Her Bodyguard, His Target

Her Bodyguard, His Target

By:  Miriam Mavuzi  Updated just now
Language: English
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Rebecca frowned, “Look, this is not okay! You sound so casual about all of this but it's not okay at all. This is not some movie. We spent the night together and now I just have to pretend that I don't know how your dick looks?” “Technically we didn't spend the night together, you ran away at flipping 2am. Who even does that? And you don't even leave the guy your number? Seriously?” Rebecca was speechless for a few seconds, and then, “That's not the point. Gosh, what's it with you missing every point I'm trying to make?” “No, I know. You're the one that mentioned my dick.” Hunter said defensively. “We're having a serious conversation, asshole.” “Oh, I'm very serious.” Hunter loosened his tie, it was suffocating him under that hot sun. “I tried to quit a few seconds ago but your father didn't even think about my request. You think I like acting as your bodyguard after that crazy night we had? You've been on my mind every damn day since that night, you think I want to follow you around as some bodyguard all day?” Rebecca was upset, but she couldn't help feeling just a tinge of pleasure as she heard that. It was good to know that she was not the only one stuck on that night. He was too. And the way he just loosened his tie in front of her, what kind of bodyguard does that? She couldn't help thinking he was really cute right now and maybe it wasn't so bad that he was here right now and not some other bodyguard that she had never met... ——— *Shout-out to Alma Samaco for contributing the most gems towards this book! Alma leads with 7 gems!🥳❤ *Nyanga Akwiri follows 2nd with 5 gems contributed.❤

