28. Bad Premonition-2

The rest of the family forced themselves to enter their rooms under the warning glare of Seiran. Although unwilling, the sibling reluctantly dragged their feet upstairs and obediently locked their doors, including Duke Arklight. The man was forcibly half-dragged and half-walked by his wife.

Lady Liliane finally lost her temper and pulled her husband's right ear. She glowered, expressing her fatigues and sleepiness, and Duke Arklight relented. 

He kept sending a fierce glare towards Danial, who politely nodded his head in response. Duke Arklight felt that his vein was throbbing as he was infuriated by Danial's reaction. Before he could say anything, Liliane drilled both of her knuckles on her husband's temples.

"Mercy! Darling, it hurts!" He wailed.


Read at your own risk. You have been warned. Just kidding. Slight kissing in this chapter. Nothing overboard. Enjoy.

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