Love or Live

Love or Live

By:  Stephen  Completed
Language: English
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A college love story isn't always about roses, perfumes, fiery smooches, parties, and an happy-ever-after ending. At least, not in this situation.Gunshots, brain wrenching pain, hospitals, kidnaps, more gunfire, bright red galling blood and foul repulsive murders are what this love tale entails. And you just might want to reconsider fantasizing your self being wealthy or working towards it, for that just might be the inception of your termination like it was for Harvey Rhett, his beloved, orphans and the businessman, too. But all this didn't just pop out of nowhere, it begun thus...

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Nice story!
2020-07-14 02:54:47
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If you read this story, please leave a review. Thanks ❤️
2020-07-11 23:41:21
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Michael Shelby
2020-07-11 22:26:37
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Chibuzor Victor Obih
Wonderful story!
2020-07-11 18:58:21
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Chime Chinonso
I'm not really a fan of romantic stories but this one is an exception. I felt drawn to the book and the book is great, your ideas are also superb. Great story
2020-08-02 09:33:23
37 Chapters
Chapter One
Dawn's sky blue hue washed over the pompous mansions, majestically constructed chateaus and grand, imposing manors that distinguished the ever tranquil Estate – Fairford Overlook, from the ruckus New York City was famous for.  Fairford was the paradise of New York, the safe haven for the lofty-minded honeybees to produce the financial honey in pacification before consumption from the insatiable city of New York. It was the estate said to be ever flowing with wealth as indispensable as the pacific. It was where I, Harvey Rhett, 19 year old undergraduate from the prestigious Starglint College and heir to BlueStream Advercomp lived – with my family… until things happened. **I used to believe there was nothing better than a quick morning jog on my street, Vine Cutaways, with the clear morning breeze trickling down my windpipe, the melodiou
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Chapter Two
We had a little breakfast of Sausage and Egg Sandwich with fruit smoothie at our large dinning room with the entire household. Madison was ranting off what my dad should bring as she packed her long blonde wavy hair into a bun, stopping it from being a nuisance while my brother munched off the Sausages from the wooden coloured, eight seat dining table with a complexly compacted chandelier hanging from above and diving with it’s golden glory into the middle of the posh German table where a Peruvian Lilies flower vase stood. My mum was on a video call. She was wanted to model for a beauty cream brand and she was giving her personal assistant orders on what to do to make sure it went as planned. ** John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport  – an aerodrome vast in magnitude and even more momentous to NYC's economy appeared as nothing but a speckle as my dad’s executive SUV limo tore down the route passing through supermarkets, stalls,
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Chapter Three
“Just a week dad!” I said thumping my right feet on the black and white coloured Hotelgenix tiles that emulsified into one another at the center of the room creating an image of our milky way. Talk about perfection. “Four extra days, nothing more”, I added with a small frown and pouted lips that made me feel like I was 12. “Ugh, I didn’t bring enough clothes but let’s see” my dad said, helping himself with a Grey Shrimp Croquette then puckered at his laptop's screen as if concentrating on something, signaling an end of our conversation – at least, for that time.  “I’ll be at Borisova resort” I added walking back to my room to order an helicopter as well as request for a tour guide who was well versed in the South Slavic language as well as English. 
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Chapter Four
A sudden shock-wave and what sounded like a background choir marked the coming of an angel. After landing like a comet, a divine being with eyes like glass stood in my front. She look at me with her tanned eyes. It calmed my every fibre and made me feel drowsy.  Her slender and muscular body glided in a careful manner and was covered in various markings. She carried a weapon of bright energy.I looked at her gentle face once more; a pained expression was visible. A halo suddenly flared brightly above her head, and consumed her. The angel was… Maisie and it was all a nightmare. ** I woke up gagging on a cough. The winter was maliciously cold although the heater was working just as it should – but yet, I was sweating profusely.
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Chapter Five
