His Boss Lady.

His Boss Lady.

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Soraya Wayne, rude and pompous yet a successful young woman and daddy's favorite child. Aside all these, she's an intelligent businesswoman who doesn't believe in love, all she wants is to get laid and move on. ‘ If a man can pay a woman for sex, then a woman can also pay a man for same.’ her motto. Zed Velasquez has had a crush on his boss for as far as he can remember, but the problem is will his boss ever notice his love for her? Freya, a fashion guru, and Zed's close friend is head over heels in love with him, but he's also in love with another. Would he recognize the love she has for him? What happens when Soraya finds herself falling hard for Zed? Would it be too late?

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Keep it up!
2021-01-09 19:16:19
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Let the game begin, Zed and Soraya 🤗. Can't wait for what's next 💃💃💃💃💃💃
2020-11-28 00:48:14
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It's always fun to see a flawed character gets the spotlight & readers would get to see their development. Very well written & easy to understand. The transition between POVs in the 1st chapter could be done better, I think. Would love to read more!
2020-11-19 09:12:42
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Soraya sat in her lazy chair, her two-piece swimsuit hugging her in all the right places. She was born into a wealthy family and was also a spoiled princess. There was nothing daddy dearest wouldn't do for her if she was at her beck and call. This got into her head and made her arrogant with no regard for anyone. Despite this, she was a good businesswoman, and her father had no qualms about leaving his empire to her. Her dating life? Well, that was non-existent. She claimed dating and commitment was a waste of time and resources. She was rather interested in one night stands and then nothing more. Just to satisfy herself and then she was back to her daily lifestyle. “Hey Soraya, I've got some D for you." Her best friend Nichole said as she answered her call. “Good morning to you too Nichole, and where?" She asked interested. It had been a while she last had sex. “Tonight, Phebe Reborn NightClub, 9 pm," Nichole added. “Alright, I would be there. " She said as Nichole dropped the c
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“Ouch!" Nichole rubbed the back of her head. “ Stop ogling at my driver, and Zed what have I said about taking off your shirt?" Soraya rudely asked. “Sorry." He said taking his breakfast to his room. “Stop being harsh on the guy, " Nichole reasoned. “He's just a driver Nichole, nothing else." She waved her off sipping her coffee instantly relaxing. “We'd be dropping you off at your office so get ready." She said to her friend who dropped her mug and plate into the sink. Soraya walked to her room to get ready for the day. Zed sat in the car waiting for Soraya and her friend to come out of the house. He couldn't take his eyes off his boss as she stepped out. She looked gorgeous as ever. He got out and opened the door for them to sit. “We're taking Nichole to her office first." She said to him as he drove off. “I would see you later Bitch!" Nichole said sticking her middle finger at her as Zed drove off. Zed kept looking at his bo
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Zed trailed kisses down her neck making her moan his name out loud. She run her fingers down his torso. With his abs on display, he looked like adonis."It's time for you to wake up, Freya ."His hot breath fanned her neck, making her hair stand. "But I don't want to; I want to stay in bed with you." "Freya replied as the voice became louder and no longer sounded like Zed's." Wake up!" Her alarm went off, giving her a start. She slammed her hand against the alarm clock, instantly muting it. Why am I dreaming about Zed? Do I have feelings for him? Freya thought to herself as she got out of bed.No way, Zed likes Soraya, not me. And for the record I'm not falling for Zed. She convinced herself as she stepped into the shower. “Ma?" Zed called as he entered the hospital. He had to travel to see his mother, who had been admitted to the hospital. She had sprained her ankle and elbow two days before. She slipped on the stairs and fell, spraining her right hand in the process. "You didn
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“ Good day, America. I've been trying to get busy bee, Soraya Wayne, on our show for a couple of weeks now, and it hasn't been easy. We were able to get her on the show today, so please help me welcome the prettiest, hardest working CEO and, oh, the Jersey City bachelorette, Soraya Wayne." Cecelia Vega called as Soraya strutted onto the stage like a runway model. As she took her seat, she smiled and waved to her audience. "Good day, Cecelia." She smiled. "You look stunning, Soraya." Cecelia congratulated. "I always do, but thank you anyway." She smiled. "Of course you do, so tell us why it's so difficult to reach you." "Didn't we almost give up?" Vega asked the crowd jokingly.“As a successful woman, I am usually very busy, making it difficult to reach me. Some people wait months to see me or have them on their show, so consider yourself fortunate that I'm on this show today." She bragged."Okay, to the reason you're here today, we've noticed you don't have a man in your life and o
