Her Hidden Personas

Her Hidden Personas

By:  AmethystGwyneth  Ongoing
Language: English
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"When beloved falls, her two demon souls combine. Humanity in her is long gone, and chaos will arise. And when blood spills, precipitated is her enchantress guise to surface. Together at the price of her pain, death is inevitable." A soul so dark and corrupt deserves no salvation. They say: "She who dwells in darkness, forever shall not descry light." But what will ignite between two people when that same evil existence, a woman, freely lets a man wreak havoc in her already not-so tranquil life? As to how the moon illuminates the shadow in the night or how the sun envelops the land in warmth, Matteo walked in Diane's life, resembling a soothing breeze blowing gently on one's heart. He was her salvation, something she didn't know she needed. And she was his damnation, something he knew he needed. Diane denies her monsters; Matteo embraces them. But can she learn to accept herself? Or will she end up being the destruction she feared she would become?

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3 Chapters
Author:The tapping of heels echoed throughout the dusky lit room. Its ambiance was nerve-wracking and full of fear, so quiet and nothing of that sort of standard bright conference room with comfortable feels. No one uttered a single word in concern they'd break the ice and stimulate the beast more.Diane clicked her tongue, fingers impatiently tapping on the chair armrest as she swiveled the chair, eyeing down the tensed executives. She chuckled at their anxious expressions, genuinely amused.Cowards.Shivers run down the board member's spine in hearing the woman's laugh, who's looking so eerily calm. It sounded so menacing for them they stopped breathing altogether. "Say," Diane started, "it's been a big nuisance to me how the stockholders kept calling the past month. From that act only, I can assume that they're unsatisfied by the turn of events, no?"The board members flinched, a giveaway the woman hit their sore spot. They kept their quivering lips sealed, having no idea what or
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Bladder and Blood
Diane:"Damn," I laugh, actually finding my situation funny.Because my bladder was acting up, I left the hall to look for the comfort room. But given that I'm shitty in finding my way around new places and having this urge to explore them, my ass got lost and somehow ended up somewhere at this hotel's roomy terrace garden.How did I get here? I abso-fucking-lutely got no clue.And now I don't know my way back."Fuck. I'm so pissed I can't stop cursing," I mumble to myself as I ruffle my hair in frustration.Turning around, I try and find my way back to who knows where the damn restroom is.Maybe I should've accepted one of the staff's assistance. Then I wouldn't be lost like some creepy bitch wandering about at random.Jiezel must be furious right now, and I still haven't peed! Gosh damn, where is this freaking toilet?!Squirming, I closed my legs in hopes of holding back my urine from pouring out like a damn watery shit as I stumbled around like a penguin.Why is this freaking hotel
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The Rogue
Author:"Riam!"The said young man turned around upon hearing his name. He let out a shaky breath, swallowing his agitation.Riam stood six-foot-two, his messy black hair fluttering along with the wind. His features are strong, chiseled, and masculine - very, very masculine. His azure eyes glistened in worry as he stared at his brother before him. "Alec," He breathed out a sigh of relief."The others?" Alec took a glance around, noticing the eerie atmosphere of the trees. He ran a hand through his blond hair, his olive-green eyes taking in Riam's appearance.He's okay. He reassured himself, Physically, at least."They went after momma. I waited for you here. What about the - Wait, what happened to you?!" Riam gripped Alec's chin and faced him sideways, examining the deep gash on his left cheek."When did that happen?" He further questions, glaring and frowning.Alec sighs. "Earlier when I was investigating. I didn't notice him." He stretched his cheek, caressing the area around the c
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