A Substitute Bride For The Alpha CEO

A Substitute Bride For The Alpha CEO

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Mommy, the book says that if a man sleeps for a long time and doesn’t wake up, his lover’s kiss would save him from the sleep. Mommy, you’re Daddy’s wife, quickly go and kiss him!” Aurora was speechless. Which book said that? It sounded like an unsuitable book for teenagers. “Okay,” Aurora said, “Wait a minute.” As she spoke, she walked to Alpha Kai’s bed, bent down, and prepared to kiss him on the lips. Aurora quickly lowered her head and kissed Alpha Kai’s pale face. “Look! He’s not awake.” Aurora said to Asher helplessly, “Don’t read too many fairy tales. No, you can read them, but don’t believe them. Fairy tales are dreamily beautiful, but the reality is not.” As soon as she finished speaking, she found that Alpha Kai’s big hand on the quilt seemed to have moved. Aurora was shocked. ***** Aurora was forced by her Aunt to be the substitute bride for Alpha Kai in place of her cousin Sophia. Against her wish, Aurora agreed so that her aunt will pay for her mother’s medical bills.

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22 Chapters
1- the replace bride
“What do you mean Sophia ran away?” Aurora asked her Aunt Karen, shocked at the news she had just received. Her cousin Sophia is set to get married in three days. Even though Aurora doesn’t know who the groom to be is, she is sure he must be from a wealthy family or a high ranked official. Since Aunt Karen's husband is among the elders of the Pack, he will surely not allow his only daughter to marry a low ranked werewolf or a pauper.“Exactly what I meant. I came back home today to find a letter from Sophia stating that she is running away.” Aunt Karen sadly explained.“But why will she do that? She would have just stated that she didn’t want to marry and I am sure Uncle would have canceled the wedding.” Aurora pointed out trying to figure out why her senseless cousin chose to run away when there could be other options available to solve the issue.“O Aurora, if only it was that simple.” Aunt Karen cried out. “The man Sophia is going to get married to is the Alpha king of the Cry
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2- Admiring him
“He is the Alpha of the Crystal Blue Pack. The Crystal Blue Pack are very ruthless people. Alpha Kai had killed countless people. Even though he is in a coma, you still need to face his horrible family. You are just a low life. You can’t stand up to them. It was intimidating to live with people with alpha blood. I doubt they will accept you as one of them. I will not allow you to make such a huge sacrifice.” Admas said. At the end of his sentence, Adams’ voice trembled. He couldn’t help but get a little choked up.However, Aurora quickly covered his mouth and told him to lower his voice. She did not want her parents to know that. Admas looked at her as his heart ached for her. “How can you hide it? After you marry that man, you can’t stay at home anymore. Mom and Dad aren’t idiots. Won’t they suspect you?”“But I want mom to get better soon!” Aurora burst into tears. “I don’t want to marry a vegetable either, but if I marry him, mom can have the surgery...”Tears welled up in Adams’ e
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3- meeting Asher and the kiss
“Wipe his body with a wet towel every day,” The care worker instructed Aurora meticulously. “After wiping, massage his muscles. It would keep his muscles from withering. Open the curtains at eight o’clock every morning to ensure eight hours of light and ventilation. Everything in the room needs to be carefully sterilized. In addition, change the nasal feeding tube three times a day. I’ll teach you how to do it later.” The care worker felt that his tone was too cold. He paused for a moment, and then added, “Mrs Aurora.”Listening to his words, Aurora felt dizzy. Moreover, she was still wearing a wedding dress and was struggling to remove the clips. When she saw the care worker looking at her in a business-like manner, she stopped fiddling with her hair. She looked back at him seriously and said, “I’m listening. The nasal feeding tube. What else?”Just as the care worker was about to explain in detail, she heard light running feet. Someone was speaking nervously in a low voice. “Asher,
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4- more kisses and awake
It moved! I saw daddy’s hand move.” Asher excitedly clapped his little fat hands and jumped up and down, “This method really works. Mommy, hurry up and give daddy more kisses. You have to kiss him on the mouth, not on the face. In fairy tales, the female leads all kiss the male leads on the mouth.”Aurora almost wanted to drag Asher out, but she was also a little curious. Did her kiss have anything to do with the movement of Alpha Kai’s fingers? After all, there were many types of comas. Some people were conscious but could not hear the sounds outside, some could hear the sounds around them but could not move, and some could move very slightly but could not speak.Judging from the previous conversation, Alpha Kai should be the first type. However, he suddenly moved after Aurora kissed him. Was her kiss that magical? Aurora could not help but wonder.Asher kept urging her to kiss Alpha Kai’s lips at the side. She was distracted and unable to think calmly. Before she knew it, she alread
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5- a way to divorce him