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"Hailey, we're going to be late for school." Sunny jolted her best friend awake. She stood up, rubbing her eyes and staring at her annoying friend. "Today is a holiday, dumbass." She sat up straight. "But why does it feel like we have somewhere to go?" Sunny enquired. "We do; today is the annual town float, and there will be a party afterwards." Hailey reminded her befuddled friend. “Ooooh!" Sunny remembered.“We must prepare then." She suggested. "The float will begin at 4 p.m." "Sunny, please let me sleep peacefully," Hailey pleaded. "I'd catch you later, sleepyhead." She said this as she walked down to the living room to watch TV.Zed walked into the kitchen bare-chested, wearing grey joggers. He assumed Soraya had gone out with her friends, as she had previously stated. He poured milk on his cereal from the carton. Soraya stood at the top of the stairs, staring at Zed's gorgeous body. She walked towards him, her finger trailing down her lips seductively. She was dressed in
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The after-party was in full swing. Soraya sighed as she sat watching people have fun when she was bored. Her siblings were somewhere in the crowd. Not that she cared but she wasn't going to be their babysitter because they were old enough to take care of themselves. She could be doing better than being here. "Hi, "Becca stated while sitting close to her. “Hello." Soraya responded solemnly. Nichole walked over to her best friend as if on cue. She despised Becca's guts because she was a fake.“Hey, bestie." Rolling her eyes at Becca, she said. "Hey, bitch, how are you?" She inquired, oblivious to Becca's presence. After being ignored for several minutes, she stormed away in rage. "Ugh, the dumbass is finally gone."" Soraya slandered. "How come you entertained her?" Nichole asked a question. "I don't because she constantly pushes herself on me and tries to intrude into my life."" She clarified. "Oh well, let's forget about her and focus on the party." Do you have anyone coming hom
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“Keith, congrats!" Hailey and Sunny cheered him up by inviting some of his friends to join them. He had finally graduated from high school and was about to begin college.Goodbye, Tessy. He thought to himself as he posed for photos with his classmates and friends. He was planning to attend New Jersey City University. It was only a few minutes from home.He locked his gaze on Sunny, who was taking a photo with his sister. He'd had a crush on her for years but had been too shy to admit it. He did the most insane thing that came to mind at the time. He approached them and kissed Sunny as he drew her closer to him. He expected her to pull away and slap him, but instead she drew him closer and deepened the kiss, much to everyone's surprise.Hailey smirked. She knew they liked each other, but they were both too afraid to admit it. Sunny's face flushed as she broke off the kiss. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked, waiting for her answer.“ Yes, oh my gosh yes Keith I will be you
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Zed expected his sex relationship with his boss to evolve into something more. He expected her to develop feelings for him as he did, but he was mistaken. Soraya was only interested in sex and nothing else. He was her latest conquest, and she only needed to satisfy herself. She treated him the same way she had always treated him. She was only really nice to him when she wanted sex or when she was done having sex with him. "Are you okay, loverboy?" As they went out for drinks, his friend Cody asked him.“Hm, I think Soraya is just taking advantage of me." He told his friend, who burst out laughing. "What did you think? That she would love you, haha, you must be high on cheap drugs, man." Cody teased. "But we have sex together, so that should spark something between us."" He kept going. "Man, the lady has a stone heart, and you're nothing more than her driver and sex buddy." You have to move on, Zed. Find a woman who will love you for you." Cody advised.“I don't want to rush into
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Ryan casually hangs out with Hailey and Sunny as well as Tessy. It didn’t bother Hailey and Sunny that much because he still hung out with them often. If he had shown interest in Tessy, they couldn’t stop him. She’s not that bad of a person. Her only problem was her sleeping around with guys. She wasn’t that clingy possessive girlfriend or wanna be girlfriend though she could be ‘extra’ sometimes.“"Hiya, Jackie," Jess said as her sister answered the phone. "Hey, Sis, how are you?" She replied. "Nothing special, just missing you, how's school?" She inquired. "I miss you as well, Sissy." "How are Ma and Zed?" She asked further"Ma is fine, her ankle has healed, and I haven't heard from Zed in a long time." She revealed.“I have some great news for you." She was ecstatic. "Spill then, "Jess said, plugging her earphones into her phone while fixing a client's hair. "I'm working with one of New York City's largest record labels, "Jackie made an announcement. "That's the best news I'
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“He's nothing more than a sexual partner and my driver." As Zed entered the restaurant, Soraya brags to Nichole. "Seriously, Soraya, I thought we shared something stronger than that," Zed said, drawing the attention of others. "Please, I'm not falling for my driver. I just like your sex Zed, nothing more." She smirked. "Come off it, Soraya," Nichole said. "Shut up, Nichole; we all know you want him.You can have my sloppy seconds." She smiled.“You are a conceited jerk. I'm sorry I ever fell for you! Get yourself a new driver, or maybe Ace, he'd be happy to sleep with his boss and drive her around town." He stormed away. Onlookers had already recorded and uploaded videos of what had just inspired them. "Good riddance to bad rubbish," she said as she sipped her drink. "You are simply incredible." Nichole stormed out the door. Zed had already arrived at Soraya's house. He went into his room and began packing his belongings. He took one last look around before walking out. He walke
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