Fated to Marry the Devil

Fated to Marry the Devil

By:  Death Wish  Completed
Language: English
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What if one typical day you wake up, addressing you'll be a bride within five hours? Knowing you don't have a boyfriend and engage to anyone. Then within in five hours, you become the wife of the famous Multi-billionaire businessman, handsome, but the most arrogant in this world. Will you say I do or I don't?

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843 Chapters
(Joeff’s POV’s)   I keep on asking myself after I parked my car. Before opening the door, I closed my eyes and asked myself once more… Am I doing the right thing? Do I really have to be stubborn? Do I need to be disdainful? Tsk.  This is my last chance to save my business and predominantly, my pride.
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Chapter 1 Little Devil I am right?
 (Lily Charm’s POV) Good Morning everyone!Whoaaa! I am still alive! Whoaaawww!Crazy I am right?I am a morning person. Who enthusiastically welcomes the brand-new day with a positive vibe!  Who don't want it? Want a slap? Everyone wants a good MORNING! This is me! Charmieeee! Not a napkin pad brand. Hahaha. I am using Modess and sister instead. 
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Chapter 2 It was all a prank Charm. Stay with it.
( Lily  Charm POV's )“Oh my gosh! I am not mistaken! I do really have a great day?! Breakfast is served!” I freak out. Looking to my brother who just recover for what I have done. Hmmm? I wonder what’s new on him. Anyways…  “Thanks bro.” with my best smile.  “Is it my birthday?” asking him as he joined me in dining table. He smirked and ...“I don’t even wa
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Chapter 3 My guardian, mom, dad, and protector.
( Lily Charm POV's ) “Has anyone ever told you that your face looks awful when you’re serious?"“Charm!” He bawl, and this time I know it is real.Ouch. Where’s your heart Carlos?He’s not kidding.
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Chapter 4 Do you think we will be good together?
( Lily Charm POV;s ) “Charm, they’re already downstairs.” My brother called me, and I immediately went down without even combing my hair.“I’m coming.” I answered while binding my hair.I hurriedly went down, and open the gate. There are two guys wearing black suit with matching black eyeglasses waiting. I waved my hands to greet them. Feeling close I am right?
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Chapter 5 As in Today?!
(Lily Charm POV's )We entered in a huge gate. The surrounding was filled with trees, that shades the road.  I breath the fresh air, that make me calm a little.Until…We passed another gate?! And shocks… a gigantic mansion waiting for us.  Wow! That’s the only word I can described the surrounding. Ah! Splendid! Since in Alladin, that's the proper word for "indescribable feeling." I w
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Chapter 6 Carlos, relax. Breath in, breath out!
(Lily Charm POV's ) We entered a very enormous room.I don’t know where to go since they just pulled me wherever they want to. But one thing that really astoud me about them, they are not clamorous, they don’t even utter a single word.I was even more dazed when I saw a big bathtub with floating petals of roses on it.Ohhhh…HAHAHA. I am ashamed to this bathtub.
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Chapter 7 I can do this bro!
( Lily Charm POV's ) Then, I found myself standing in front of full body length mirror. After a little while they let me sit on a comfy chair. Someone’s doing my hair, while the other gets my body measurement.They were all busy putting chemicals on my face. Make up, lipstick and all the vanity on face.Getting bored? I just closed my eyes waiting for all of this to be over.
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Chapter 8 Your sister is troubling my servants.
( Lily Charm POV's ) He is all I have.Our relatives forget about us when our business went bankrupt. And at this very moment, he’s the one needing me. I guess it is my time to pay him back. To give him back all he has given me all throughout my existence. I could never imagine saying no to him. I know he will never put me in a situation where I wouldn’t be safe.Never. I trust him.
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Chapter 9 I can’t promise that
(Carlos POV's ) He looked at me. There is a pause. Looking into his eyes, I see his demonic determination into this game. No glimpse of concern to my Sister. What I am thinking? My sister, as a mice can tame a snake? Hilarious my plan isn’t it?He smirked.“I can’t promise that.” there’s a soft chuckle.“You should.” stare him like a father putting the responsibility to his son.His chucles became audible.
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