Chapter 123

Nerezza's Point of View

Farren had changed the estate exponentially. Enhanced it to the point where I was uncertain if we had come to the right place. No longer were the walls a dull black fence. In their place stood a large hedge with flowers sprouting in every direction. Security posted at the white frosted gates. White gravel leading into the place. It was exactly the type of wonderland I had thought her capable of constructing. A mansion fit for a fairy queen.

I could feel my jaw slipping open. Feel awe creep up on me. She had accomplished so much in just over two weeks' time. Knew where her strengths were and used them to the best of her abilities. It was astonishing.

We stopped in front of the gates. Were greeted by guards I knew the faces of. Couldn't place them immediately until one spoke up. "Miss Nerezza! Farren wasn't expecting you to be back so soon!" The man exclaimed. Held open his arms for a hug. I looked back at my mates. Noticed their frowns. But the gesture finally
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