Chapter 12

Chapter 12


*You are in a lot of fucking trouble you little tease.* 

It played over and over in my head like a song on repeat. I quickly shake my head to knock out the thought. This was my tease to win and not the other way round. 

What happened to avoid him? Get your shit together April Denver. 

Meanwhile about 101 Corp, I'll mind my business until my attention is called. Besides, i called Cavanaugh's attention to the article and he didn't do anything so in other words, i did my part to avoid the current situation. 

I dismissed the bad vibe with a wave and then headed back to join the gang. 

"Any problem?" Megan asked as i sat. 

"None you should worry about" I replied. 

"What did i miss?" I turn to face Megan who is seated beside me as the guys got busy in their heated conversation about who's settling

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