Chapter 119

Nerezza's Point of View

We moved toward the light. Split up into our respective groups as we progressed. Our paws made less noise in the snow. Or maybe I couldn't hear them anymore above the pounding of my own heart. Either way, Amadeus and I remained behind the rest. Lagged a bit.

From our current vantage point, I could make out two trucks closest to us. Neither looked to be filled with children, which was a slight relief. Until I realized where most of them were. In a hole, unable to ever return to their hopeful parents.

Under Reginald's rule, several hundred children had vanished, seemingly, into thin air. I had a part to play in that monstrosity of negligence. Had always swept it under the rug so that he focussed on what I had wanted first. Now I came to regret it. Knew that those children had most likely been peers of Conan's later on.

Priamos lead the way for Lysander's team. Curled his head left. The assassins and the heir padded off in that direction. Settled in somewhere out
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