His Brother's Mate

His Brother's Mate

By:  Klaira Blains  Completed
Language: English
62 ratings
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Gregory Wolversen the Alpha of the Black River Pack. He was forced to banish his brother and declare him rogue for challenging his right for the pack. But his brother is mysteriously dead now on the other side of the country. Gregory knows there's a woman claiming to be his brother's bride, but the woman missing and no one has her name. What does she know about his murder? Did she kill him? His money and belongings have been accounted for. So is she a victim too? Aricka Daniels is a widow, a single mother and waitress/librarian who's struggling to survive. It's been seven years and she still looking over her shoulder. Widowed less than seven days after her wedding. She must come to grips with no home or job and a baby on the way that she was never able to tell her husband, Richard about. Her husband had told her to always stay away from his family because they weren't just rich but dangerous. For that reason she fears they might have had a hand in his murder and also fearing they might ruthlessly try to take her son from her. She never told them of him. Recently out of guilt she'd left a cryptic note informing them of his existence. The Black River Pack are the enforcers of the supernatural world in the area. It's their job to deal with the supernatural criminal element. If they don't then they will look weak to the North American Ruling Council and lose the right to their territory. With Gregory's very own parents on the Council they would suffer a lost of power that would rock the supernatural community as a whole. Can he do it all and find his mate and Luna to keep his pack stable?

