Chapter 10

Chapter 10


He was coming at me and i was too flushed to retreat. The kind of shock that hits you when you're caught stealing meat from the kitchen pot by your mum except this time i wasn't the one stealing. 

He's the thief.

In case you're wondering what he stole, it's my sexuality. His being is just too hot to ignore and speaking of ignoring, i quickly remembered my self made pact to stay away from him like he was a disease. 

I picked up the towel and made a retreat back to my room. 

"Too hot to handle?" His deep voice filled the silent room with induced echo. 

He's a proud ass, thinks too highly of himself and rude individual. 

I halt on my tracks to give him the reply of the century. 

"Hate to swim with a child" 

Or so i thought. 

I heard his footsteps directing

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