🌷HIS MAID🌷(He's cold😬, she's crazy😅)

🌷HIS MAID🌷(He's cold😬, she's crazy😅)

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HIS MAID (He's cold, She's crazy) Synopsis Meet Isabelle Fredrick, she's the real definition of craziness and beauty with a body that can make any man crazy but life doesn't go easy on her as she belongs to a poverty stricken family with two younger sisters to cater for and a mother to look after, with no means of survival she makes the ultimate decision....... a decision to become a maid to the most ruthless guy ever and did i mention that they hate each other........ well they do Then there's Alexandro Montero, one of the most popular and wealthy businessman in the country just one look at him can make any girl drool but his coldness and ruthlessness drives fear into the heart of many except for one girl and he plans on making her suffer by employing her as a maid in his mansion...... Will they continue the hate.. Or will love come into the equation

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🌷HIS MAID🌷(He's cold😬, she's crazy😅) Novel Online Unduh PDF Gratis Untuk Pembaca

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Victoria Nwizu
please complete the novel
2021-09-19 18:20:34
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The meeting
        CHAPTER ONE ISABELLE'S POV Isabelle!! Isabelle!!......ahrgggh! i groaned as the voice of my two sisters linda and ivy echoed through my room Goshh ''can't they be less loud'' Well thats the price you have to pay for being the elder sister......** Okay; so I'm Isabelle Fredrick, i live with my two sisters and mom.
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Mr ugly
 CHAPTER TWO  ALEXANDRO'S POV ''I want a thorough research done on the site'' the result should be ready by tomorrow, ''Anyone who fails to give a tangible report will be fired with immediate effect'' "You are all dismissed", i said to my board of managing directors as they left my office with fear of being fired evident on their pathetic faces 
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You're fired!!
    CHAPTER THREE ALEXANDRO'S POV Ptttfff; '' i scoffed'' as i stared at emily sleeping not so soundly, she kept on snoring and drooling all over the bed Disgusting! She looks soo ugly while sleeping, where did i get this girl from? Heyy! Heyy " i yelled'' as i tapped her awake
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The decision
     CHAPTER FOUR ALEXANDRO'S POV 'I'm sorry sir i and my family are moving back to our home town'' Okay your salary for the whole year would be sent into your account  Thank you so much sir, thank you, ''she said bowing repeatedly'' That's enough, you can leave now ..... Okay!! It seems like I'll be needing a new maid  That was my maid who just quit her job And i only gave her that bonus because she has been with me for a long time  And she has been loyal. You might be wondering why a wealthy man like me would have only one maid for a mansion as big as mine  Well i don't want too much females around me, they make me sick So i hire housekeepers who are all males, they take care of the house  While my maid takes care of all the cooking in the house ************************
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His mum
CHAPTER FIVE           ISABELLE'S POVHere i am standing in front of mr ugly's mansion with my bags ''i took in a deep breath''Ok Isabelle! You can do this "i muttered to myself" I have to do this for my family, they deserve all the happiness in the world and they are going to get it Mum didn't take my decision well neither did Linda or ivy, they all felt I was putting myself at great risk in the hands of a stranger who hates me already But my mind is made up already!I knocked, and the gate man from yesterday opened the gateGood afternoon mr ......Philip, you can call me phillip miss isabelle 'he said'Ok is mr ugly... i mean mr alexandro inside ''Gosh i need to stop calling him mr ugly if i want to keep this job''Sorry phillip, it was a slip of tongue ''i said apologetically''No
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