Chapter 121

Nerezza's Point of View

The brute had no time to recover. Or dodge. Only time to twist before Zaven lunged at him. This gave me an opening. Enough time to slip past the brawling bodies. Snarls and yips echoed into the hall. Slithered down my spine.

I pushed them all away. Focussed on finding my son again. The chaos coming from downstairs was enough to bring me to my knees. The fighting had spilled inside. Men peppered the house with bullets. But none came up. Saw me at the top and shot but never pursued.

"Conan!" I called down. Felt fear ripping at my heart again. If he was down there, the odds of him making it out alive were slipping away by the second.

"I am in here!" The boy called dutifully. His voice came from behind me. From the door I had seen the brute enter.

Slipping inside, I closed it. Pushed the closest thing I could find in front of it. Which was a doll house. Large enough that a toddler could climb in and disappear. The roof of the house was a bit worn but brand new t
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