Her Ultimate Destroyer

Her Ultimate Destroyer

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After a mysterious pregnancy, nineteen years old Leona found herself entangled with a web of ruthless criminals and the boss Lando, had his hawk-like eyes set on her. Totally abandoned by her family, she ran to hide under the wings of a billionaire after her escape from Lando. With an unknown connection between the two men, Leona had to fight for her freedom and uncover the father of her son.

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I love this...
2021-12-04 17:29:17
112 Chapters
Chapter 1
_________________________________                  👩‍🎓LEONA 👩‍🎓"And our Valedictorian for this year 2019  goes to.." the emcee paused as he smiled mockingly at us. He has us, especially me, right where he wants. In between his tight gripping suspense. My heart hammered furiously against my ribcage as I exchanged looks with my best friend. She smiled nervously at me then her gaze went back to the man at the podium who in no tim
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Chapter 2
_________________________________               RHODA Hearing Leona's name being called out as the best student, I wasn't surprised as I had expected it. What I didn't expect was her sudden fall when she got on the stage.  The college authorities called for the first aid team and she got rushed to the school's clinic."I guess our new Valedictorian is overexcited and must've passed out due to that." The chancellor began.It better be the reason. She can't fall sick all of a sudden.
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Chapter 3
 ______________________________          ~RHODA~ "Then how's this possible! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't done the test myself." I told her."Trust me, Rhoda, I never had sex! I didn't do anything." She wailed. "I trust you completely Leo, in fact, more than myself but you know one can never get pregnant without having sex. I mean is not like Jesus is visiting the world again through you!" I reason with her. "Shut up already! You're only making this worse." She chided. "I'm sure there's a mix-up somewhere other than that, how can I be pregnant?." "Alright but I think we should do a virginity test to prove that you still are." "Does that mean you don't believe what I am saying?" She sounds disappointed. "Not that. I trust you. This is going to prove your innocence and th
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Chapter 4
 _________________________________          ~ LEONA~"We can't expect everyone to understand us, little sis." He's right but this pain is unbearable. "Have you seen Dad? Is he okay?" I asked. "Yes, he's okay. You don't need to worry." He replied and paused for a minute. " How's this possible, Leona? I know you wouldn't go and do something that will hurt our family so what happened?" "I'm just as clueless, Ray. Although everything seems to be working against me now, I am certain about one thing." "Which is?" His brows raised curiously. "I'm not pregnant and I'll prove it tomorrow." "Great! I'm glad there's a way. Come let's go home."  "Which home?" Tasha has warned me not to go because my dad won't be happy. "Our h
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Chapter 5
                ~LEONA~ I dragged it till it reached my knees before I peeped."OMG!" There's actually blood.Oh Lord, I'm not pregnant. I just knew it. "Ray..." I almost screamed but covered my mouth hastily. I got out of the washroom and shuffled through my bag and took a pad out. I went to the bathroom and had a quick bath and after that, I wore the pad happily. I once heard a group of girls discussing their fear anytime they have sex and their period delays. And when they think their period will never come but it finally appears, their happiness always knows no bounds. I didn't understand them then but now I do even though my circumstance is different from theirs. My happiness was inexplicable. I didn't plan on combing my hair but I suddenly loses it from its bondage.
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Chapter 6
                 ~LEONA~ "Sister Leo, please help me with my assignment." Vera walked into my home office with her workbook. "I'm busy Vee. We'll do that later." I replied without taking my focus off my computer. "No no no!" She protested stubbornly. I sighed. "Okay fine. I will have a look."  I took the book and looked through it. "This is simple, Vee." I looked up at the little blonde. "Here, I'll teach you." It was just simple algebra so I took some time and taught her. "Wow Leo, you teach so perfectly more than our teacher. Why didn't you become a teacher too?" She grinned at me happily. "But I'm already a teacher," I replied smilingly, looking at the youngest child among us. I love them all but I love her more. "Wow? Really? Where do you teach? And who do you teach?" She asked innocently. I chuckled. "I teach at home. Meaning, I'm your personal teach
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Chapter 7
Leona The security guards released me after the doctor had left and I just stood in the corridor as people stared at me strangely as if I was a new creature.Nevertheless, I waited. Waited to see the doctor again when he came out.His eyes met me when he came out of the ward he had disappeared to earlier. When he saw me, he motioned for me to follow him.Thank goodness.I followed him with hope as we entered the office."How can I help you ?" He sat down, staring at me."I'm pregnant," I stated.He raised a  furrowed brow with a look that says. 'How's that my problem?'Nevertheless, he nodded for me to continue."I'm pregnant but I don't know who the father of my baby is," I added.He straightened up in the chair as if by interest but he looked bored."Were you raped? If you were raped, then you should be at the police station and not here." He said with a frown."I wasn't r
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Chapter 8
            ~LEONA~ "Alright, if you say so. Let's go home so that I can treat your wound." "Home? I do not have a home, Raymond." "Stop spewing nonsense and let's go." He ordered. "No Ray. Mom sent me packing." I said silently. "What? How dare she." "Let it be Raymond and don't worry about me. I'll be just fine." "Come, I'll take you somewhere else if you don't want to go back home. You'll be fine there." "Where's that?" "You'll live with me." Yeah, Raymond doesn't live with us. He always comes to visit but doesn't sleep over but I still don't know where he has been staying. I nodded. "If it won't bother you." "Are you serious?" "I just don't want to be some sort of burden." "Can you listen to yourself?" He stared at me quietly. "How can my only sister be a burden on me?" He sounds offended. "I'm sorry." Staying with him will
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Chapter 9
            ~DAVE~ "Drive faster, else I'll take charge and you know what that means,"  I commanded my driver. "I'm sorry sir but it has begun to rain and I can barely see what is in front." Oh, I never knew that it was raining. I didn't notice because of the car's tinted windows. I kept quiet and waited patiently. I checked my time over and over again, hoping that I wouldn't die while I waited. I have a deal to finalize at 4:00 pm and now it's 3:20 pm. I can't afford to lose that deal. After some time, the car stopped moving. "What's wrong?" My eyebrows shot angrily. "There's a lady lying in front of us sir." "Then pass her by." If she's lying there, then how's that my problem? Those stupid girls will never learn. They go out and drink unnecessarily. "It's a one-way road sir. I can't pass anywhere." "Then run her over. Who knows, she must be dea
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Chapter 10
              LEONA Three months later... "Am sorry Miss Leona but you can't work at this bar again. You're pregnant and you really need your rest otherwise you might lose your baby." The director at the bar said. But I really want to get rid of it. I have no intentions of keeping this baby so I'll be glad if I don't give birth to it. I had gone to get an abortion the day I woke up on a hospital bed. That was three months ago. My only aim was to get rid of it but it wasn't possible. I was told that I might die if I attempt to abort it or probably won't be able to give birth again... Tragic. Dying was not an option because I still got a family who's expecting a lot from me even though I got thrown out. Giving birth wasn't an option either but it is better than risking my life. So I decided to give birth to it but give it up for adoption soon after. Besides, I didn't have
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