The Silent Stalker

The Silent Stalker

By:  Christina Wolf   Completed
Language: English
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Imagine being a victim of a twisted obsession. Ellie Cruz's normal life had spiraled into a never-ending nightmare as a stalker has found her as a tasty victim. Fearing for her safety she seeks help from her family and friends. However, as people began to disappear, Ellie takes matters to her own hands. No matter what she does, the stalker is always a step of ahead. Tensions rise and the line between reality and paranoia blurs as Ellie races against the clock to uncover the truth of this murderous tormentor.

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40 Chapters
This book includes the following:- Vulgar language - Violence - Sexual acts- Gore- Trigger wordsPlease read with caution as this book is rated 18+ and must be read with caution. If you feel uneasy, please do not go on. You have been warned! This horror/thriller book has twists and turns; the main character is out to find the truth behind the events and will do anything to get to the bottom of it. Will she achieve her goal or become a pawn in his sick world? Once again, you have been warned and can turn back if you are uncomfortable with the warning.Welcome to The Silent Stalker!
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Sobbing was the only thing that filled my ears; someone dragged my body through some muddy hall. My body stopped as the sound metal door opened. I tumbled on the ground as I tossed in like a ragdoll. The door closed as footsteps entered the area. My blindfold was stained with tears as I struggled to get free. Cold and rough hands touched the bottom of the blindfold. Once light hit my eyes, I began to scan around. "LET ME GO!" I mumbled as a gag covered my mouth, preventing me from screaming. The masked man picks me up bridal style and places me on the rotten mattress. He didn’t hesitate to tie my arms and legs to the bedpost. Once the gag came off, my mouth went flying. "Fuck you, you sick per-" A smack sound echo through the halls. It left me in a shocking state."You be a good girl while I bathe you." The stranger said with a weird tone. Squirming around to get loose, I heard whimpers in the other cells. So, I wasn’t here alone. He pulled out a bucket full of water and began to wa
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Thirty minutes. I've been sitting in this uncomfortable chair for thirty straight minutes. Great night, huh?? After that torture, they finally sent a detective to see me. "I thought I would never get to leave after sitting here for eternity." I joked to lighten the mood up a bit."Of course, they will send me to talk to you. How are you doing, Ellie?""Detective Kevin Taylor. Is it bad enough that I have to see you around the house?" I rolled my eyes. He put the files on the desk and leaned back in his chair for comfort. I can't do that."Tell me what happened before you even saw the ear?""Nothing; I was walking home from work like I normally do. That's when I saw the police lights in the air. So, I went to go and check it out. The body was lying there, still fresh. It grossed me out. I rushed to the trashcan to puke... that's when I saw the earring, but the ear was still attached to it.""You didn't see anything else? Nothing suspicious?" Kevin said as he wrote the details in a note
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We stood there with the dumbest facial expression as Kevin slowly walked away. "I can't say more than that, but I must go. See you when I get home, Ellie." Just like that, he was gone. "Now things just got interesting," Nate said with a hearty smile. "You know what. My brain hurts. I can't be doing this right now." I began to head back home. Like a puppy, Nate followed. ~ Evan ~ "This design is too cutesy for my taste in this game." I leaned back in the desk chair, intensely focused on the computer. "What are you talking about? She is perfect for that part." Jennie excitedly said. "This game needs to sell; if you keep putting this idea up, the boss will have to deal with you." The door to our office cracked open, and a small intern peeked his head inside. He excused himself as he walked in, holding our daily coffee. All the staff stopped to gather around Ryan to get their addiction. Dazed, Ryan went to my desk."Here's yours... make it just how you like it, Evan." He smiled with
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I had an exciting day at work. As I left the building, the police were roaming certain areas like madmen. They are stopping people out of thin air. I couldn't even step out of the building before I was stopped. "Excuse me, have you seen anything unusual here in the last hour?" the officer asked. "No. I was at work most of the day. Sorry that I can not be of any help." I said. The officer smiled and walked away. Good, now I continue to head home in peace. As I turned the corner, the two crime scenes caught my eye. Who would do such a thing, especially this close to one another? Holy shit, it was giving me the chills. What kind of feeling was this?? Out of nowhere, I picked up a rubber glove. Blood stains appear on it. Who would leave this around?? "HEY!" a voice rang out into the air. I jerked slightly from the voice; I released the glove in my hand. "What are you doing here?" the stranger said."Nothing, officer... Kevin? Thought you had the day off today?" I said as I relaxed my b
