His Proposal

His Proposal

By:  Zeeekadir  Ongoing
Language: English
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Scarlet tries her best to get a job but all in vain. She decided she will do anything just to secure a job and help her family sinking business so she agreed to his proposal of being his fake fiancee  Zion is the only heir to the Anderson Incorporated Company whose mother and grandmother are on his neck. His grandmother just wants to see him settle down so he could provide another heir for the family while his mother on the other hand just wants him to get married so he could inherit everything both his father and grandfather left behind. ****** Another entangled love story. Stay tune to find out the out come of their charade

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23 Chapters
Chapter one
"Son you know you can't get everything without a wife" mother said which I don't know why she's suffering herself over the will that am not interested in "But mom I have no girlfriend nor a fiance and you're talking about a wife. How is that possible?" I questioned not understanding her "We need someone to pretend to be your wife and get the will that's all after everything you both go on your way no string attached" she simply stated "In exchange of what?" I asked because every girl I know will asked for something in returned "I will think about that later" "Mom I hope you won't regret it later" I warned "Don't worry I need someone from poor background or a girl from the slum" "Mom" I shouted irritably. I just don't understand how mother think sometimes "Okay forget that part but we need to look for a way out" "Have heard you i will think about it but I have some works to do" "Be fast about it or I take things into my hand" "Don't worry bye" I said tired of the topic alrea
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Chapter two
Scarlet POVGraduating from the best University with first class it's not all that matters. What matters most is to have the power to get work after school.When you have the wealth and connections you can get a work even with lower class or even without graduating but here I am with good result but no one to help with work It's been like forever since I graduated from Sorbonne University France but I haven't smell anything close to work because whenever I get the opportunity to be employed someone from the high will bring his son daughter niece or cousin which always jeopardize the whole thing which I have to start from the scratch again Tired of sitting idly at home I decided to go into the city. Maybe luck might be by my side today. I dressed up and walked out where I saw my mother father and brother working "Good morning" I said generally "Where are you going early this morning?" My mother asked just the best way to reply to my greetings"Let her be pleased" my dad chipped in"
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Chapter three
Zion PovBirds chirping always sound like music to me every morning because I love the way it is always fresh and calming before the morning sunlight. I picked up the remote and opened the curtain so that I could inhale the morning breeze before the sunlight came out. I sat up and began doing push ups for a few minutes before I walked into the bathroom to freshen up and go to work. I'm not the type to waste her time so I finished on time and walked out to see my grandma already on the dining table "Good morning grandma" I greeted her smiling at her "Good morning grandson" she replies "how was your night?""Splendid""Good to hear that" she said before pressing the intercom for the maids to begin the serving. We ate quietly through the breakfast which I'm glad because I hardly eat quietly like this with grandma on the table because she has one thing or the other to say. About to take my last bit when she cleared her throat which I know she's about yo say something so I looked up at
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Chapter four. The Ecounter
Scarlet Pov I followed Jackie inside because she's the only one to take me out of this mess right now so I decided to go for the blind date "how much are you paying me?" I asked her going straight to the point she smiled which I wished I could just smash her on the face so the smile will just vanish but I don't think that's a good idea"Well well that's my favorite person talking. Don't worry i'm giving you blank cheque and you will write the amount you want" she said smiling sheepishly which I just pouted "You know I don't want too many people knowing my face. I just hope I shouldn't meet one of the guys have fucked" I blurt out"Ehw can you please not go there? I wonder why you're shameless sometimes?" Jackie question "Well maybe because I'm horny right now because my core is itching for release""Goodnight" Jackie said lying on the bed which I laughed wondering how we became friends because we aren't from the same class. ***I wake up early in the morning before walking out t
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Chapter five. HIM
Scarlet Pov I walked inside and saw everyone busy with work "I'm home" I announced to no one in particular "How was your first day at work?" Mom asked stopping what's she's doing"Nothing much so yes it was fine" I replied going to the dinning to take some water"That's good to hear" father chip in"I have never for once asked how my delivery was" Abraham complained "is it that I am not noticed in this house or what?" He said glaring at me which I shrug"Well we don't asked because you spend more than anyone so no need" mother deadpan "But" he tried to say "Say another word and trust me you will be grounded throughout the week" mother said seriously which Abraham knows better not to try her because she will make sure his grounded which he doesn't like staying at home"Let's eat" I said to no one in particular. They all sat on the table, Jackie sitting close to me while we ate in silence. Done eating I pack the dishes to the sink before cleaning my hand "have paid Mr Frank money"
