Me in a gang? No, I'm in a family

Me in a gang? No, I'm in a family

By:  Ash Byrom  Completed
Language: English
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Contains strong language: My parents died, my sister died, my brothers left, and I was left to a man who thought we were pawns in his play. You know the type of people who say "it gets better" they're lying to you, because it just keeps getting worse. How the hell did I end up in a gang? Well, this is that story

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30 Chapters
Chapter one: these things always happen to me
I went to study in the libary, even the thought of studying gave me the creeps but I wanted to- no I needed to  get new information on this gang. This gang has been on the news everyday for the last 5 months, what was the big deal about them anyway?I decided it was best if I googled it, after all I'm not gonna find anything about this gang in books from the 1930s.I typed into google 'hunters gang; LAAnd surprising it actually came up with a lot of results.I don't even know what I'm actually meant to be reading here, like its a bunch of jiberish, but in a different way I understand it as an assassin - ex assassin. They kill peopleWell so do- did I But we are different. I worked alone. These work in groups. Mhmm they  are hot....wait what I see in bold italics headlined  Parents of 7 year old, 14 year old, and 18 year old  dead by shooting The
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Chapter two: Life choices
My brother had always been the weird and strange type. But he was also loved by many, as he was very hot ( well in his eyes anyway), he was the type of person to get everyone's attention, all of the time. My brother was older than me, he was 24. And he also was in the hunters gang which I didn't even know about until this morning.Jasper was the type of guy to go out with a girl and then dump her in the span of 2 months, cause he can't be bothered with her anymore.He was also the type of guy to get bored easily with a girl, like a player except he didn't hook up with random girls who he didn't even know the name of.I was walking just up to 10th street and I saw him. I haven't saw him since the day I left the care home, almost 7  years.I ran up to him, hugged him, tackled him down to the ground...which he didn't expect from me to do, I've changed, I kinda had to."DJ!" I heard somebody call out to me, I turned around. "Jaspe
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Chapter three: something good will come out of this
Before I could get into the car however I was grabbed by another person, the bag that was over my head was taken off and I could see these 3 guys beat up the 5 or 6 dicks that tried to kidnap me.I turned around and my brother was the one who had grabbed me and taken off the black bag. His smirk, was larger than his ego, only just by a bit though.Jasper pov:I got the orders, a frappe for me and a lemon ice tea for DJ, but then I got a call. It was from Ajax, he said that she was getting kidnapped, damn I knew this would happen. Just your average day, with a person getting kidnapped. Nothing to see here folks. I rushed outside the back exit. She was struggling, fighting. She was getting pushed into a white van, and these 5 guys were surrounding her. Like a pack of wolves. I saw the 3 guys, AJ, Alec and Eli, I grabbed DJ and got her out of the way of what was about to be a fight.I had taken the bag that was on her
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Chapter four: Something did come out of it
Everything happened so quicklyBut why did it happen to me?We arrive at this huge house. And when I say huge.I mean huge.We pulled up in the drive. And it was a huge frickin drive.But we weren't parking there, we went in double doors. Into a massive Garage. They have nice cars that's for sure.I'm still wondering why I'm here though.We get out, and unfortunately for me my legs buckle ending in me falling to the floor not so gracefully and not hideously either.Great.Luckily though I actually don't make it onto the floor before eli (in case you forgot he was the guy I was checking out before) had some how gotten out the car so quick, and caught me before I fell and actually hit the floor."be careful sweetheart. Don't want you to get hurt.." he says to me, his hoarse voice implies that he lost it a couple of days ago."i- I'm - "(not fooling anybody there DJ) "thank you" I manage to mumble, he nods at my response  
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Chapter Five: Mantian
