The Necromancy Vampiress

The Necromancy Vampiress

By:  Khenny books  Completed
Language: English
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THE NECROMANCY VAMPIRESS (Searching for preys) Tiara is a beautiful lady with an outstanding physique, but unfortunately, she is a vampiress. A vampiress sent to the human world in search of preys, because her mate in the vampire world must survive. She needs seven human types of blood, male blood to be precise. Six of the men will be used to restore her mate's life while the seventh one will be used to restore his lost power. She was given seven months to finish her mission in the human world. Which means one month for each prey, as expected of her, she successful sacrifice six men for her mate in the vampire world. But the seventh men is the only one that stands as a thorn in her flesh, she was unable to hunt him down as she did to other preys. This always made her wonder who the man was, why can't she hunt him down? why can't she just suck him dry? she turned from human being to a wolf, a bat and even the vampiress she is, but unfortunately for her, she couldn't do anything. At the Vampires world, they have been waiting for her to sacrifice the seventh prey but there was no sign of her, the seventh month reached and exceeded yet there was no sign of her, this made her mate got infuriated and decided to come for her. He came to the human world in search of her, but he ends up messing things up for himself and his mate.

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I love this story so much that I keep reading it again,it is a very good story
2021-01-30 04:57:50
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Shannon Bane
This story is complete crap. It's horribly written. A toddler could have written this better. Don't waste your time. It's beyond painful to read.
2021-08-04 06:50:46
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Leona Salas
The author kept me very involved. Loved it!
2021-12-18 02:42:21
52 Chapters
Chapter 01
🪐VAMPIRES WORLD 🪐Note:: Mate in vampires world means husband, wife, fiance and vice-versa.Now enjoy 👍. ☠️Prince Albert p.o.v☠️."Albert don't you see that we don't even hear of the higher royalty vampires today" Tiara, my mate said."Yes, I notice that too, maybe they've fed on some vampires" I replied and we kept walking in silence. I'm Prince Albert, the last child of my family. I'm from a family of six which consist of my father, my mother, I have two elder brothers and a junior sister. My brothers didn't like me a bit neither do like them, but my little sister is the only person I can't use her issue to joke.After my mother, my mate, the next important person to me is my junior sister.The higher royalty vampires are the most dangerous in our world. They fed on vampires from the royal family, is either the king himse
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Chapter 02
💉Tiara p.o.v💉.The elders transformed me to a very beautiful lady that I also envy my human look.I left our world to the human world, I turned to a bat and flew there, when I got to an isolated place, I wore the bracelet given to me by the elders and turned to that beautiful lady I was.I don't know a lot about the human world but my instinct directed me to a certain direction, I kept walking till I got to a crowded place."This is a club" my instinct told me.I entered and all eyes were on me, I ignored them and found somewhere to sit, a young man walked up to me."He is a bartender" my instinct says again."Good evening ma'am, what can I offer you?" he asked."I'm fine for now" I replied as I was told.The bartender left."Hello beautiful angel, mind if I keep your company?" I heard a voice and I rai
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Chapter 03
💉Tiara p.o.v 💉.Vampires!.We don't come uninvited but once you invite us, we are free to come and go as we like.The fool thinks I'm a whore, he's digging his own grave by himself, my mate must survive I  don't care how many lives will be sacrificed, I'm a centre of attraction but if a man can't control himself, I'm also a centre of destruction, I will destroy all the good things in his life, he will be left empty before I come for his life.He opened his car door and I enter,  and he also did the same through the driver's side."Baby can I get a warm kiss from those inviting lips?" he asked smiling like a fool. I scoffed at his childish behaviour."Okay" I said and he brought his mouth closer I crashed my lips on his because this my first of time, my system changes which made me felt like sucking his blood right at that moment but I controlled mys
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Chapter 04
💉Tiara p.o.v 💉. Just exactly the way elders told me, I don't know what to do with his money, actually, I don't have the idea of driving a car but I will drive it and land safely. I need a house, yes a house like a place he's living, but how do I go about it. Ohh!, I remembered he talked about hotel yesterday but what is a hotel?. I believe my instinct will guide me, I entered the car and sat for some minutes before I finally turned it on and drove to the direction my instinct was telling me.After driving for almost an hour, I pulled the car to a halt in front of a beautiful building, it just like that bastard's house but the difference was that there are a lot of cars there."This is a hotel" my instinct told me.A hotel?, wow!, the hotel is a beautiful place, I don't know it's as beautiful as this I wouldn't have turned down his offer of coming to the hotel yest
