Chapter 18

Chapter 18


My chest was heaving fast and my breathing heavy. 

"Jordan" I called out as I continued the struggle to escape his grip. 

He finally murmured. 

"Wake up" I slapped his arm to indicate how dire the situation was. 

Megan and Vanessa check their phones for gossip news every morning just like me what if they see this? 

I could totally debunk the claim but the look we exchanged seemed otherwise. Nothing I say can convince them. 

"Hey tease," he said still half asleep. 

I shoved my phone screen at his face and his eyes opened wide abruptly. 

The headline gave the story away. He brought out his phone to call someone and when he finished he said, "It's been taken care of" 


"Don't worry your pretty little head, this article won't survive the next hou

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