Chapter 122

Nerezza's Point of View

We had gathered everyone in the open space in front of the house. Gave them all blankets. Scavenged some clothes in all the surrounding houses and dressed the youngest of the children. Not all of the garments fit properly but it was enough to stave off the cold. Protect their innocence. Especially seeing as they had been through so much already.

Conan was still passed out in the blanket Priamos had taken him away in. Milla sat close to him. Hugged his legs to her. Whimpered whenever one of my mates would get too close or linger too long. Her clear distrust of anyone was to be expected but I had never imagined someone of her age would already possess such hatred for other people.

Alastair had turned back into his wolf form. Scouted for any remaining men in the surrounding area. He made his second lap around the premises before I stopped him. Held my hand on the patch of white he had on his forehead. The dark brown wolf nuzzled my hand. Looked me in the eyes.

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Dee'Kandis brown
I am confused. Didn’t the rogue say that the new king knew about this place. Why would she contact them for help? She is sending them back into slavery.

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