His Scarred Luna

His Scarred Luna

By:  Hira Baig  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when fate plays dirty games? When you know you love someone but then you find out they are not yours? Anika Hurler craved for only one thing in her life. And it was love. When she thought she found her mate, fate played her again. But she doesn't know,there is someone who can die a hundred deaths to be with her. Will she be able to reach Alpha Caleb, who loves her unconditionally? And will she ever trust him after all the betrayals? _______________________________ Skylar Hurler, Anika's twin sister. She has everything in her life. Everything, except for the very person she had always craved for, Adam Hurler. She knew Adam was her mate, but he never wanted her. She cried and fought to have him. Because she decided to never give up. But Adam is stubborn. Will Adam ever open his arms for Skylar?

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Tesia Hairston
really good story so far
2022-07-23 03:56:07
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Ulric Efukor
Just started but already hooked. every chapter makes you want to read the next. Too bad it hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. Bravo author.
2022-03-31 08:07:28
default avatar
Interesting story but grammar and plot development needs work
2023-05-10 20:12:36
61 Chapters
   THIRD PERSON'S POV:-  "Rogues have attacked the territory. Wake up everyone. Alpha wants us all." The Hurler family heard the call and they all jumped off of their beds. Hearing the call, a little girl who was nearly five, she stood up and went downstairs. As she knew that her uncle would be into the fight. They all stepped out of the house but the little girl made her way a bit secretly. So her evil twin would not get another chance to humiliate her.  As she was out, she ran straight towards the pack house where the Alpha of the pack and the beta who was her uncle, fighting the rogues to save their territory. She opened the door and saw a huge sized rogue who had slaughtered the wolf right in front of her. Gritting her teeth like a brave warrior she was, she looked around. She saw a sword lying on the floor right beside her. And as her uncle had taught her, she was better w
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   ADAM'S POV:-  After everything got settled, the Alpha allowed me to take my little angel back home. I knew that she just came to save me. But with her actions she had saved the Alpha of the whole territory. The Alpha announced her scar as the signature of our pack's victory. That she was the one who saved everyone with her brave action. He was very proud to see that my little angel saved everyone inside that hall without caring for her life.  Holding her close to my chest, I made my way towards the house of my parents. Even though a little girl was missing, the whole house was back on their beds to sleep. They never cared for her. And it broke my heart to see how she was treated. I took her towards her bedroom but to my surprise, her bratty sister was sleeping on her bed. "Baby girl, did they change your room?" I asked her in a confused tone. She looked at me with teary eyes
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    TWO YEARS LATER:-   ADAM'S POV:-  I came back home after a long time. It had been so long since I had met my parents. I was the youngest child of my parents. That's why my parents loved me more than they had loved the other siblings of mine. My siblings were jealous of me. That's why I decided to stay away. I am Beta of the Blue Moon Pack. The Alpha trusts me more than his life. I had to beg my Alpha every time I visited my parents. I knew they just couldn't live without me.   I entered the house, it was quite around. I haven't witnessed it quite ever in my life. I didn't talk to anyone. I went straight to my parents room. I knocked at the door and waited for my mother to invite me in. But my mother didn't reply. I used my super hearing sense. I heard her sobbing quietly and my father was cooing her. I opened
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    ANIKA'S POV:-   ELEVEN YEARS LATER:-  I opened my eyes as the sun was shining brightly in the sky. I looked at the calendar on the front wall and sat up on the bed. I squealed in happiness as it was finally the day. I hopped off of the bed and went towards the bathroom. I took a quick shower then brushed my teeth. I stepped out of the bathroom and went straight towards the closet. I went through all my closet but did not find the dress I had bought especially for my birthday.  Yes, it was my eighteenth birthday. And I was not excited because of my birthday. I was excited because Adam was coming home after a long time. Last he visited three years ago. After that, he did not come. But a few days before my birthday, I received his letter. And he told me that he would be there on my birthday.  
