Hoor woke up around evening, only to find herself tightly clutched in Arhaan's arms. She was almost lying on top of him. Her face was settled between his chest and chin and her hands were resting on his chest, his face hidden in her hair.

Hoor moved a bit trying to test his grip. She sighed as she noticed that the grip was tight. He would be awake before she could get herself out. She took a deep breath and relaxed in his arms.

She stayed still for some minutes, but then started playing with his shirt. She was opening and closing his button again and again. His skin was warm to the touch.

She pressed two fingers in his stomach softly, checking the hardness of his muscle. When it didn't move, she smiled as it felt like touching iron covered in skin.

"What are you doing, Hoor e Arhaan?" Hoor got out of her thoughts and tried to move but Arhaan didn't let her. Hoor could only look at him, lifting her face.

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