It was too scary! Aurora was so scared that she threw the towel on the bed. Then, she fell to the ground and looked at Alpha Kai as if she saw a ghost. What was wrong with him? He was a person in a vegetative state. How could he have an erection? Aurora thought he was really a pervert.Aurora’s toes curled. She hid in the corner for a long time, scared and shocked. She didn’t even dare to approach the bed as if there was a monster. After a while, she looked at Alpha Kai out of the corner of her eye. His face was covered with the towel, and his clothes were in disarray.Would he catch a cold? If he got sick because of her, the Royal family would definitely not let her off. As Aurora thought about it, she quickly got up from the ground, walked over, and took the towel that cooled down. Alpha Kai’s erection went down. But even so, the size of his genitalia was terrifying.Aurora couldn’t help but wonder if this could be a kind of disability. Maybe it was why he had such a quirk. Thinking
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6- give me your hand
There were too many members of the family, and it was a Royal family. She would never have the guts to say it out loud. She could only calm herself down first and wait for the right time to run away. And right now, she definitely had to deal with a man first. That was Alpha Kai, her husband, who was staring at her from the bed aside. His gaze looked as if he wanted to eat her up. Aurora could not help but feel scared, and she felt like crying.Because Alpha Kai had been in a vegetative state for three years, it would take some time for him to recover his bodily functions. At the moment, he could not take care of himself, so he still needed Aurora’s help. There were not many things to take note of. Aurora memorized them one by one. The only thing that embarrassed her was that Alpha Kai was mobility-impaired. Even if he needed to shower or go to the toilet, she would have to offer help.What worried her more was his grandma’s attitude toward her. His grandma had a kind look on her face.
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7- so naive
What do you think?” Alpha Kai looked at her with an innocent expression. Aurora was shocked out of her wits. She quickly hid at the corner of the bed, stunned, “Don’t even think about it!” Alpha Kai laughed when he saw her frightened look.She’s so naive, no wonder she got tricked into marrying someone else. How was she so immature even at this age? “What? If you don’t use your hands to support me, how are you going to help me to the toilet?” He wondered how she would react if his intentions were actually sexual.“Ah? You just wanted to go to the toilet. You should have told me earlier. You scared me.” Aurora heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she did not have to get sexual with him. She was not ready for a situation like that. She tried her best to ignore Alpha Kai’s teasing gaze. She then stood up and went to support Alpha Kai. On the way to the bathroom, she did not dare to open her eyes. She was afraid that she would see something that she should not.Finally arriving at the ba
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8- three years
Her uncle remained silent. It seemed that he agreed with the mother and daughter’s behavior.The Queen mother’s frown deepened. She hated it when people gossiped in front of her. Moreover, she was very satisfied with Aurora as her granddaughter-in-law. The peaceful expression on the Queen mother’s face disappeared. “Are you done? Is it my turn to talk?” The Queen mother said coldly.When the mother and daughter pair saw that the Queen mother looked impatient, they immediately shut their mouths and looked at her with some fear.The Queen mother had been in charge of the family for many years. She was usually very friendly. However, she was very firm. “Aurora is a good child. If you continue to talk nonsense, I will be angry.” The Queen mother defended Aurora.The few of them looked at Aurora with different expressions. They did not expect Aurora to be so capable despite her young age. She had just married into the Royal family but she had already won the Queen mother’s favor. They defi
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9- bounding
Alpha Kai met Aurora’s eyes and he suddenly felt a little awkward. He had always thought of himself as a bad person. Being in charge of the Pack for so many years, he had been involved in a lot of immoral things. It was the first time he saw eyes so pure and innocent, and it made him a little nervous.After signing her name, Aurora closed the folder in her hand and said with a gentle smile, “Thank you, Mr Alpha..”She handed the document to Alpha Kai. Aurora had a faint smile on her face. At this moment, Alpha Kai realized that the woman in front of him was actually younger than him, and that she still had a tinge of childishness.The contract was settled. Alpha Kai accepted the fact that the younger woman in front of him was his wife. He was even more confident in ordering her around than before. “Honey, I’m hungry. I want to eat. Quickly!”Aurora had no choice but to carry out her duty as a wife, and get the servants to bring over plain porridge. Alpha Kai was not able to eat too fl
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10- shy
The smile on Alpha Kai’s face grew wider. Aurora was so shy that she did not dare to look at him. He remembered what his assistant had told him about Aurora’s relatives, and that Aurora wanted to marry him in their stead. She must have had a crush on him for many years, and wanted to use this opportunity to get close to him. Alpha Kai felt inexplicably happy. He did not mind marrying a little girl who had a crush on him.Aurora looked at the empty bowl and then looked at Alpha Kai. She redirected their conversation and said, “Do you still want more? If you do, I’ll get the nanny to bring more up.”Alpha Kai shook his head. During the three years of his coma, his muscles had become somewhat atrophic. His stomach could not take too much food at the moment, so a bowl of plain porridge was enough.Since Asher had been pestering Aurora, seeing that Alpha Kai was fine, she followed Asher downstairs to play. Asher brought some building blocks from his room and placed them on the table in the
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