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I cleared my throat and had the assistant follow me to the uncomfortable seats in the world. “So you’re the assistant that jer- I mean Henry’s assistant whom he talked about. Nice to meet you.”“Bradley, Bradley Fowler. But you can call me Brad for short. Nice to meet you too, Ellie. Well, I can say nice to meet you again.” He smiled. That was the same smile he gave me that day. But his eyes seemed more alive this time.“How did you know my name?”“I do work here. Don’t I? May I say you have a good record.” Brad smiled slightly and wobbled away towards the stage as I stood there, creeped out. I told the actors to go over scene fifteen because it needs some work. I looked over to get approval from Brad. He nodded and then examined me up and down. Why does Henry attract weirdos? I felt a beam of eyes burning my cheek; why? When I took a peek to my right, Brad’s eye was on me. Can I call the police if someone looks at me?He chuckled as he flipped the script. It was like he knew what I t
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After work, I walked to Evan's job, and as I was walking, I was stopped by some cops. "Excuse me, miss?" the officer said as he rolled down the window. "I haven't seen anything or anyone, officer. I just got off of work." The officer laughed, "I wouldn't ask you about that. I was going to ask you if you like a ride. It's dangerous for you to walk alone after 6." He smiled."That's okay; I can handle myself. I'm headed to my brother's job, which is right there. But thanks for the offer." "Of course, but for now on, have your brother come and pick you up. We have issued a missing woman report, and we need you to be cautious." The officer kept his eyes on me as he rolled up the window. A missing person?? That is too many people this month. I shook my head in disappointment and continued my walk. As I got closer, I texted my brother. The Annoying One: I'm here; come down to the lobby so we can leave.Big Head: Just come up; I have two more meetings before going home. He told me that
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~ Kevin ~I woke up the following day fresh and calm. It was going to be a good day. When I got to work, I limped to my desk, and you could hear my back crack as I sat down. Ouch. She did it too hard last night. "What happened to you?" a co-worker pointed out. "Had a wild night with my girlfriend. We both had some stress that needed to be taken care of." "Shit, at least you get some ass. I am just sitting there while she talks on the phone. Anyways, you asked to bring Henry in? For what?" He asked as he got up from his desk. "Don't we already have a description of her?""You will see. I want to talk to him about something." I said while tapping my desk while sipping on my coffee. Ten minutes rolled by, and an officer with Henry behind him came. His face was blank, and his eyes were dark. I took a tissue and handed it to him. Has he been crying?I did not know why I asked because I knew he was missing his wife. He answered with a sarcastic comment. I was doing my job; no need for the
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“What are you doing here??” I said with confusion. “You know him?” Kaylee asked. I mentioned we work together at the theater, and he was my boss's assistant. Who knew he worked here out of all places? We stared at each other in shock. This asshole knew about my job offer the whole time and acted like I was in the wrong. Hypocrite. Without paying me any attention after that stare-off, he stepped right over me and asked for an office key. One of the computers needs tuning. “That’s right. A new software update will be added to his computer.” Kaylee said as she grabbed the keys. Brad thanked her and walked away, giving me a deep stare. Once that door closed, my eyes went straight to Kaylee. Should I be worried about him here too?? The boss laughed and stated he was only here when needed; otherwise that he would be on the ground floor. I sighed in relief and was given a task. I was to greet everyone.With a simple nod, I was handed a clipboard. I walked through the halls; I saw Brad wor
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~ Evan~ I sat down in my chair once my sister and Kevin left. My mind is in a bind with the words she had said. Did they check her computer for hints or clues? What will be on her laptop that will help? The only thing she has is files– I hope. Who has she been messaging? I begin to tap my desk with frustration. Maybe… I should. No, wait, I shouldn't. That is still her privacy. However, Ellie saw something we didn’t.I sat there like a lost puppy, trying to figure out what to do. As I was lost in thought, Ryan came through the doors all happy and shit. What is he so happy for, and why is he not home?? Somehow he got permission to stay late to finish his presentation. When did interns get night shifts?? “Easy, especially when seven younger siblings run around the house. I can’t get anything done with them. A night shift won’t hurt.” He stated.Since he is here, I can use him for something. "Hey Ryan, you want to do some snooping with me?" I asked in a weird tone. His eyes lit up with i
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