised a brow at him.      "I was sitting right in front of this room. Your parents are called. They will be here soon." I replied to him and he scratched the back of his head. I looked at his foot. I frowned in confusion. His foot was no longer red or swollen. I looked back at his face. He had a nervous smile on his face.     "What is your name? And how in hell did you beat the crap out of that thief?" He asked me in an excited tone. I chuckled hearing his questions. I grabbed the chair tha
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06: Leyla B. Summers.
 KURT'S POV:-   Dad was rubbing the back of his neck nervously as he looked at Leyla. Mom and I were laughing at him. Dad can become a super cautious mother if I even get a scratch on my body. My dad and I were more attached to each other. And my mom was the strict one in both of my parents. My dad and I were mostly the partners in crime. He spoiled me and he was proud of it. He even once told mom that he was proud that he had spoiled me. I was their only child. And my dad literally made me feel like a prince.  My dad went towards Leyla, smiling nervously. Leyla covered her mouth with her palm as she was giggling at my dad. "I am so sorry, young lady. I did not notice you at all. If anything happens to my son, I just become blind. I can't see anything or anyone else but my son." My dad apologized to Leyla. I laughed out loud again as I heard my dad's apology. I knew he was not really good a
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07: Phantom Mom!
  LEYLA'S POV:-  After a long and busy week, it was finally the weekend. I went back home thinking that finally I could have some "me" time. I had planned my whole weekend. To have a full body massage and go out with my friends on Saturday night. Then we would go to my beach house and spend the whole day there. I had asked all my friends. And I was lucky that they were all free on that weekend. How perfect! That's what you might be thinking. But perfection is not something I get in my life.   My life surprises me with shocks, twists and even with accidents. Let's not forget about the extra spices of my life, ghosts. Because of my powers, I was known as the ghost hunter of Brooklyn. People would call me and ask me to help them get rid of the ghosts in their houses. It was the reason I was the number one weirdo of Brooklyn. It was a long time ago when I gave up on the idea of getting a m
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08: Eyes On The Horizon.
 LEYLA'S POV:-  I was standing by the balcony. The party was pretty crazy. People were everywhere. As I was already tired, I decided to give myself a break. My cheeks were hurting due to constant smiling and pretending to be a nice lady. I was not a lady anymore. But who would tell my mom? She actually still thought that I was a virgin. Well, not exactly. Even though I was never in any relationships. But I was sexy and I knew it. Because of that, I have had almost all the guys after me since high school. Everyone wanted to date me until they knew what a freak I really was.  I still remember who was my first, though. Well, it was kinda revenge over a girl in high school. Her name was Darcy. She liked the football captain of our high school, Damian And he was into me. Weeks before prom, he asked me. And I said yes. Who would not. He was actually the most handsome guy. He was a dream guy. He was good at st
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09: Fantasy Stories Or Reality.
KURT'S POV:-   As she left to bring me wine, I stood up and looked around. I went towards her study table. There was a diary set on the table. I smiled as I picked up the diary. I went towards the bed and sat down on its edge. I opened her diary and started reading it. To be honest, I was hoping to know more about her. As she looked very mysterious to me. She was different, there was no doubt. And I wanted to solve that mystery.  But to my surprise, the diary contained no information about her and her personal life. Instead it had something very odd. I could see some geometrical shapes. Some odd shapes too. Some drawings. There were some things written in the diary but I could not read them. As they were written in some other languages. There were some pictures attached in some pages. And the details were written about those pictures.  She named them as demonic power sp
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10: Brutally Honest.
  KURT'S POV:-  After hearing her response, I tried to come up with a response but I was speechless. She was right. Her mom told me proudly that her son was gay. Then why would she try to push her daughter to have a straight relationship. If she was really a supportive mother like she had told me, she would never push her daughter to have something she did not want. I looked into her eyes and I literally saw pain in her eyes. She was hurt because of my words.  "Hey!" I whispered as I went closer to her. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to my chest. I was just trying to make my point. I did not mean to hurt her feelings.  "Shhh… you don't have to cry. I am so sorry, Sugarplum. I did not mean to hurt your feelings. If you don't like men, just tell your mom. So she would not push you to like someone you just don't feel to be with." I w
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