Harnessed by him

Harnessed by him

By:  Oyin Ade   Ongoing
Language: English
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He has made it crystal clear that I’m not to call him ‘boss’ except on certain occasions, like right now, when his dominating gaze carries a hint of playfulness. I can’t help but smile every time he gets like this, all lovey-dovey, but when he whispers in my ears asking me to go on an adventure with him, it is like an invitation to a forbidden feast and the thought sends a shiver down my spine which unlike you would think, is almost painful. Maybe this is because I have been on an adventure with him for as far as I want to recollect. My memories, if you peeked inside, would be overflowing with every moment with him, each one a brushstroke painted with his boldness and my, well, let’s call it a touch of recklessness. I now wear a souvenir, a mark etched onto my soul. It’s like a silent agreement, a reminder that our fates are tangled, intertwined like climbing vines. He’s the puppet master, my very own Mr. Strings, and every twist and turn of his whims gets woven into the fabric of my being. Maybe you find that hard to believe, like something out of a fairytale. But trust me, my darling, as I unravel the threads of our adventure, one by one, you’ll understand. With each turn and twist, you’ll find yourself hooked, a willing captive in the captivating narrative of our lives, possibly harnessed in the labyrinth of our love, where danger dances with delight, and fate is etched in the footprints of a love like no other. So buckle up, dear reader, for this isn’t a mere tale, it’s a thrill ride, a love song made of equal parts fear and freedom.

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5 Chapters
“Baby…” he says as he enters the room, his footsteps barely making a sound against the soft carpet. His presence fills the space with a gentle warmth, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is a tantalizing invitation to wakefulness. “Are you awake?” he asks. His voice, a soothing balm to my sleepy ears, caresses me, pulling me from the depths of slumber. I stir and my eyelids flutter open, a soft smile gracing my lips as I turn to face him. His eyes sparkle with affection as they meet mine, and the warmth of his gaze envelops me like a comforting embrace. He holds out our mug, a signature to our shared mornings, and I reach out to collect it from his hands. The rich flavorful brew dances on my tongue before I even take a sip. It’s perfect, exactly how I like it on mornings like this. “Thank you very much, Boss,” I murmur, my gratitude louder than my voice. With a sigh of contentment, he sinks into the bed next to me, his movements as smooth and graceful as a dancer’s. As he leans
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He wore a mask
He has always been extremely attractive. I would give everything to forever replay my memory of him getting out of his limo and stepping onto the red carpet on that day. The grace with which his shoes clicked, his strong gait, and how his long legs complemented each other to make perfect strides. His shoulders were broad and his tuxedo wrapped perfectly around his torso. I could only see his side profile from where I stood, but he oozed confidence and a commanding presence that I instantly got completely lost in just from staring at him. “Leila!... Leila!!” The distant footsteps grew closer with every passing second and the sound of my name in the faded background suddenly became audible right as I felt a sharp tap on the back of my neck, jolting me out of my reverie. “Ouch.” “What’s the point of standing there looking like a lost puppy? Welcome the guests!” my boss said, rushing her sentences in a way that they almost blended into one. Her visibly pulsating neck vein was all I n
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Blooming flowers and power songs
Time tiptoed through every passing day, sunrise chasing sunset over and over like children in a game. The nights had been painted with inky silence, punctuated only by the occasional barks of lonely dogs, and the rustles of curious critters. And the dawns cracked open the darkness, a brushstroke of gold against the canvas of the sky, sending its soft light creeping into my room. This particular dawn, though, felt different. It felt perfect like the world had held its breath, waiting for this very moment. The air pulsed with anticipation, every grain of sand shimmering with hidden possibility. The sweet melodies of waking birds drifted in through my window and faded out, replacing the whispering wind and the lullaby of distant crickets. I can never forget how perfect it felt. I rubbed my bleary eyes and stood at the window, arms outstretched to the light, my heart a hummingbird trapped in my chest. It was ethereal, and if I was going to begin a phase of my life that I didn’t know abo
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In a hurry, I put on a soft and toasty hoodie and a pair of comfortable shorts. Hearing a knock on my door at this time of day surprised me, and my curiosity was piqued. I decided to make a quick stop in the kitchen before walking out the door. With excitement, I reached for a tall glass and filled it with cool, refreshing water. I made my way towards the front door, my heart pounding with a mixture of eagerness and intrigue. “Who’s there?” I asked as I peeped through the peephole, my head buzzing from sleep. I opened the door upon seeing a familiar face, my eyes squinting against the midday sun. “Hi…” I started to speak, wondering what she was doing at my door. “It’s Becky,” she said, with a tone indicating she was sick of reminding me. She must have noticed my masked attempt to recall her name. “Yes, Hello Becky.” My ‘hello’ hung in the air like a dead fish and Becky chirped right back. “Common, you don’t have to sound so formal. We’re seatmates, remember? And guess what? Now we
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The Ghost of Forgotten Feelings
I perched, perched more than I sat on the edge of my bed and grabbed my phone. My fingers began to type away frivolously. Not my usual move, trust me. In fact, I pride myself as someone who tries to move calmly whenever in a jam, probably because the way thoughts run through my mind can be frightening, and I tend to overreact if I don’t get myself under control. But this wasn’t calm, this was controlled panic, although I wasn’t sure what there was to panic about. I didn’t even know what I was going to search for when I launched my browser app, but somehow my search ended with him on my screen. I needed to let go of some of my pent up emotion and one way to do that was to unravel mysteries. So I clicked, each article a stepping stone towards the quiet satisfaction of figuring him out, one page at a time. Alex Vance, CEO of ZephyrVance, the latest apex financial company in New York and in the United States, I read clearly on my screen, again and again as if I didn’t want to believe it
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