Trapped by Him

Trapped by Him

By:  Lana Mora  Updated just now
Language: English
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Alpha King Patrick's lover Gabrielle was murdered by rogues. Gloria, his mate, was his prime suspect. Gloria was desperate to explain herself, but Patrick was traumatized and locked her up. After Gloria was released, her wolf turned timid. Patrick was surprised that Gloria's affection for him was waning, though he did not reject her. At the same time, the truth was about to be revealed...

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why are you Hurt Gloria? Does she really deserve a life where she is getting nothing but pain? What if we get this pain instead of her?
2024-05-09 14:20:31
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Joan Williams
Book remind me of human bondage. When will Patrick learn the truth. This book is demoralizing to females. He sends her to prison on a false charge and now he expects her to love him because he realizes he love her. How ludicrous
2024-05-03 00:13:05
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Keeping up with Bushra !
One of the best books I have ever read.
2024-04-22 05:53:20
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Delinda Schumacher
80 chapters 3-20-24
2024-03-20 20:34:34
default avatar
More chapters please
2024-03-08 13:38:11
user avatar
Stacey W
Too long. Patrick does not deserve Gloria.
2024-03-21 05:56:53
277 Chapters
Chapter 1
  "This is Black Thorn Pack's territory. Any uninvited werewolf would be considered an intruder! You should leave!"  Two werewolf guards, tall and robust, said to a woman standing at the pack's border.  "I'm Gloria, from the Silver Spring Pack. I need to speak to Alpha Patrick. Please let me in."  The blonde woman pleaded. She looked exceptionally delicate compared with the guards.  "We don't know who you are. Leave, now!" said the guards as they had a quick look at each other.  "It's about Gabrielle's death. I've got something important to tell Alpha Patrick. Please, I need to see him," Gloria begged.  "Shut up! You don't get to say her name!"  A sullen voice cut in from behind the guards.  "Beta Damon!" The guards turned to the man and bowed their heads.  Damon was the Beta of the Black Thorn Pack.  "Damon, please hear me out. I have nothing to do with Gabrielle's death!" Gloria explained anxiously.  With a scowl, Damon glanced at her resentfully.  "Seize her. The woman
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Chapter 2
  Patrick closed the door after he said so.  He threw out the handkerchief he had just used before he closed the door. It fell in front of Gloria, soaking in the rain.  Gloria picked it up and gripped it in her hand.  The car started and drove into Alpha's villa at the Black Thorn Pack.  Then, the iron gates of the villa shut in front of Gloria.  Gloria's face drained of color as she stared at the shuttered gates.  Gloria was in agony since her mate had just rejected her.  The remaining Alpha aura still lingered, suffocating her.  Patrick was her mate. However, she could feel the hatred from his aura and he would prefer Gloria to die instead of Gabrielle.  Gloria's wolf screamed in her head, "We need Patrick. Go beg him, and let go of your pride. Damn you, Gloria, go beg for his forgiveness!"  After a while, Gloria looked up again. She walked toward the square, determined.  She stood in the middle of the square, ignoring the cold rain.  She pressed her lips together stubbo
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Chapter 3
  Patrick shook the wine glass in his hand. At Damon's words, he withdrew his gaze from Gloria.  He gave another command, "Inform the Alpha of the Silver Spring Pack that he must choose between Gloria and his pack. If he wants his pack intact, then Gloria must leave."  "Yes."  "Then, tell the werewolf university to cancel Gloria's degree. So, she can't get a decent job in human society. She'll be employed with a high school diploma."  "Yes."  "And," Patrick said coldly, "Send her to the werewolf prison."  Damon was shocked at his words. He raised his head and said, "Alpha Patrick?"  "She killed our people, so I'll send her to the werewolf prison for three years. Beta Damon, do you not agree with me?"  Patrick decided to send Gloria to prison for three years.  Though the evidence at this point was not enough to prove Gloria guilty, Patrick believed that she was the one who killed Gabrielle.  "No, Alpha Patrick, you did the right thing. Thank you." Damon's eyes suddenly turned
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Chapter 4
  Patrick walked away after he finished his words.  He was taking revenge on Gloria. Gloria looked pale, and she could not utter a word.  Soon, the werewolf guard took her away and locked her up in the prison underground.  Prison life was not easy. On the first night, Gloria was pulled up while she was asleep.  "What do you want?" Gloria looked warily at the werewolves who surrounded her with malicious smiles.  Gloria said in horror, "Don't get any closer, or I'll call the guards."  The werewolves were not scared at all. They looked at each other and laughed.  Their leader pointed at Gloria's face and said, "What did you say? Call the guards? Did I hear you right? You want to call the guards?" As she spoke, she slapped Gloria's face and roared, "Go ahead and call the guards!"  Gloria lost her balance, and her ears buzzed.  She pressed her hand against the wall and managed to get up. Then, she made a sudden move.  She slapped the leader.  For a moment, there was silence in t
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Chapter 5-6
