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Ira was shocked when she found out she was the Alpha’s mate. She never imagined to be the mate of an Alpha since she’d live her most of her life as a slave. Truth’s unfolded when she found out she isn’t his actual mate, instead her real mate was his best friend. Under the wings of the Alpha, Ira find herself in a secret relationship with his best friend who was her real mate. The Alpha knew about this, but he insisted on making her his Luna, not minding the fact that she isn’t his mate. What happens when Ira slowly finds herself falling in love with the Alpha? She was literally in love with her mate and the Alpha who was also in love with her. How would things work out between them? Find out!

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Delinda Schumacher
46 chapters 4-17-23
2023-04-18 04:50:02
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Aya Starr
I love this very interesting plotline
2023-04-16 22:03:21
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Kim Nana
Interesting and good storyline ...
2023-03-27 18:44:32
106 Chapters
A slave
Chapter 1 Ira's Pov I winced in pain again when the lash hit me hard on my back only for me to raise my head to my master and he made a face at me. "Work harder, idiot or I whip you the more," he threatened and I tried hard not to scoff in front of him, mumbling a curse at how stupid he was to have hit me since I was perfectly doing my work fine. I groaned softly, trying hard to succumb to the pain drifting through my entire core while I picked out the grasses from the ground, the work that was given to me as a slave. Yes, I was a slave and I've been a slave for the past years without anyone to come to my aid. I was kidnapped by the underworld ruthless criminals from my pack while I was on a run around the territory. I'm Ira but luckily for me, I don't know who I was. I've lived all my life as a slave and trust me when I say a slave, I mean, I've been abused, manipulated, and punished severely, and those I couldn't even remember. Well, I've gotten used to everything but the distr
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Her lips
ALPHA MICHA’S POVI was nervous, totally covered with anxiety. I didn't know why but my heart was racing as fast as it could ever be racing. I wasn't even comfortable where I sat on a couch in my room, shaking my legs trying to figure out why they were not back. I picked up the picture from the slan in front of me again and I stared into her face. She was pretty except for the fact that she was looking so dirty and worn out. But that wasn't my problem at the moment. My problem was that I had finally found her in ages. She was going to get better I know but I couldn't just hide my happiness. Everything seemed to be getting better. I stood up from where I sat and let out a heavy sigh. Just then, my phone rang and I didn't take a look at the caller before I picked it up. "Where are you, Zel?" I asked, impatiently since I needed a quick response. "We just drove into the territory, I'll be at your office soon. I will leave her to the maid to dress her up before she comes to you, I hope
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You’re not my mate!
IRA POV’SThe scene of what happened a while ago played wearily inside my head and I couldn't take it away. He was hot, I admitted but I was sure he wasn't the main Alpha Micha that Zel had talked about. I could tell we shared the same connection which I couldn't detect. All I knew was that I got attached to him and I felt the same for him too. I had to put away the thought since I needed to forget about it. I made my way up the stairs that led to Micha's room as directed and I felt my skin growing goosebumps. Zel had made sure I was well cleaned up after she bought me from the criminals and I just couldn't believe how I turned out to be. Pretty. My nervosity rose when I got to the don't and I smelled his fragrance. I was satisfied, well, I've been okay with the people's auras in this pack. They were intimidating and I could tell the pack would be filled with a nourishing scent like the ones I had smelled.I heaved a heavy sigh and reached for the door, hesitated a little bit before
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You’ve found her?
FARREL’S POVMy wolf growled in satisfaction as we both shifted into my human form. I smiled when he groaned that I had to shift since he loves to go for runs or will I say, we both love to go for runs. We had both made it a habit to go for runs very early in the morning whenever we got nothing to do. Well, running made us strong so I couldn't help but run and there was always a lot of running when we ran. I looked down at my naked body and knew I needed to get something to wear as soon as possible before I got caught by some random she-wolf, especially the maids. I started looking for the spot where I had laid my clothes before shifting into my wolf form. I found the spot and got my clothes. After putting them on, I turned away from the pack house to my room. As I walked in, the maids and servants all greeted me one after the other and I nodded very slightly in response to avoid my head falling multiple times. Although I was supposed to have been used to it already, I wasn't. About
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Why would he kiss her?
