His lustful love

His lustful love

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"Are not you going to spread these pretty legs for me like you did before on our first night?"- his dark eyes spoke as those venomous words fell from his mouth tearing my heart into million pieces, his eyes roaming on my half naked body ditching every shame. I still didn't make any move, only stood there like a statue, clutching my hands on cloths as if my life depend on it and indeed it was, my eyes again and again filled with tears as I blinked them away, he took his steps closer to me, " What are not my little obedient slut?" he again asked , his lucid stare burning my entire being, a smirk making its way onto his lips. His eyes sparkled seeing the uneasiness in my eyes, he loves to witness of my tear, my pain as if it satisfy his inner self, he was a monster in a human form. The chill runs down in her spine, she was feeling her legs are getting weak, he held her jaw roughly with his left hand and pressed himself on her core making her scream in fear, "Ryan..Please..." I try to plead, came it out at whisper, before I can say anything he threw my body on the soft couch bouncing leaving my mind numb, as I heard him spoke "Take off your cloths before I lost my each and every sanity, and believe me if I took lead you will done with your this life." *************** Mature content ahead.

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Pinku 4281
please update
2024-02-17 22:57:43
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It's intriguing........love it
2024-02-04 13:33:04
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Ashwini Bhopi
I love your story........️...
2023-12-30 01:13:25
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prologue is interesting..... let's see how things unfold
2023-12-05 15:29:16
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2023-12-05 15:31:57
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Yuvika Mahajan
it's interesting
2024-01-19 05:51:44
60 Chapters
A girl standing in the middle, her delicate fingers were tightly clenched around the fabric of her dress, a feeble attempt to protect herself from this upcoming storm. This room once filled with immense love and felt like a haunting echo. Her tear-stained eyes reflected the immense pain she was feeling inside her, as if it tearing her apart. She couldn’t believe her eyes who was staring at her with so much hate in his eyes. His gaze, once warm but now those barbaric eyes sent shivers down her spine. It was a look she couldn't comprehend, was he the same man or the man in front of her was some stranger? “Are not you going to spread these pretty long legs for me like you did before on our first night?”- his dark eyes spoke as those venomenous words fell from his mouth tearing her heart into million pieces, his eyes roaming on her half naked body ditching every shame. She couldn’t believe in her ears, The vows he took at alter was sacred, He had promised to her love her, protect her, f
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|Aurora |I sat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by the scattered pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. My fingers delicately grasped a puzzle piece, and my eyes narrowed in concentration as I examined the intricate details. The colors, the curves, everything had to align perfectly for the puzzle to come together seamlessly.I lost track of time. Unbeknownst to me, my mom had called me for dinner an hour ago but I was too captivated on the final section of the puzzle. My heart raced as I held the puzzle piece between my fingers, ready to slot it into its final destination. "Yes!! Just one piece..." I murmured to myself, a smile spreading across my face. But before I could a colorful ball soared through the air landed right in the heart of my puzzle.My eyes were wide open, Pieces of a puzzle were scattered in every direction. My gaze darted between the puzzle and my five-year-old sibling. A sheepish smile played on his lips, dragging his feet near to me, his tiny voice barely audible as h
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| The Handsome manipulator |
| The Handsome manipulator |The silvery moon shone brightly in the sky, its light enhancing the night's deep peace and the black background. The windows of the black Mercedes were rolled up to conceal their sexual activity inside the opulent vehicle, which was parked in a not so remote spot by the side of the road, people can hear them.The sound of their skin slapping filled the back seat with their pleasurable groans, and as he quickened his pace and rammed inside her with a certain speed, she moaned aloud feeling him too deep inside her cunt and threw her head back. His groan could be heard on the empty road deafening the silence of the beautiful night. His fingers instinctively reached for her hips and pushed his cock back inside her. She held his shoulder and gasped as he started to move, gripping her hips and bouncing up and down on his cock at his own pace.'Fuck !" – The girl cried, her voice was full of desire.His cock continued to fuck her harder, rough, as he purred, "Wha
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| The façade |
| The façade || Aurora |Today I and my mom were sitting at the restaurant, she choose a different attire for me, it was simple at the same time it showed elegance, with little bit curved deep neckline, my lips were painted with light pink color, hair was curled and secure in a bun, it was like I have doll up myself because of someone, and it was true. Mom wanted me to look presentable or looked best in front of her friend.I learned yesterday that the man my mother had imagined as my husband was actually the son of my best friend, Mrs. Amanda. According to my mother, Mrs. Amanda was lovely, talented and most important she was nice and a loveable person by heart, her eyes glisten whenever she talked about her, it was evident the two of them were very close.I had very little opportunity to meet her in person because they live in a different country, but she said they will move here very soon, and the sad part was she also lost husband at a very young age, after that she managed all b
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| The intent |