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Rachel Masosonore
This is really good
2024-01-03 23:07:31
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Yoko Fabella
The story wouldve been nice if the update is consistent
2023-10-04 14:42:20
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Delinda Schumacher
29 chapters 1-19-23
2023-01-20 04:02:43
50 Chapters
1– Little orphan
Hunter felt a firm grip on his shoulder. Without looking back, he already knew who it was. It was a cold Friday night and him and his friend Joe had chosen to come to Fellas Corner with only one motto for the night 'No leaving until wasted'. But now he knew, he might not be able to stick around long enough to even feel tipsy. Hunter looked back and saw Hector King standing behind him. Hector nodded at him and then began walking away slowly. Hunter knew that he had to follow after his boss. “What happened?” Joe asked Hunter. Hunter shrugged, stepped off the stool and gulpped down the last of his whiskey. “You're probably not coming back, are you?” Joe asked him. Hunter didn't respond, he just grabbed his leather jacket from the bar and shook Joe's hand bidding goodbye. He took one last long pull at his cigarette and then placed it in the ashtray. He then followed Hector outside. At the door of the bar were too very sexily dressed women and he walked out backwards looking at them.
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2– Old debts
The all black SUV pulled up softly in front of 32 Small Street, Windsor, Suningtan. A quiet and posh neighborhood. The houses here were all double stories and had gardens that looked so perfect it looked fake. Posh cars were parked on their driveways, all of them except for Marcus Grayman's driveway. There was no car. The men had switched off all car lights so it would be harder to spot them. Although it was dark, 11 at night, there were street lights in the street which pretty much luminated over everything. So there was not much cover.It had taken them 4 long hours to get to Suningtan from Bellerose. But Hunter was used to this. One time, Hector flew him and a few of the other men over to Japan to settle the rivalry between their consumers, two Japanese drug lords. Hector had only gotten involved because the Boryo-feisu rivalry between the Boryokuda drug lord and the Sukafeisu drug lord had caused a big drop in supply and demand and it was affecting King's income. 'Nothing gets in
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3– Underboss
Hunter pulled up in front of Hector King's mansion. He could see Joe waiting at the sliding gate. Joe was wearing a beige hoodie and khaki pants with white sneakers. He always had the best sense of style.A few feet ahead, Hunter could see Joe's batted 2008 Opel Cadette parked. Yes, Joe might wear the latest sneakers and always stayed on top of fashion trends but he seemed stuck back in time when it came to cars. He always said that the best car models were the ones made before 2009. What a joke. And since he didn't have a solid reason for keeping his worn out car that was handed down to him from his grandfather, everyone just assumed that he was stingy and didn't want to spend on gas or anything else for that matter unless it was clothes and alcohol.Hunter got out of his 2019 Mercedes Benz and pulled off his shades as Joe raised a hand to catch Hunter's attention as if Hunter would miss him in plain sight. Hunter looked up at the blazing sun and then clumsily pulled off his leather j
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4– The lion's beautiful prey
Joe rushed down the stairs as Hunter followed suit, trying to catch up. Joe looked mad. Although he hadn't said anything to King about what really went down and just stayed silent through King's millionth repetition of the Grayman story and watched Hunter entertain King by laughing and nodding occasionally, Hunter could see that Joe was upset! It was so easy for Joe to sit there with a long face because King had only been looking at Hunter throughout their fifteen minutes there. When Joe rushed out the front door and began stomping down the descent, Hunter began jogging after him. “Joe! Joe man.” Hunter called after him. “What?” Joe answered, not stopping. “Can you at least hold up?” Joe only stopped walking when he got to the sliding gate and was waiting for it to open wide enough for him to go through. “Joe, man.” “What bro?” Joe turned to him and snapped. “Relax man. What's wrong with you?” Hunter asked him. "What's wrong with me? Really?” Joe answered and then walked out th
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5– Steam & passion
Hunter approached the dance floor where the girl was dancing. When he reached her he stood in front of her and looked into her eyes smiling. She was smiling back at him too and still moving. She was much shorter up close and looked younger too, twenty maybe. Not older than twenty-one. Hunter wasn't much of a dancer himself, so he watched her body, trying to memorize the steps and then slowly join in. She looked down at his feet as he copied her steps and then looked back up at him and they began laughing. Hunter noticed that when she laughed, her face brightened up and she looked like the happiest person on earth. With their eyes glued to each other, they laughed and danced like they were the only two people on that dance floor. Hunter couldn't remember the last time he's had so much fun with just one bottle of Hew Point in his system. Probably never. “I'm Hunter.” He shouted over the loud music so she could hear him. “I'm Becca.” She responded. “Nice meeting you.” He held out a han
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6– Back to business
Hunter jerked awake by the sound of his ringtone. He slowly sat up on his couch, looking around his flat as if he had woken up in somebody else's house. It felt like something was different but he didn't know what. It was quiet, no surprise there. His flat was always quiet, his neighbors too. Whenever he was alone, his flat was always quiet, but his neighbors only seemed quiet because he had sound proof walls.When Hunter was about to get up from his couch, he noticed that he had a blanket over his legs, and he was naked under the blanket. He frowned, and that's when he remembered. Where's Becca? He got up and pulled on his boxers. His TV was on stand-by. He quickly ran to pick up his phone on his one seater where he had thrown it last night. The call dropped before he could pick it up. It was Joe. With the phone in his hand he walked to the kitchen. “Becca?” He called. When he got to the kitchen, there was no one there. “Becca?” He waited awhile just to make sure she wasn't there.
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7– Made man
Tonight Hunter was wearing a suit, the only one he owned. A black suit. He wore it with no tie, because he didn't have one. What would he need to own a tie for? He didn't like dressing formal. It always made him feel funny. He believed that suits were designed for people at a high hierarchy and that whenever an ordinary person wore it, they would all of a sudden start behaving like they were now important, out of the blue, a somebody. When he stood infront of his closet an hour ago and the suit caught his eye, he found a reason to finally wear it. He was now one of the people at a high hierarchy. He had every right, even so, he was still not comfortable in a suit. Suits suited people like Hector and some of the capos, depending on their line of management, but him? He didn't think so, even though he was the second in command now. He had set the meeting at 7pm and he was walking in at 7h05. This warehouse was one of their interrogation sites. It was hard for anyone to find it if they h
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8– Temptation vs. loyalty
Hector King was coming down his stairs when Hunter was walking in. Hector had a glass of whiskey in his right hand. You could see that he had just filled the ice because the glass looked misty. It was now almost 10pm and Hector was still in a suit. “You shot my best man.” Hector said when he reached the bottom of the stairs. He stopped there. Hector was wearing cream suit pants and a navy blue golf t-shirt which was tucked in. Hunter lowered his gaze, he knew that Hector would be mad about this. How mad, he had no clue. What if it cost him his new position?Hector then continued towards him and came to stand before Hunter. Hunter couldn't look Hector in the eye. “You shot Ricardo.” Hector repeated, as if Hunter hadn't already heard him the first time. “I know I told you to run shit but I didn't know you'd go and shoot Ricardo.”“King, I can explain.”Just then Hector's front door opened. Hunter knew better than to get distracted while Hector was staring him down, so he didn't look
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9– Diamond earring
“I still wanna know, bisexual women feel both dick and pussy, right?” Joe was drunk, talking in Zahn's face. “Now, people claim that lesbians don't feel dick at all. How's that possible?”Zahn looked at him like he was annoying her. “That's cause they don't.”“Man leave her alone man.” Hunter laughed, pushing Joe backwards on the couch. Joe and Zahn were both sitting on the three seater with another girl between them. On the two seater, there were two other girls and then Hunter was seated on the one seater with a girl sitting on his lap. “He's stupid.” Zahn said, drinking from her bottle. She was wearing a vest, showing off her tattoos. Both her arms were covered in red, green and black ink. Most of which were entangled branches and flowers. Zahn had black dread locks, dyed blonde at the edges, the sides of her head was cut low and the dreads were in the middle, like a mohawk. She was African American and light skinned. Both her nostrils were pierced, a ring and a stud. She was prett
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10– Fair and square
He stood back with his hands on his waist, admiring his cleaning skills. The kitchen looked spotless. Clean enough to work as his office for today. He was specefically looking at the marble island. He had to work on changing his second bedroom around, with a little more buying and discarding, it would become the perfect office where he could hold small meetings and handle the organizations money. He then went upstairs to take a shower. He pulled his white plain t-shirt over his head and went to look at himself in his full-body mirror on the wardrobe door. He was begining to lose his packs. He threw his t-shirt on the bed and then went down to do a few push-ups. He did twenty then got up and looked in the mirror again feeling better. He then pulled his shorts off and stepped into the shower. He turned the tap on and cold water came splashing out.“The heck!” He muttered pushing the shower nozzle to the side as he tried to get the right water temperature. When the water was finally hot
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