Healing the Broken Billionaire

Healing the Broken Billionaire

By:  Lady Mermaid  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nicole Allen had the most normal life. She procrastinate, she struggles with her daily life and, to mention, always had been the target of her notorious boss, Eric Marsh, to yell at. But every normalcy in her life turned upside down when the world of magic granted her one wish. Nicole is stuck with her pessimistic reality, that was why when she was introduced with fantasy, she made fun of it. And that's where her real struggles come. Will she ever survive, when the real twist of her bland life is more than one turn of a table?

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This is so twisted I love it!
2023-12-27 20:33:29
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chef's kiss
2023-11-12 00:49:27
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Leehan's Fish
It's so fun to read! Highly recommended! I enjoy your updates! Please update more!
2023-11-06 13:59:03
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Juanmarcuz Padilla
highly recommended. keep up the good start author ...
2023-11-05 06:41:46
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I recommend this book it has a good start and I find it very funny. keep it up author
2023-06-12 21:38:57
81 Chapters
THE FLOWER"'Late! Late! Late!' says the white rabbit."My supervisor Maddie has always been on my case since the day I entered this building."Makes me wonder, what's your excuse this time?" She and her endless tattle.If ever I got the chance to roast her, I'd aim for her fat feet that struggle to fit inside her small stilettos."I'm sorry, Maddie," I winced. "I got stuck in traffic, and this heavy storm rained a bucket above me--""I'm not asking you to explain." Raising her palm, she closed her eyes and wore false eyelashes. "Get your things on your desk and make sure to immediately march to the boss' office.""T-- to the boss?" Oh, no."The fourth time this week, Allen." Giving me her tight smile, she reminded my flaws flawlessly."You're lucky that you haven't lost your seat." rossing her arms that wrinkled her perfectly pressed suit, she frowned. "Five years of working here, a headache to me," she added.Talk about being the worst employee of every year, that award belongs to me
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THE KISSAs soon as the sunlight hit my face, I gasped."Oh, shoot!" I'm late again.Doesn't have enough time to take a shower, put makeup on, or change my underwear. I slipped through a pair of loose pants and a flowery blouse, I rushed through the door, carrying the empty canvas in my hand."You're certainly getting fired, Nicole," I told myself.Fishing for my phone, I saw his secretary's message. He wants to see my face, the very moment I get to the building."Be ready to be skinned alive."My palms are sweaty, and I bet that nervousness is shown on my face.At least I'm still pretty. That's all that matters.I knocked on his door. If ever the floor is hungry, I'd volunteer myself to let it eat me now."In.""Sir Eric?" Peeping my head inside his office, I saw him sitting on his chair, eyes staring at his laptop. His sharp jawline tells me that I'm a dead meat."Midnight, I'm certain of the deadline I gave you. Midnight.""Uh-- sir Eric, I was -""Take a chair." He cuts me off, jus
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THE SMILEStanding right in front of the mirror, I'm staring at a woman I never thought I was.I took a shower, frankly, almost three hours. God knows what kind of business I did inside the bathroom.Eric hired people to help me get ready. They did my hair, my makeup, and none of it answering skeptic mind. What's with the makeover for?"You look so gorgeous, my dear."A gay man hairdresser have been pouring me praises even before they started to fix my whole existence. Now, my confidence has been multiplied by five."No wonder why the well-known Eric Marsh would want to date you, sis." The designer I met at her boutique shop, Tonya, smiled while also looking at me through my reflection."We're not dating," correcting them, but Soda, the hairdresser, just laughed at me."Oh, dear. They are in their hush-hush stage of the relationship."Tonya pointed her forefinger at him as she nodded her head. "It's the business we shouldn't put our asses in, or we won't get paid.""Though, that sweet
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THE CURSEI thought my eyes had been blinded from the flashing cameras outside the venue. Heaving the sigh of relief when I realized that I can still see."Mom, happy birthday." Eric kissed a woman in her late 50s, yet she doesn't seem to age.From her aura and her gracefulness, anyone could tell that she's living in the world where money rains from above."My dearest son, oh, how great it is to see you again," she greeted back with a tight hug.I feel like an exotic food sitting in the middle of high-class plates of specialties."Might I ask who this beautiful gal is with you?" A man who's a perfect copy of Eric's face, only a bit older and definitely knows how to show a smile.Pushed myself to stand like a ballerina that almost broke my back, Eric snaked a hand around my waist and tied me next to him. Closing the gaps in between us."Nicole, these are my parents. Amanda and Bruce. Mom, dad, this is Nicole."Introducing me to them, I had these endless thoughts of how rich people react
