Chapter 120

Nerezza's Point of View

The second floor of the house wasn't nearly as run down as the first floor. Held much more luxury. Paintings of people long since passed. Pieces of art. The floors were of high-quality stone. Made me feel almost guilty for walking all over them with my dirty feet.

Children's toys were also scattered about. Littered the landing of the stairs. Along with the modern living room beyond. Off to the right, there was a kitchen. Neat. Clean. State of the art. Glass front cupboards lit up by lights on the inside. It almost rivaled my own.

"This way." The elderly lady whispered. Touched my arm briefly in passing.

She lead us down a short hall. Past two other rooms with their doors tightly shut. A bathroom light was on at the far end, just beyond the third room. This was where the lady slowed down. Stopped in front of. The door had a name on it in colorful lettering.


I felt my heart skip a beat. Until voices drifted into my ears. Amadeus hadn't followed us up. H
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