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Jake never once thought that just one night with him would change his life forever... Will Jake still love him after a very dark secret is revealed? This book is set in Thailand but there are some foreign characters from other countries.

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11 Chapters
1. Win Win
As per usual, I have had another successful day at work. I just wish my personal life was just as successful. "Jake! Did you really just land the Champa account?!" Lin asked as she walked into my small office. I smiled as I watched her run over to me and I stood up to hug her. "I did and I am not sure how I was able to do it but I did." I responded with a hint of shyness. Lin is the loudest of our marketing group and she is also the one who coordinates all of our work functions. "I couldn't be more proud of you!" Lin said as she still hugged me so tight that I could feel her breast pushing up against my chest. This made me even shyer before I pushed her away and whispered, "Lin! We are at work." Lin chuckled as she dropped her arms beside her body. "Oh, right...Well, what will you be doing to celebrate?" Lin asked. I've known that Lin has had a crush on me since college. However, she knows that I don't like her that way. "I don't have any plans. I will probably just do what I alway
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2. Gym Bunny
Suddenly he picked me up and quickly carried me over his shoulder back into the locker room. He sat me down on my feet once we were inside a shower stall. I felt water from the shower head running down my back and down my legs. He began to kiss me so passionately that It caused me to lose my mind! He turned me around before he pressed me up against the wall, pulled my shorts down, and began to insert his penis inside me. We both moaned loudly before he began to push further in. I began to quiver and desire him more. "More! I want more!" I begged before he said, "I'm not all the way in. Are you sure you can take it?" I nodded my head in agreement before I moan, "Yes!" He chuckled before he pushed in all the way. He grunted and I almost lost consciousness for a moment before I let out a loud moan. He puts his hand over my mouth before he said, "Shhh! I'm warning you!" He then grabbed my hips before he began thrusting hard and fast inside me. I immediately covered my mouth because I
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3. My Husband?
The rest of the day was spent eating or having sex. I have never in my life wanted someone as much as I have wanted to be with Bo! It's almost an addiction but I know it's probably because it's new. I just need to get back to work tomorrow and I am sure that it will help me gain perspective. I was awakened two hours before it was time for me to wake up by Bo already inside me! We made love for two hours before we both climaxed. Then we took a shower and got dressed. I was physically exhausted but I felt amazing! We had breakfast together and left my condo together. Once we got to his truck he helped me park my bike in my parking spot before Bo took me to work. On the way, he said, "Bunny, call me if Tim makes you uncomfortable. Okay? You promise?" I nodded in agreement as he held onto my hand and kept kissing my hand. "I know men like him. They usually make you do things that you wouldn't normally do or make you agree to things that would be compromising who you are." Bo explained
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4. Liability
I smiled to hold back my anger before Bo stood up and said, "This has been decided. I only brought him here so you can put a face to the name. However, I will be the one working with him. The meeting is adjourned!" Bo then grabbed me out of my seat and began to pull me behind him as I watched all of those old men look appalled. Once we were back in his truck, I broke the silence by asking, "Do you want to explain to me what just happened back there?" Bo pulled into the parking lot in front of my firm's building. He parked his truck and said, "I apologize. I thought this was going to play out differently. However, now I know what truly has been bothering me at my office." I looked at the time and saw that we had less than twenty minutes left before I reach two hours on lunch. "Bo, you still haven't answered my question." He chuckled and said, "You are right." He turned to face me and said, "I own the company. I became overwhelmed and didn't know why. I had started to doubt my decis
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5. Coincidence
Alec and I sat on the couches beside the breakfast table and he let me in on all that's been happening within Bo's company. Not only did the COO who has been trying to push Bo out of his position get relieved of his duties, he got forced into early retirement. Alec explained that Bo had some evidence for his theory that the COO was trying to become the CEO. When the COO was presented with the option to be sued or go into early retirement, he chose to retire. Alec then explained that his husband was then promoted to the position of COO this morning. "Congratulations! Alec! But wait! Why are you still working then? I am sure your husband makes enough for you to leave this position." I said. Alec smiled and asked, "You are the first person Bo has gotten into a relationship within seven years...he now calls you his wife...which means, he will probably marry you soon. Will you quit your job then?"I realized what he meant at that moment. I love my job and I wouldn't leave my job just beca