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THE CONFESSIONMy stomach has been complaining since earlier, and these rich people's food doesn't really content the monster in my tum-tum.Imagine having a huge plate served, and the food I'm going to eat is just as small as a pingpong ball. It's aesthetic. It boasts the ultraexpensive vibe, but I can feel my hunger's killing me at the moment."And what does your lovely date do for a living?" Bruce asked before sipping his champagne.Accidentally, a drop escaped on the side of his lips, causing him to jerk on his chair and mumble a curse."Bruce!" Amanda cried, didn't even hand him a napkin that's right in front of her."Oh, here." I gave him the napkin, and he took it with owe, scratching to dry where he spilled his champagne."Do you know how much that suit costs?"I curtly frowned over that. Why would they react like that? I'm sure they have millions in their bank accounts. They can literally buy more than a thousand suits.Bruce grunted when he knew it was useless to clean it wit
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THE CONSEQUENCEMorning came, and everything that happened last night felt like a dream. A beautiful one.My heart felt better and lighter. I've got no loads stuck painting my present, and somehow, I am starting to be thankful that Eric was there."Morning, sunshine," I yawned.Groaning as I stretched, I heard loud murmurs from outside my house.Out of curiosity, I went to the door to check it out.But as soon as I realized what's really happening, my groggy state melted when I saw paparazzi and reporters gathering around my place."It's Miss Allen!" One of them yelled, and as if they're bees looking for their queen, they flew straight to my porch with their microphones and cameras pointed at my morning face.I haven't washed, my hair sure looks like a bird's nest and my clothes aren't presentable."Oh, no, this is a huge problem."I immediately closed my door, double locked it, triple licked it, and closed all my windows."Oh my gosh, what is happening?!"Headed straight to my room, I
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THE TEASEDays passed like a clock in lapse, what Serena told me about the consequences I had to face if I failed to find out what pains Eric has been bugging me for a while now.I never wanted to end up like how my mother did.I've got nothing else to lose, but I also don't have a reason to give up."Your performance is escalating real quick, Miss Allen," Maddie greeted me with her wide smile, which shows her small teeth and noticeably fat gums."Thank you, Maddie."Everyone in the building began respecting my existence. They're even shocked that I exist, actually.Ever since the unlabeled relationship between me and Eric came up in the world of media, my life can never be the same, ever.The normalcy's lost, and I'm in the middle of a huge battle."Boss wants you to visit his office."After that night of confession he made, which was only brought by his curse, Eric began to build a better relationship with his employees. And that's great!Many were skeptical about his sudden change,
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THE DESSERTI thought that Eric would take me somewhere else, but I was wrong. He brought me to his house and personally made our dinner himself.And all that I could say, he's got his own magic in his hands."Wow." Impressed by how he neatly sliced the meat in a right measure. "How'd you do that?"I saw the glimpse of him pushing his ego upwards when I obviously compliment him without saying anything to compliment him."I took culinary course before I focused on business," he opened up. "Being a master in the kitchen was actually my dream ever since I was a boy, but since I'm the only son of my family, they wanted me to take over the company."My eyebrows lifted from the story."So, I ended up dealing with papers, not dishes," he added.Surprised over his sudden share it without hesitation, my eyes glued at him.He looks more dreamy when his tenacity comes.His hair falls, covering his forehead. The edges of his face are very attractive, and how his hand works with real professional o
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THE UNLABELEDI don't know how loud my screams are, but what I know is that he's driving me crazy."Unh!"My hands gripped tightly on the corner of the cold marbled counter. Contrasting how my eyes are closed shut, my lips are parted widely, sucking in the air that he's taking."Ahh, Nicole!" He groaned when he pounded hard.His proud rod penetrates the inside of me. Rough and deep, making me feel so high.His hands are on my hips, keeping me still. The tightest of his clutch, the way he spanks the cheek of my ass arouses me."Eric! Oh, Eric!"I have never felt so satisfied as this. He's making me want for more."You feel so good," he whispered to my ear and sipped its lobe. "Oh, so fucking good, baby."Baby, he just called me baby. Not Nicole, definitely not Allen, but baby. Why did it make me smile?"I'm not gonna get enough of you."Thrusting faster. The friction inside me makes my toes curl, and that electrifying sensation is taking me higher and higher..."Aah! I'm-- I'm so close!
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THE PAIN"What do you mean you can't do it anymore?" Serena asked with those judging heterochromatic eyes of hers, watching me slump onto the floor."I don't know, I can't - I just can't do this anymore." Crawling up in my bed, I faced down the pillows thinking maybe I could kill myself in guilt and forget to breathe."After what you did last night?" She scoffed and fumbled over my expired makeup and lotions in the cabinet. "What are these things?"She picked up a bottle and sniffed it, causing her to sneeze."How did you know what happened to us last night?" With my widening eyes, I asked."There were lots of mirrors in that room, I had the urge to take a peek." Rubbing her reddening nose, she opened the bottle and stuck out her tongue."That's not food," I chided her before the tip of her literal sharp tongue touched the white cream.Lie on my back, I stared at the ceiling blankly, and everything that happened last night seemed to flash in my memories.His warmth still lingered on my
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