27. Bad Premonition-1

It's past midnight. 

The antique clock hanging on the wall unceasingly rang after it reached midnight. One of the servants immediately put the clock into a stop, as she was afraid of the master's anger. Who knows that the man will snap and lash out at the innocent workers. It's better if they didn't carelessly provoke the restless tiger.

The living room of Knight Household is in deathly silence. Everyone felt suffocated and even tried to breathe slowly.

Duke Arklight solemnly stared at the two individuals sitting opposite of him. His lips pursed. He seemingly wanted to speak something but restrained his tongue. In the end, the fully-occupied living room was graced with the still and noiseless surroundings.

Arthur lamented inside his heart. He should come back tomorrow after everything is settled. How miserable for him to be caught in this predicament after he is forced to listen to his leader's

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