"ah, you meanie, I ain't that bad" I growl at him, no I'm not a wolf."well you might have gotten better anyway" he shrugs, "we didn't introduce ourselves yet...I'm Chase" he pauses, "I'm 19 years old, you can call me chay or Ace, I don't really mind"I can also call you anytime- So he's one of the youngest Chase Cole huh..well he is damn fine, but I don't feel sexually attracted to him, like at all"She already knows who I am" hw waves his hands in the air, like he just doesn't care, "whatever, Ajax Crawford..I'm 22, you can call me Aj."Oh feisty..."I'm Alec Baxter and I'm can call me Al."Damn he is fine too, he was one of the guys who saved me back there and also then kidnapped me. "I'm Eli connors, I'm 22, you also can call me E."Damn, he is so fine, I would so love to hit him up. Omg what am I thinking?"I'm jace Morgan, I'm 18, I'm also the y
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Chapter six: I'll sleep on it
Jasper, Eli and I make our way to town, While we are in the car I admire the scenery, look there ain't nothing better to do.I'm in the passenger seat with Eli as he is driving, and they don't particularly want to keep me on my own. As I might open the doors somehow and run away.I can understand that they think I'm gonna run away, but I don't want to. Not yet at least anyway.I think I'll sleep on itJas and Eli are talking, I get distracted by something along the road. 2 people: a male and a female.I can just about make out what they are doing, the male is hitting her...but then I notice it, the female isn't fighting back and is bleeding on her head...and literally everywhere.It takes about 3 seconds before I decide to get out of the car and get him away from her.She needs to be saved.Everyone is just too scared to help. I can see it in their eyes as they walk past, stumble past. Run past.They are too afraid of getting hurt
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Chapter eight: Taking the piss
"You're meant to be resting..." Ajax speaks up, noticing me. "you've known me for what?....5 hours?  And you're already concerned for my health." I say to Ajax who questions me immediately the second he notices me,"well- err i...just.." Ajax trails off, never been the type of guy to properly think when in a situation with a cute girl."she's taking this piss, aj, she likes people helping her...sometimes" my brother speaks up, hes right, but I would rather die than agree with him. "I'm fine, really" I say to them both while I walk into the room and sit down, "Hey, you sure you're okay?" Eli asks me and I nod, resting my hand on my head, "Just the occasional dizzy spell, but I'm already used to that" Eli looks at me concerned, until Jasper speaks up, "when she was little, she got seriously injured in her head" he chims in, looking over at me once again, worried as per usual.the conversation takes a turn once Ashley and Jace walk through the front door, arguing ab
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Chapter nine: The odd things
When things got rough, I used to just deal with it.But I can't deal with it now.I hate panic attacks.When I was about 16, they started, and they started because he died.My best friend died.I killed him.I killed my best friend to become an assassin.I miss him.I want to see him9 amI didn't really know I've woken up until I awaken because of the rain and the storm.I'm feeling better since my panic attack at like 2 am this morning, I want to see the others.I'm still a bit on edge, but this needs to be done. I go downstairs, kinda afraid."hey, you feeling better now?" Eli asks me"fine. Still a bit on edge though...but that's normal..." I say to him, its only part of the truth though."I wouldn't say normal." Ajax mumbles, but I hear him and offer him a
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Chapter ten: I love(d) her
Dahlia povMaybe if I hadn't of killed him, we would still be together.That's all I want.Us to be together again.Like the old days.When he was still alive."sorry.." I start, And Eli immediately glances over to me,  "what are you apologizing for?" He's confusion holds the tension in the air."shouting." I  mumble, and Eli takes a deep breath, and then relaxes, "it's fine. Don't worry about it" but i already am.14:27 PM ~ TuesdayI come running down the stairs, wearing my sports clothes, ready for a run.Only Nathan and chase are in the lounge."Woof" nathan wolf whistles at me, his jaw wide open, his eyes staring at my ass. Chase is next to him, also looking at my ass, beautiful . "Damn" chase mumbles. "what never seen a girl wear this before?" I roll my eyes"nah, but you" Nathan glances up, meeting chases eye when he looks up too. "yeah what he said...." he mutters under his breath
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Chapter eleven: Claustrophobic
13:12 PMI don't have any family apart from my brother.That's what I originally thought.And then my phone rang.I was down stairs with all the guys except for chase and Ashley.We were having a conversation about how we are gonna be able to take down the scorpos.My phone ringtone was stupid.That's what I thought anyway.I haven't heard it go off for about 6 years.When I was a teenage
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