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Chapter 05
💉Tiara p.o.v 💉 It's time for the first prey to be sacrificed. I took off my bracelet and turn to half a bat and half of my vampiress's face, and disappeared into the thin air.I got to his house and decided to play some tricks on him, I started changing the light in his sitting room to different colours.I can see how scary he was, I used my necromancy power to break his plates and anything breakable in his kitchen at least he will die today, even when I finish draining his blood I will still demolish his apartment so as not to leave any traces for investigation.I flew in and made myself visible for him to see."Father lord save your son" he said breathlessly and I laughed hysterically."Your life belongs to me and I am here to take what's mine which is your life" I said and he convulsed in fear.Ohh!!, he's such
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Chapter 06
💉 Tiara p.o.v 💉"To hell with your soul" I said and left Jackson already demolished apartment, I returned to the hotel and wore my bracelet,  I used my necromancy power to call out my bat, and transferred all the blood to it to take it home.Now the next thing is how to find the second prey, I will go to another club tonight, I want to be fast with everything. I can't wait to see my mate. I hope this weakling's(Jackson) blood will do a little in the task ahead of me. This crazy annoying hotel girl won't stop frustrating my life and if care is not taken, I will use her blood to quench my thirsty. 🤒Romeo p.o.v 🤒Wow!!, the bastard is gone already. Now, that angel is mine and mine alone no dragging. He should thank his star he died a peaceful death, I was also planning to kill him already. No
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Chapter 07
💉Tiara p.o.v 💉. "What!?, our house?" they all asked at once. "Yes, is anything wrong with that?" I asked feeling infuriated. "No girlie, nothing is wrong, why don't we use hotel, we will lodge at the most expensive one" one of them said. "I don't use hotel, if we can't go to your house, then get out !" I said angrily. "Calm down babe, you don't need to yell, we will take you to our house, don't worry" the second one said. "Move closer guys" he added and his friends moved closer to him and they whispered something to each other, they all shook their heads positively before bursting into loud laughter. They're planning to hurt me.I looked at them pitifully. "Let's go girlie" they said and led the way, I stood up and followed them, I looked back at the idiot that
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Chapter 08
 💉Tiara p.o.v💉"You just met your doom" he said. "Armed robbers?" I asked and they looked at each other and laughed. "The idiot is asking her mate?" they said. I look at them feeling pity for them already, if only they know who they are dealing with, I felt like sucking them drain right now but I calm myself down, they are going one after the other and it's not yet time for the second prey. "Idiot, drop your car key" one of them said.Me? drop my car key? if only they know they are playing with fire. I don't need to stress myself concerning their matter, they will surely do whatever I ask of them since have gotten them trapped in between my leg."Guys, don't let us do it like that, I can't leave my car with you, are you kidding me?, but don't worry I will be coming here more often and I promise not to collect a di
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Chapter 09
💉Tiara p.o.v 💉."Don't dare bring that hand down or else you will regret it" we heard an angry masculine voice."I will do it and there's nothing you can do" she replied without turning back."What the heck is wrong with you Anne?, what's your problem?, why must you always pick up a fight with customers?" the person asked and that was when I turned back.Ohh!, the Ceo of the hotel, but why is this crazy girl talking to him like that."I don't know what your problem is, but I'm getting fed up of you already"  he added and the girl just rolled her eyes."Go and wait for me in my office, I'm coming for you soon" he said and the bitch stood giving me a deadly glare before she walked away seductively, shaking her useless ass."I'm sorry princess, pardon her manner" he said after he's done watching the so-called Anne's ass."N
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Chapter 10
🚫1:30 am🚫💉Tiara p.o.v 💉Let's see the real hustler between the four of us, they have a gun, they will shoot till they got tired.I don't want to stress myself too much, so I took my car key and left the hotel for their house, I got to their e so-called house and parked my car.I knocked on the door and one of them came to open it."Wow!, Tiara what are you doing here by this time, it's too early" he said."Let me in first" I said coldly."You and this your cold attitude, when will you learn to smile and talk calmly" he said as he opened the door widely for me to enter.I entered and he locked the door, we both sat on one of the couches in their living room."Do you miss us to this extent, that you can't even wait till daybreak before coming?" his friends asked joining us."Is go
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