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   ADAM'S POV:-  I was sitting on one of the couchs, reading a book I had brought with me. Leaving my angel in her room, I came back down so she could have her privacy. I knew she needed to learn to live with me. Because I had come back home. My mother was not fine and to make her wish come true, I asked my Alpha to grant me to live with my family.   As the boring party was going on, I busied myself with my book which was a thousand times more interesting than the lamest stories of that bratty bitch, Skylar. To my surprise, things were better ever since I came back. No one seemed to have any sort of problem with me. Not everyone had problems with me except for my angel's father, James. He used to be jealous of me, all the time. But ever since I came back, he seems to be better. In fact, he was way nicer than ever.   "Adam!" I heard Ja
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    ANIKA'S POV:-  I looked at myself in the mirror one last time. I was hell nervous. Everything was perfect but the scar on my face was messing with the look. The dress and everything Adam had brought me, they were all very stunning but I could not help that scar. I just wished it would have gone. But I was not very lucky. I even asked the Celestial if she could make it go away. But she said it was permanent. Celestial was like a God mother to me. She was always nice to me. Whenever I felt lonely, I always went to her. She always made my pains go away. Gulping the nervousness down, I held my head high and stepped out of the room.  As I started descending down the stairs of the house, my heart started drumming inside my rib cage. I did not know what he would say. I did not know if he would like everything he had brought for me. Or I would just break his heart. Bru
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   SKYLAR'S POV:-  I went back to my room crying crazily. Not because I saw people laughing at me. Not because I could not get that box. Also not because Anika insulted me. If uncle Adam could ever understand. I just wanted him to give me something. I wanted to go to him and ask him if he brought me something. I could not have cared for that stupid big box if he would just have given me something. Even if it was a small smile with a birthday greeting.   It would have meant the world to me. But all he had, as if it all belonged to Anika. I just did not know why. But I hated her because she was always with him and he never even looked at me. What was that I did that made him so angry at me. I wanted to hold his hand. I wanted to feel his warmth. I wanted to feel his heart beat. I did not care for what people would think about us. All I cared was to get him to say, Skylar, yo
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   ANIKA'S POV:-  After a long and tiring day, I finally came back to my room and kicked my shoes off. I sat on the chair that was set when my dresser. I started pulling off my accessories. Then I pulled all the bobby pins out of my hair and let them cover my back. I grabbed the brush and started untangling my hair. I looked at the armor that was now placed in my bedroom. I really could not believe it. It still felt as if I was dreaming. I was honoured by our Alpha. In the same house where I was treated as a slave, I was given the most honorable tribute. I could not help but giggle as I remembered the face my bitchy sister had that time.  The door of the room opened and Adam stepped into the room. I frowned at first but then I remembered that it was his room and from now onwards, I had to share it with him. Or he was sharing his room with me. I was pulled out of my thoughts as
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Chapter 08
    ANIKA'S POV:-  I smiled lazily as I felt Adam on top of me. I was lying on my stomach and he laid on top. He removed my hair from my shoulders and pecked my bear shoulders one after another. "Wake up, baby girl. Today is a big day for you. You don't want to be late today." He whispered in my ear then pecked my cheek.  "Emhhh… please.. let me sleep. Five more minutes." I said lazily and hid my face under my arms. He grabbed both of my arms and held them behind my back. I made a lazy whimper sound when he grabbed both of my arms.  "You are opening your eyes right now, baby girl. Or you will be in trouble." He threatened me and I groned in annoyance. He pecked my cheek again as I opened my eyes.   "Now that's my good girl." He said and pulled me onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around h
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    ANIKA'S POV:-   I turned to look at Adam who had a mischievous smirk on his face. He raised a brow at me and I shook my head. I grabbed the bowl of oatmeal and started digging in. "Your chair is empty. Sit on that. Mom!" Skylar said in a mocking tone as she called mom. She knew my weak point. I gulped hard as my mom was glaring at me. She was about to open her mouth when Aura took the charge again.  "Oh, I am more comfortable on Adam's lap. If you are interested in taking my seat as well then go ahead. I am not stopping you as I know how much of a beggar you really are." Adam chuckled hearing me and then all cousins broke into laughter. I shrugged my shoulders and started digging in again.  "Phew! You are a lifesaver, Aura." I said to her as she was licking her paw. Skylar stood up and went away, stomping her feet
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