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Tammy Ramos
Just wondering if your going to write anymore sequels to this series. Love the characters in the series.
2023-01-22 13:52:10
default avatar
Elizabeth Windsor
Enjoyable story and I like the way it was written. Lots of detail but not boring at all as it was a fresh approach to the subject matter and I think anyone who is open to new thoughts on the supernatural will be very happy!
2022-05-17 15:48:42
default avatar
Natasha Misquith
Will there be a book for Richard??
2022-05-06 10:00:43
user avatar
Christina Schuttler
Very good.
2022-01-02 05:18:21
default avatar
anna gardner
Absolutely amazing
2022-01-01 21:22:15
default avatar
great read. read it in one sitting.
2022-01-01 20:15:51
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Lucy Lou
having problems adding diamonds 💎 in the app but if I had them. they would all go here. please publish this book. love it. read it many times
2021-06-30 18:31:55
user avatar
tina preston
loved it. can't wait for next
2021-06-27 03:20:27
user avatar
Barbara Loheide Melendez
It is where logic and fantasy coexist. It had action, mystery, romance, practicality, and logic, placed in a fantastical world, full of different magical creatures. I loved both sides of the story.
2021-05-19 05:46:56
user avatar
Kim Campbell
loved this book can't wait to read what's next
2021-05-03 23:09:03
user avatar
Mass reading actually enjoyed the book
2021-04-07 10:41:05
user avatar
I enjoy it Alot!! I love the way the author describe things.... and how the story goes.
2021-04-05 08:22:42
user avatar
Julia Oduro Kwateng
2hrs of waiting doesn't make story interesting
2021-04-03 18:01:48
user avatar
Kanyezi Dorris
2hours is irritating you end up losing concentration.
2021-04-03 17:15:22
user avatar
Shiro Shee
280 we are in Kenya don't know the procedure to pay
2021-04-03 15:04:15
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83 Chapters
Patrolling the Dream Realm
    Gregory Wolvensen was trotting through the blue grey fog slipping from lamp post to lamp post watching the shadows for anything that out of the ordinary.  The rogues had been active lately and not covering their tracks very well so between trying to figure out what they were up to and covering up their messes Gregory and his pack were exhausted.    His white wolf barely made a sound as he approached the shoreline of Lake Ontario.  Here in the dream realm it was silent...he could easily follow his nose without fear of being jumped. Stepping on the cool, sand and hearing the water lap quietly at the shore line he followed the scent of an unknown wolf to a grouping of large rocks.  Gol
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It's a Little Alpha Pup's Life
    One hour to get Evan to school and then Aricka had to get to the library for her morning shift.  She checked again to make sure the cereal and milk was on the table. The she grabbed a small t-shirt and jeans from the laundry basket and knocked on Evan's bedroom door. "Honey, time to get up for school. Come on Mom's going to be late."    "Morning Mom."     "Here's some clot
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Lost Pup Found and An Unexpected Twist
Aricka climbed into bed after making sure she’d latched all the windows in her apartment, though she knew that the locks were really useless.  She’d lost track of how many times she’d had to jimmy one window or another open to get in when she’d forgotten her keys. The door had two locks and a chain but none of them were truly secured to the door frame properly so if someone was truly determined to get in then they would be in. She just told herself that she had nothing valuable in the apartment and everyone in the building knew it.Drifting off to sleep she dreamt of wolves at her windows trying to get in. There were three out there in the dark. One was small, tan with dark tufts on the top of his oversized ears and whined to be let in. He was irresistible so much like her own son that the next thing she knew she wa
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Time to Leave
                Aricka’s alarm went off and she grabbed her phone to turn it off. Ugh, she didn’t feel like she’d slept at all. Then she remembered the dream she’d had. It had felt like it would never end and it was just getting stranger and stranger as it went on. Crawling out of the rather large dent in the mattress of her bed she groaned as she felt the stiffness of her back muscles. She felt old and just worn out like her mattress. Going to her laundry basket she took out some clothes to wear for the day. It didn’t matter what came out she wasn’t going to the library this morning as she only worked during the week days and this was Saturday. Though she had to work the dinner shift. The shower called for her and once she’d found the hot water which was always a hit or miss thing in this building. Aricka was a
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New Cultures and Expectations
                It took a good fifteen minutes of further driving down a winding tree lined road to come out into a large meadow-like area with a huge building predominantly placed towards the back of the open space.  There were a couple of other smaller buildings which looked like one a possible garage that must have been able to handle at least twenty or more vehicles. There were other people going about their business and even a few wolves lounging on a grassy area in the sun. It was so relaxed and normal Aricka was stunned. Werewolves were real… sitting there out in the open.                “Mom you okay? Mom? We’re home. We’re safe.” As
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Passions and Grief Collide
Gregory’s mind just arrowed toward the most appealing thought he’d had in a long time. How much fun would it be to explore whether she wanted to be paired with him or not.  Well there was no question about it, she would be his mate one way or another.  But the words ‘Let the hunt begin!” flashed through his brain as a slow predatory smile crossed his face and all the anger finally filtered away from his view. “Well then we are just going to have to explore that choice in more depth, aren’t we?  But as this is really a sure thing, you will be sharing my apartments as we don’t want any incidents or misunderstanding as I become more attached to you.”“You can’t be serious.”
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The Facts Begin to Reveal Darkness
                After watching Gregory leave the office, Aricka was at a loss.  She wasn’t sure how she felt or what to do with herself.  For the first time since she’d started her day, she was alone.  Sitting down on the sofa again she held her head in both her hands.  So much to think about.  How much could she believe? How much fact was in all of this? Too much than she wanted to think about. How could he just flip from one extreme emotion to another one so fast?  First accusing her and then kissing her.  She was overwhelmed by i
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What's Really the Score?
Evan followed Hilda up the stairs and down a hallway with doors on either side. Sunlight crept into the hallway through windows in the ceiling. A couple of people walked past but when a wolf passed them Hilda stopped the wolf and wagged a finger at him while saying, “No. Just no. Hardwood floors and claws do not mix.  You can come down when you don’t have claws and are wearing pants.”All Evan could think was, ‘Okay, good to note no going wolf in the house.’ He watched the wolf slink back into the room he came from with his tail tucked between his legs.  Hilda continued down the hall and closed the door behind the wolf as she passed.They walked to the far end of the hallway and stepped into the last room on the
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Our Time Starts Now
          Gregory finally reached the pack house and found Aricka wasn’t in the office. But he could easily follow her scent.No one thought it was odd for another wolf randomly sniffing. They all knew it just meant another wolf hunting for someone or something. The Alpha followed the scent trail into the kitchen where it stopped. Growling in irritation he turned around and back tracked. Discovering a new path up the main staircase and down the hallway towards his apartments but when he got to the door her scent let to two doors. 
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Settling In and Surprises
                Down in New York State on a large plot of land in an undisclosed location a group gathers informally to talk the happening in supernatural world.  This is the North American Ruling Council’s first night of their formal meeting where ambassadors from almost all the major races of the supernatural world gather to deal with the issues of the day and night.   Edith and Allan Wolversen sat in a corner watching others come and go while they drank cocktails.  Tonight, was for feeling out the reactions of other ambassadors on the current topics that they were going to have to deal with.                  Allan was the voice of the couple but Edith was the brains of the wolf shifter representatives.  Most other ambassadors knew this or fell prey to that error. 
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