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Chapter six
Chapter six I quickly entered the car telling the driver where to take me before I dug out for the complimentary card given to me yesterday by him and saw his name "Zion" I said out loud before picking my phone. One ring Jackie picks up "What's up?" She asked "Everything is down right now. What's the name of your date today?" I asked to be sure incase his just his lookalike or replica "Zion" she answered "Shit" I shouted "What happened?" Comes Jackie worried voice "He's the same guy I had a quickie with and followed me. He gave me his Proposal and he's here tonight as your date Jacky. I'm screwed" I yell over the phone "Shit. Double shit" I heard Jackie repeating doing what God knows because I could detect from the phone she's moving around "where the ficking hell is my car key?" She asked "I wouldn't know" "Sorry I'm coming over" she said when I ended the call. I didn't know we have arrived until the driver speaks up "Ma we are here" he said "Sorry" I said, paying h
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Chapter seven
Scar povJackie walked in shortly with her phone "who was that?" I couldn't help but questioned her seeing how she's behaving"A client" she replied not looking at me which only means she's lying to me but decided to let it be since I'm tired. I adjusted the duvet "Off the light when you're done" I said, covering my eyes with an eye mask since I can't sleep with the light on.**I woke up late because I turned off the alarm, seeing it was disturbing my sleep. "Jackie you need to wake-up if you don't want to be late for work" I said tapping her but the dummy head wouldn't wake up so I had to drag her down "Stop that Scar" she said trying to pushed me with her legs"Get up or you will be late and I know you wouldn't like your cousin to take your place in the office" I sing a song while she sprint to the toilet which I sigh in relief seeing that did the trick. I guess she doesn't want someone else to take the company under her nose so she always try her best to be punctual and active
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Chapter eight
Zion's POVDressed up ready to leave but Jackie is yet to call so I check myself out once again. I can't really say why I'm doing this because I'm never the type that insisted on thing but ever since I set my eyes on her I couldn't forget about her then our quicky sex in the toilet which I was surprised what made me to do that when I'm the type that's always cautious but everything about her is just I don't really know what to say. My phone rings and I pick it immediately "hello" I said "Hy come quickly before she notice my antics" Jackie whispered which I know she's not close to her friend I quickly walk down the stairs but was greeted with my grandma "Where are you rushing to?" She asked"I have an appointment" I reply about to leave"Have you ever heard of such an appointment before?""Grandma please" I said "see you when I come back" I hurriedly walked out before she could say another word. I didn't bothered to asked the driver to drive because i want to go aloneI arrived in no
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Chapter nine
Scar povI didn't know what actually came over so I ran out of the car because I know what I did is embarrassing enough. Immediately I'm at the door I composed myself before walking in there I saw the devil in disguise I called my best friend behind my mom hiding "Jackie" I said smiling so it won't seem as if I'm mad at her"You're back?" She asked "Yes I am" I replied "and you know we have some unfinished business right?" I asked "I don't think so and as you can see I'm giving mother a little help here" she said hugging my mother from the back"Don't mind her daughter you know Scar doesn't help around rather lazing around her room that's why I'm always to see you around. I wished you live here with us" mother praised jackie which I know if I make any drastic mistake she will beat the daylight out of me"Oh my sweet mother" I said "you know you're the one that always asked me to take care of my body and to sleep very well so my skin will be smooth and good" I sweet talked her"I kno
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Chapter 10
Zion's POVI didn't bother to inform anyone about the Scar coming because I know she will and I will be the one to take the final decision so I went home and have a lovely night rest I dressed up earlier than usual so I could see everything from when she set her feet in the company "Goodmorning grandma" I greeted her I just don't know why she wakes up early every day "How was your night?" She asked "Splendid. I'm going to the office" I said about to leave"Good but I think you should just handover your own company to Mike to handle it so you can focus on one or what did you think?" She suggested "That's not a problem but I was planning to give it to mother" I said before I could think"What?" Grandma shouted"That not what I meant just for the time being since she's good I think she could be of helping hand" I said"I don't agree with that and I don't want to see her anywhere near that company it might be yours but I know what she's capable off""Grandma please I have to be early
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