| The intent |The night fell, stars were hiding themselves behind the dark clouds, falling the darkness all over the sky, light of the city laminating the road along with tree leaves, it shined. Moon was peaking behind the cloud falling it silvery light dances over her, as it radiating on her skin in ecstatic night.How peaceful was the silence of the night, calm feeling everywhere leaving the both people who seemed to indulge with their own thoughts unaware of their upcoming storm?Aurora closed her eyes and shifted her side again, sleep was nowhere to find, if it was another day she will be pissed but today it seemed like it didn't bother her, She again took her cell phone, unlocked it with her thumb and a picture of handsome chocolate boy disclose before her eyes, she smiled. Her mind again drifted when he encircled her into his strong arms, hid her from these world and how he protected her from those dirty boys who tried to shame her, molest her.Her cheek turned red when her min
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|His lust and her love|
|His lust and her love|Aurora was at the top of her building, it was a place where people can stawy away from all the chaos and it was replaced by the serenity of nature. She had decorated each and every corner of this rooftop, smells of these beautiful flowers filled the entire air, the scenery of colorful roses, and lilies transformed the rooftop into into a hypnotic and tranquil haven.A hot coffee in her hand and her eyes savoring the bright daylight, the contrast between the morning chill and coffee’s warmth was a delightful sensation. Taking a slow sip in her coffee her eyes went to her phone which was not lightened up slightly indicating that someone might have texted, she eagerly opened her mobile with thumb and the greeting of Rayn popped up at front.She immediately put her coffee mug and greeted him too, she felt a butterfly sensation in her stomach as her ear felt so hot, she bit her lower lip and went to response of his greeting but a sudden call at morning took her brea
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| Her love |
| Her love |Aurora stood there on the quiet street, the cold breeze gently tousling her hair as she watched his car disappear around the corner, leaving behind nothing but the echo of its engine in the night and she felt emptiness settled in her heart.Aurora took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as she tried to shake off the melancholy. The night held its secrets, and as she turned to walk away, she carried with her the bittersweet memory of his disappearing car.The earlier conversation of Rayn and his actions really took a toll on her emotions. She expected kindness or understanding from him, but his words and behavior had the opposite effect. She couldn't leave the expression of irritating and frustration that saw in his eyes at evening, it's not something Aurora expected from him.She breathed heavily the night enveloped her like a heave shroud as she turned away and went inside her home. She didn't eat anything, her stomach grumbled loudly but at the same time she had no appetite
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| The trio |
| The trio |“Uff! I really have no mood to talk to me her now since I don’t want to ruin my mood with her unnecessary nagging.”- Rayn rant to my mom, she gave me her big eyes, telling me not to defy her again and call her.And she knew he can’t deny her words, in this world she was the only one whom he can say mine, his family.He reluctantly unlocked his phone and went to contact list and there were ten missed calls from Aurora. It gave him an unknown satisfaction thinking he was in her mind all the time. He couldn't resist showing his mom her desperation and smirked proudly, “See, how much our prey is desperate to get slot by our hands.” he remarked with a mischievous grin.His mom responded with a knowing look, “Seems like our plan is really working, and this girl is falling into our trap.”- he smiled hearing words of his mother. And this time without waiting anymore he dialed her number and called her.Her phone ranged and she picked it up within two rings, “Rayn..?”- Her voice w
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| Accept the unexpectant |
Zoe, the makeup expert finally finished her touches on Aurora, after half an hour of Zoe proudly presented her masterpiece. “Here you go.”- Zoe declared, Aurora cautiously opened her eyes to witness the transformation. Her initial reaction was surprise, the simplicity and calmness that defined her usual self had been replaced by a stunning and bold aura. This Aurora looked like she will create chaos in wherever she’ll go. “Today your boyfriend Rayn is not going to leave you for sure. I’m sure he will even forget whatever reason he was angry with you.”- Aurora smiled hearing her friend, as her eyes again gaze at her reflection. Indeed she was looking damn beautiful. She was wearing a long black dress; the fabric clung to her curves like a second skin. The neckline was daringly plunged, revealing a glimpse of cleavage. Her lips were painted in a shade of tinted red which added a rich look. her hair was curled up in a bun giving a full view of her back. She looked stunning, this was
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| Falling for him |
As Rayn and she drove back to her house, she couldn’t help but catch sideways looks at him. He gripped the steering wheel with strong, confident hands, his jaw line cut a sharp. His Adam apple bopped down earning invisible attraction towards him, He looked extremely handsome and there was a playful smile on his lips. The playful smile on his lips adding more beautiful feature on him, suspense was in the air as his brown eyes sparked. . His eyes, focused on the road, occasionally met mine in a mischievous side glance. “Am I that handsome that you can’t even taking off your eyes from me?”-He said, taking her by surprise.She flinched at the sudden interruption of his question, looking away from him as though as if she had been caught in the act. “Sorry, if it bothered you but my intention was not bad at all.”- She stammered, attempting to regain her composure. Despite her attempt at nonchalance, there was a hint of embarrassment in her voice and at the same time she was trying to defe
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