Hopelessly Devoted

Hopelessly Devoted

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Delilah is a lovely country girl who grew up with her grandparents. An innocent and modest person like her is not expected to fall in love with a businessman and sole heir, Raphael Montenegro. But the true love she thought suddenly disappeared when the young man was probably destined to marry another woman. Delilah thought that all the love she gave for him was enough to fight for their love for each other, but it turned out that he was just like her father, who suddenly left them and exchanged them for someone else. She was ready to forget all the pasts between the two of them, but it seems that fate is really challenging her to avenge the man who broke her heart. That's why she surprised everyone and introduced herself as the new heir of the Montenegro's, not as a housewife but as a mistress.

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3 Chapters
I. Delilah's Pov
Raphael and I met at the unexpected event, it was our village's festival and many were preparing to celebrate one of the most special occasions. I am currently serving as a maid in the Montenegro's family. But often that rich family doesn't stay here because they are too busy running their businesses in different places. The Montenegro's couple rarely comes here, sometimes only Don Markus visits the mansion and sometimes his wife, Madam Gloria. That couple is kind and generous, that's why no wonder why they were blessed with many beautiful things in life. But in my more than ten years of serving them as a maid, I have never seen and met the two male heirs of their properties. I hear a lot that they are currently living in another country and that they have completed their studies there as well. As far as I know from the old servants who are with me here at the hacienda, the eldest son of Don Markus and Madam Gloria, Sir Raphael, is the same age as me. But none of them have seen the ap
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II. Delilah's Pov (We met again)
“Delilah, who are you waiting for there? And why do you seem to be looking for someone?” the one who spoke was Betty, my best friend and co-worker as a maid here at the mansion. I didn't respond immediately to what she asked, so I couldn't tell her the truth either. It's been almost three days since I saw that aggressive man, and after that day I didn't see him again. I must admit that I was a little worried about him because he still looks like a stranger in this place.“Did he get back to their house safely?” I said softly as Betty turned to me with one eyebrow raised and a look of curiosity on her face.“Who are you talking about? And why do you seem concerned about someone? Is there something you're not telling me?” She was curious, but I didn't answer her because I would rather not let her know about the pretty man I met the other day, besides that, I didn't want her to know that there was another time when someone trespassed in this mansion. I know that Betty can be trusted, and
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III. Delilah's Pov (Hopelessly Devoted)
Since then, Raphael and I have become close friends and I have also introduced him to Betty. But I didn't expect our friendship to go deeper to more than just friends.“I want you, Delilah. I know you want me too, don't you?” that was the first time he confessed to me and because that was also my first love, I was unable to refuse him, or I was unable to hide from him my true feelings for him. It feels good to be in love, especially when you probably also want to be with the person you've only been dreaming about. It's as if my life has suddenly become colorful, there's always a smile on my face, it's like I'm stepping on clouds and a romantic song is whispering in my ears. However, I kept our relationship a secret from Betty. Even we don't know each other very well, or whatever his true personality is, I will accept him because I love him that much. I have no idea about his background, as well as about his past and even his family, I just know that he is the man I want to be with unt
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