MICHA'S POV Too many questions ran through my mind as I made my way down the stairs, heading to Farell's room for questioning. "Why would he kiss her?" I questioned myself in rage. Truthfully, I know Farell has no idea the lady is my mate but why would he stoop so low and kiss a lady he just met for the first time? It was so surprising, I couldn't do anything more than think of how irresponsible Farell was. But then, that wasn't my greatest surprise. That was just a minor thing to what I found some seconds ago. I smelled her the minute I was about to claim her. She wasn't my mate and how possible could that be?I thought Zel said she said she would bring my mate, the lady she had found to be a slave. I thought she said she was my mate but it was all a big lie, or Zel had no idea the girl wasn't my mate. I couldn't feel the mating sensation and the bond, I could alone feel her wolf which meant she wasn't my mate. I found it infuriating and annoying how Zel had gone through a lot and
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Be on my side
ZEL'S POVIt had been such a long yet fulfilling day and sure as hell, I needed to get a rest before reporting to the training grounds. There was a lot on my mind as I recalled the scene I had happened upon between Ira and Farrell. I needed no soothsayer to explain what had happened to me but then I could not let Micah get broken over such travail matters. It would certainly not matter who she was supposedly mated to as what clearly made sense to me was that she was home now with Micah.Micah had spent so much of his time and invested a lot to finding her all these years that she had been missing. I was well aware of the plans he had outlined as he sought to build an alliance which everyone would respect. Had he been able to find her and eventually marry her which would mean presenting her to her people, then he would get the support he needed to take down the Connor. I had refused to acknowledged that awful man as my Alpha and simply saw him as nothing short of an imposter.That thron
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Be my beta
ALPHA MICAH'S POVI had been observing her for sometime now and I had to admit to the fact that I was fully convinced that she would be my Beta when the time comes. Zel has proven herself beyond every reasonable doubt that she was the one for the job. Although, everyone had been of the speculations that the moment I ascend, it would be Farrell as my Beta but then I knew just who has more qualities. Zel would go any mile to make certain I get whatever it is I want and there was no doubt about the means she would undertake to achieving my goals.I had realized also how seemingly dangerous it would be keeping my contender as a protector. A Beta should be on the lookout for their alpha but when it comes to the situation with Farrell, I knew instantly where he belongs. He could not protect me without biases even though he had reassured me that he was on my side. I knew that with Ira now in the picture, he was compromised as far as I can tell. I had never thought before that anything or anyo
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I want you
MARIAH'S POVSomething was happening definitely in the pack house which I seemed to be the only one left off the scene. I usually had first hand information but as far as I could tell right now, everyone was keeping things to themselves. No one dares to speak. I had not seen much of the girl supposed to be Micah's mate since the day Zel had brought her in and told me who she was going to be in the aftermath. Well, I had no reservations against that as long as my own dear Farrell was not the one getting a woman as I am certain that he belongs to me. Just as Zel, he had also greater failure in seeing that which is destined to be his own. He only needed to spend time intimately with me and then he would understand the fact that I was the one he needed.One might wonder why I had mentioned Zel in my description but them come to think about it, she was just like Farrell. I was sure he likes me but as a result of his biased morals and of course, my brother, he would rather not act on it. It
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IRA'S POVIt had been awkward for me since that night when I had been kissed by the dashing young man before being brought before my supposed protector who had just received the shocker that I was not his mate. Although, he had made it clear that he cared less about whatever wolfie status I bore within me, I still had a strong feeling he was troubled. I was certain he had gone and confronted the guy who had kissed me but the eventual outcome of their meeting together was something I could not fathom.I was scared. Every day and moment, I felt fear creeping into my sinews and spreading across me. This was not fear that he would hurt me but surprisingly, it was fear that he would hurt the guy, Farrell. As I had happened to learn his name. I simply could not get him out of my thoughts and he remained there like he owned my very thoughts. I was beginning to crave for him and for his touch. I could very well tell that it was only a matter of time before all hell would break loose, that bein
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All I could think of was her
FARRELL'S POVI needed no soothsayer to explain to me what was actually happening when I could no longer see much of Ira. I felt somewhat it would be better we do not run into each other or see anymore of ourselves because I knew well enough that I would find it pretty much hard to keep away from her. She was my mate after all and I would give the whole world to spend time with her had we not been facing the blocker in the person of my dearest best friend and brother.I would have to admit to the honest truth that I had been actually really jealous of him that I felt the desire to want to kill him and put an end to the madness he was about driving me into. As much as it seemed like I accepted his proposal, I certainly did not want to be sidelined from her. It was not the first time a thing as such where a situation would present itself and eventually Micah would have absolute power and authority. It was baffling as it was painful.The fates were definitely fighting against me and my h
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