My last three days in the South Eastern European State, Bulgaria were absorbing. My dad had struck an handsome deal and spent almost all his time either in the hot, aerated water of Hotelgenix’s spa or at the massage parlour giving his ol' skin a treat and rarely at a casino not too far from our hotel just to test if the “lucky necklace” my mum had given him once before his biggest contract signing was still potent. My last days were top notch fun. I visited parks and gardens. A museum also – with Maisie but finally, the day of my departure arrived and it was an emotional one.  ** The cold wintery breeze reduced the temperature of every thing – living or dead in Sofia and not even the heater in me and my dad’s rooms could save us. Snow had been falling for hours non-st
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Chapter Six
The birds cooed gaily not minding the whiter, foamier and more inviting snow that fell peacefully from the bluish sky. Perfection and high-spiritedness filled Fairford Overlook. Christmas flutes, fireworks and “Fairforders” teemed the streets – a few adults dressed in Santa's costumes while the kids that really did look like they had just arrived from the North Pole were dressed in green; Santa's elves, sharing gifts to all houses. Now! That was the kind of aura I loved waking up to meet after spending half my night wrapping gifts; a chevron necklace and a trinket dish for Madison, a Virtual Reality headset for Mason, a moonlight pyjamas for my mum and a wine subscription for my dad and even something for Sal, my best friend; a Phone Wooden Docking Station and AirPods leather case. It was a perfect Christmas but little did I know that it was to be a very horrible new year with tons of... ** 
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Chapter Seven
Our home's entrance boomed through the air as I slammed it shut and hastened toward my room.  “Where are your manners, Russell?” my mum’s thin voice said finding it’s way to the staircase where I was – a few steps left before getting to my room. “Sorry mum, evening!” I shouted back as I hastened to my room, locked myself in and slumped on my bed and ended up regretting it as a loose sock with blotches of different colours bounced off my bed and tried suffocating me with it's densely chummy stench as it landed directly on my nostrils. My throat went dry and itchy instantly, my head was heating up really fast as the hazy memories hidden behind time's facade of last winter began to unveil itself. I took an half empty bottle of water that I had left on my table last
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Chapter Eight
So, as I pulled up in the garage, I could smell the pungent odour of problems brewing. Everywhere was unusually silent and as I got out of the car and slammed it's door, birds on the roof flew away in a rowdy flurry. Scared-y cats! Or do we still say bats? As I walked to the front door, I caught a face at the window peeking at me. It was Mason looking at me from above with eyes that screamed “doom!”. I rolled my eyes at him, got to the door and let myself in. ** My dad wasn't back yet and that'd have been a good thing if mum wasn't going to snitch on me. She was still telling me about the things I should've done so that I could've gotten to school on time to prevent having detention but the sole thing I could conceive as she "ranted on" was... MAISIE!. 
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Chapter Nine
"I still don't get how you could've ever been with her bro" Sal said as he stuck his thumbs in the straps of his bag leaving room between his elbow and his abdomen. He kicked an empty can off the walk way as Mer interlocked her arms into his and caused a few bumps as she skipped a few times along with us. I sincerely didn't know either how I'd gotten together with Amaya. I never loved her because she'd always been way too fussy and awfully picky. She did almost whatever made her comfortable not minding others and that didn't still stop her from being a wimp. She was pained, pained that I wasn’t “hers” anymore and every single day made reality hit her more – she’d never get a chance with me, again. I was certain that I was accurate with my hypothesis because we'd grown almost together. We attended the same elementary school, high school and now, college. 
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Chapter Ten
A really long passage with small apartments, the size of two cubicles merged. From the petite or let's say trivial terrace, the third room on your left.Firmly held by old, red bricks bountifully garnished with cracks on its surface, a pallid ash gray door stood and on its other side, all her worth outside her homeland were kept. ALL. And there, behind the door with drapes drawn to prevent the incurs of the sun during the day- Just like a vamp will do, a small, portable plasma TV hung to the thinned walls, a stein with red, small cheap wine filled the air and a few inches from the cold dark walls, the soft thud of her heart reminded her that she was living as she lay on her single bed, curled up from the world outside and only peeking to know what was going out there through her TV. Life hadn't been always bad, in fact, it looked like it'd stored up the bad mo
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