Heart Of Steel

Heart Of Steel

By:  Author Sherry Love  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eva Guerrero is a fierce and powerful lady with a fierce heart. After being hurt in the past and losing everything, she works hard to get to the top in order to get her revenge on those who hurt her. A gang of robbers raided her home when she she was young and killed her family in a fire. As if that was not enough, they raped her mercilessly and left her to die. She also suffered a lot of more loses. Eva waited many years so she could have her revenge. Then she met Leonardo Acosta, the CEO and owner of the Acosta empire. An empire sought by a lot of people. Eva is one of those people interested in the empire. Leonardo in a marriage with a woman he doesn't love easily fell in love with Eva. Eva found out all his business associates and he are the ones she's been trying to find. She starts to destroy them one by one till she got to Leonardo. Will she let him get in the way of her plans with emotions or will she get her revenge on them all? Stay tuned for this tale of a broken soul... Brought to you by Sherry Pearl.

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
   The whole place fell silent as her heels clicked on the tiled floor. She was dressed in a red dress as always and her well styled wavy blonde hair fell on her shoulder. She's the envy of most women and the desire of most men. Eva Guerrero. The thirty five year old very beautiful billionairess who is the talk of the whole country and many other countries. She spent a lot of years in America and the United kingdom. Now she's back in her home country in Madrid, Spain. Now that's she's back home, she plans to expand her wealth and power. She walked into the meeting room with her assistant Damien who followed her. He has been working for Eva for ten years now. He's very loyal to her especially because he respects and loves her. But he has never dared to tell her that. He's scared he might lose her forever if he does because she doesn't date men for love. Eva has been in and out of four marriages in ten years. She also m
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Chapter 2
  Eva indeed has a very charming personality. Leonardo has heard a lot about her but he has never seen her before. There's no way he won't accept her offer to buy shares in the Acosta empire.          "It's a pleasure to be here Mr Acosta. I've heard a lot about you. I hope my time here is worth it." She said to him. He smiled and sat in front of his desk facing her.        "The Acosta empire is the biggest and the most sought after in spain. There's no way your stay here won't be worth it." He brought out some documents containing information she needs to know about the business. She carefully went through them while feeling Leonardo boring holes in her skin with his eyes. She got all the information she nedddd and decided to try them. A decision she had long made because she also has her own plans.          "I th
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Chapter 3
     Eva took the files Damien gave her to her room in order to have privacy and quietly check on it. She sat down sipping a glass of red wine as she first read the information about the company.         ✓✓✓The Acosta empire is a big business corporation founded by Leonardo Acosta. The empire later grew with the help of his friends who are investors and shareholders at the empire now. They are four in number and each has at least 30% shares in the empire. The empire deals with the world's largest stock market and also has the best products around. They have about 50,000 staff all over the world. It has branches in many other countries but the main branch is in Madrid, Spain.✓✓✓She skipped the introduction part and went ahead to check the shareholders especially the four friends of Leonardo Acosta.         ✓✓✓Simeon Mateo, Alejandro Moreno, Alfonso Martinez
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Chapter 4
    Leonardo's secretary came to the office to inform him about the email sent by Eva's assistant. He opened the email and smirked at the thought of Eva being a shareholder. He called for a meeting with all the shareholders scheduled for the next day. He then went out to meet with his friends at their usual meeting spot. A club house where they relax and have fun.          "Leonardo! It's so good to see you. You've been avoiding the club these days. Simeon told me you were so busy." Diego said as he got there. Leonardo got himself a seat and ordered for a drink.          "I have a life you know. I have a lot of responsibilities on me." He replied sarcastically. Alfonso smirked.           "You should stop being the good guy for once Leo. Cheer up! Your wife is still pretty and you've been with her for years without complain
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Chapter 5
Eva walked downstairs later at night to have dinner. Her employees had called her to come have dinner but she sent them away. Her grief about finding the blue dragons is still fresh in her heart.  She sat down in the dining room when Alma started to bring her dinner with the help of the other maids. Eva suddenly remembered the young boy who came to seek for a job earlier.  "Alma where is that new boy." She asked folding her napkin.  " He's somewhere around the house working my lady." Alma replied bowing.  "From now on, he should be the one to serve me dinner. I know he's going to school so I'm going to spare him for breakfast." Eva ordered.  "Yes my lady." Alma bowed and left with the maids.  Alma keeps wondering what Eva saw in that boy that she had to accept him so close to her. She is serious about accepting him as her new per
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