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6. Passion
My heart began to race because I was worried that he would fire Alec and that Bo would break up with me! I knew he was possessive but this?! How can this be?! "Well? Is it master Bo?" Alec asked as he was stirring something in a pot. I put up my pointer finger to suggest that he wait a moment before I said, "Give me a moment." Then I walked away and went back to Bo's room. I called Bo. He didn't answer. I called him again but he still didn't answer. I sat down on his bed and tried to calm myself down. Once I did, I decided to text him back. I opened my phone and began typing. That's when I heard, "Master! You are home early! I am afraid that I have not finished cooking dinner." I stood up because I knew that Bo was about to fire Alec! I ran out of the room and back into the kitchen to find Bo standing there in front of Alec. "Bo! You are home!" I said with a hint of fear in my voice. Alec noticed and now looked confused. Bo smiled and said, "You are wearing my shirt." I forced a sm
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7. Addicted
Once we were both dry, Bo dressed me and laid me down on his bed after he had changed the sheets. He propped up pillows behind me again so I could have my dinner in bed. I didn't agree to this right away but the thought of the pain from walking to the dining room or being carried there was enough for me to agree to eat in bed. I guess at some point in the day, Bo bought me pajamas because the ones he put on me fit me so well. He was also wearing pajamas but they weren't like mine. He was wearing a tight shirt and long grey pants. He looked amazing in them. Once I was comfortable, I heard a knock on the bedroom door. Bo walk over to it and had a conversation with Alec but it was so low that I couldn't hear what was being said. Then Bo turned around and left the bedroom door open. "Oh, I almost forgot! Please don't fire Alec!" I said. Bo looked confused before he asked, "Fire Alec? When did I say I was going to do that?" I pointed at my phone that was on the nightstand next to me and
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8. Perspective
A couple of weeks have gone by and today is presentation day for my first big account. My intern and I have been working nonstop to meet this deadline. Bo has been a little depressed lately because we haven't had much time to be together. I am hoping that once this presentation is over I can take the rest of the day off and spend it with Bo. To be honest, I think I have been a little sad myself. I truly do miss out on times together and sometimes I find myself getting a bit emotional about it. "Boss, you ready?" My intern asked me as he stood at my office doors. I snapped out of my thoughts and nodded in agreement before grabbing my laptop. We both went to the meeting room and set up the presentation. Annie and my new personal assistant, Donna but we all call her Don, were setting up the conference table. The materials and bottled water were set on the table and we were now ready to present. We all gathered by the entrance to wait for the team that was sent to approve our marketing c
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9. Triggered
I froze for a moment because that was completely unexpected. I couldn't help but feel attacked and ashamed. I have never felt like what my husband and I do behind closed doors was shameful! Until now...Suddenly Donna steps in front of me and says, "Listen, lady! We didn't ask for your opinion; quite frankly, you are in the wrong! You were eavesdropping on a conversation that was not meant for you! For all, you know...You took things out of context!" I began to sob into my hands softly behind Donna but she didn't notice. Who did notice was Bo. He stood close enough to hear everything and was waiting to see if Donna could handle the situation. But, as soon as he saw me crying...He stepped in. "Ma'am. Please come with me." Bo said in a serious tone. When the woman turned around to see who was talking, she gasped. "Master Bo! I didn't know that you were still here. I apologize if we got loud and disturbed you. I am just setting these young kids straight." The old woman said. Bo then too
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10. Run?
I promised myself that I would never smoke again after I had lost my grandfather to lung cancer but after the day I just had...It couldn't be helped. As I sat at the stop where I usually go to soothe myself, I began to cry. A long time ago, I found a way into the roof of the hospital where my grandfather had died. I was surprised to have found that the door was still broken and that I was still able to access the roof. I sat there and cried as I replayed the moments earlier in my night that caused me to run away..."Liar!" I hear someone say from behind the thin man. I was so shocked by his words before I heard Bo say in a low voice, "What are you doing here?!" I was disgusted by his response not denying the thin man's words! Suddenly the thin man grabs Bo's arm and pulls him in before kissing him. I looked up and saw Bo's lips on that vile disgusting man! Our security men pulled the thin man but there was a bit of struggle. I turned around and began running. I could hear Donna yelli
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