 Three years later, a skinny woman tottered on the street with a ragged plastic bag in her hand. She kept a few dollars and her identification card in that bag.  She was pale and bruised. She also has a three-centimeter scar on her face.  Three years, and everything had changed.  Gloria's lips curled slightly. Yeah, after three years, things changed. It was not just about the world outside the werewolf prison.  She had changed too.  Where could she go?  She didn't belong to any pack and lost her identity in human society. As a rogue, she was too weak to survive among other rogues.  Then, a job advertisement from a shop nearby caught her eye.  She stood before the job advertisement. She looked at it for a while, and her eyes finally fixed on the words "Cleaners wanted" and "Accommodation and lunch provided".  Gloria gritted her teeth and walked into the club named Fittro. As soon as she entered, she shivered. The cold air from the central air conditioner made her tremble.  "N
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Chapter 7
  The oppression from the man's Alpha aura was strong, which made Gloria feel a little uneasy.  The man noticed Gloria's gaze toward him, and he kissed the woman in his arms even more passionately. His golden eyes seemed brighter than stars, and his playful gaze rested on Gloria.  Gloria quickly lowered her head. She stepped forward and turned to leave the elevator.  "Stop!" Gloria heard the voice coming from behind. She did not want to cause trouble, especially not to bother the powerful Alpha and his human companion.  She couldn't guess what the werewolf was here for.  Gloria thought for a second and slightly bowed to the man.  She said in a respectful tone, "Please forgive me, sir. I'm just a cleaner here and was on my way to clean the private room. I didn't mean to disturb you, and I hope you will forgive me."  Gloria's voice was rough and hoarse, yet the man was not surprised.  He looked at Gloria curiously and asked, "A cleaner? So young?"  Gloria nodded and did not spe
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Chapter 8
  Gloria arrived in the private room. She felt the air was strange in the room as she entered.  In the dim light, a few guests sat on the sofa with several call girls.  Only Lillian stood in the middle of the room. When Lillian saw Gloria, she immediately shouted, "Gloria, help me!"  The guests sitting on the sofa suddenly focused on Gloria, who became nervous in an instant.  Some of the guests were werewolves.  Gloria was startled, and her body tensed up for a moment.  "I'm here to clean." As she spoke, her unpleasant voice was exposed.  With that hoarse voice, the guests lost interest in her and turned back to Lillian.  Gloria had been working at Fittro Club for a few months, and she knew how to keep her job.  So, she learned not to poke into other people's business.  Therefore, she ignored Lillian's pleading look toward her.  Gloria was just a cleaner and could barely support herself. How could she help others?  Moreover, Lillian was only a human and she had parents to
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Chapter 9
  Gloria raised her head. She looked at the powerful man sitting on the sofa... What did he just say?  He was her mate. Years ago, she didn't accept his rejection. Therefore, she was still his mate.  How could he ask her to kiss another man?  Gloria stared at Patrick and her eyes were filled with desperation.  Patrick enjoyed the look in Gloria's eyes and believed that she would reject his request. Any woman would choose to drink rather than kiss a strange man.  "Can you ask me to do something else?" Gloria begged.  Patrick sneered, "You don't get to negotiate with me."  Gloria crawled on the ground. She reached out her hand to touch the ugly scar on the left side of her waist.  That was the only time she shifted at the werewolf prison because she couldn't bear the torment anymore. Then, other werewolves also shifted and bit her on her waist. Later, they treated her wound with wolf poison.  After Gloria turned back to her human form, she became very weak and her wounds wouldn
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Chapter 10
Derrick looked at Patrick. Both of their packs were very powerful in Nevada, and they were both enemies and friends. Derrick glanced at Gloria, who was pulled behind Patrick. To his surprise, Gloria’s ears were red. “Hey, was this your first kiss?”Gloria’s blushed face was the answer. Derrick did not realize that and was in an extremely good mood right now. He looked at Patrick with a faint smile. “What if I take her away by force?” "You idiot! He's coveting our mate! He's provoking us! Tear him apart!" Leo's roar echoed in Patrick's mind. Since Patrick rejected Gloria, his wolf Leo had a strong resentment towards him, but at this moment, his wolf suddenly had a very strong reaction. "Shut up!" Patrick clenched his fist and shouted to Leo in his mind. Dealing with the anger of Leo in his mind had already made Patrick impatient, but he still looked calmly at Derrick. Stewart whistled and said to another man,“Sean, take out your phone and record this scene now! If it
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Chapter 11-12
For a moment, Gloria thought she was already dead. Then, she was overwhelmed by pain. She opened her eyes after a few seconds and found herself lying on the lawn. Thank God, though she was wolfless, her wolf instinct still protected her while she was falling. She tried to get up and she felt a huge pain in her ankle. But she had no time to check on it. She knew that the gammas were always around Patrick and would chase after her soon. All she could do now was to run. saw Gloria She ran past two blocks and stopped a taxi. “I want to go to Austin!” Gloria said. “Money!” The driver looked impatient and wouldn’t drive without money paid in advance. Gloria was stunned for a moment and then said, “What?” “Give me the money.” The driver was in a bad mood. So, he was impatient when he saw Gloria, who looked weak and skinny. “Shouldn’t I pay you when we arrive?”Gloria frowned. He said, “Hurry up and give me the money, or I won’t drive!” Gloria panicked. Patrick’s men w
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