he dance Empire had greatly grown from a local street dance battle organizers to an international multi-million dollars dance entertainment company.

As revealed by the internet, Mr. Tsung Lee, a very greedy and brutal Chinese multi-billionaire known as the king of Hong Kong, had become its new president taking over from its former president Mr. Bradley, the Canadian American. He had been the president for the past three years using his leadership and powerful connection to help the company grow bigger, stronger and ever better.

After the most eventful battle in London that night, every dance crew in London wanted me to be a part of their dance crew. There was a massive global dance competition coming up, an international dance championship. The most amazing part of it was that this year it was set to give out the highest amount of money ever given in the history of any TV reality show, a whooping fifty million U.S. dollars to the winner of the competition.

I did not want to compete in any dance competition, since there was no way this could help me get mama out of jail. So, I kept turning them down but this afternoon, as I walked my way home with Sholey, a set of boys and girls walked up to me requesting that I become part of their dance crew. This same set of dancers had been on my neck for quite some time and I had kept on turning their offer down but this time Sholey tried talking me into competing, however, I told him to let it go, but just then, I stumbled on something. On the entry form, an eagle eye branded logo that represented the dance Empire, this belonged to the same guys who ran all the dance battles at the lighthouse.

I asked the dance crew to give me some time, and told them I would love to see them at the same place and time tomorrow. Sholey for a moment wondered why the sudden change of heart, but I did not want him or another person on the dance crew to know what I was really up to.

As soon as I got home, I accessed the web address, which I captured in my memory from the form:

It was the same dance empire but they had grown so huge compared to what it used to be many years ago back in Arlington Avenue.

The dance empire had largely grown from a local street dance organization to an international multi-million dollar investment.

Its president was Mr. Tsung Lee, the greedy, brutal baron also known as the king of Hong-Kong who had dominated the streets of Brooklyn since I was a little girl. Amongst all those who also competed for the presidency of the Dance Empire Federation was Rice Morgan, a business Tycoon who is presently ranked the third richest women in the United States.

Nevertheless, Mr. Tsung always had his way of getting things done the way he wants. Just then, an advert regarding the world dance championship popped up below the web page. One hundred and twenty eight dancers were to compete at the preliminaries which was to take place all over the world, until it gets narrowed down to just sixteen dance teams who will face off against one another at the finals in New York, U.S.A. I already had all the information I needed about the international dance competition and my mind was made up.

The next day I came across the dance crew and I told them I am in, the entire crew hugged me in great excitement but there is just one more thing, I said, ‘If I am to become a part of your dance crew everyone will have to fall under my command.’

Red Hair Harry who looked like the most outspoken one on the team immediately said to me ‘we have no leader and when we asked you to become part of our team, we were hoping that not only would you become a member of our team but also our leader.’

I could recall the first time I came across Max Dwayne, we competed against one another in a nightclub, his crew against my sister. I was with the Soul Sisters and he was with his self-named little crew, the Maximus.

He was amazed, how I stole the show from him and his crew and could mimic every of their dance steps and still made a huge fun out of it before the crowd.

That day he nicknamed me the Show Stealer and wanted me to become part of his dream team, a formidable team that will rise to the very top and so I suggested we added something unique to the name, something, which represented that dream of the team, a word we always had to leave up to, the Prime.

However, since I had quit from his team and now having my own team and dreams of been at the top, I decided to call my new team what is rightfully mine, the Prime.

We are gonna be the first to hit the moves, that way we had the opportunity of stealing the crowds to ourselves, getting them crazy with mad stunts and keep entertaining them even after we have knocked out them and their crew’s little asses off the dance floor.

Training commence soon after, near Red Hair Harry’s home, as we have to develope not only our training skills, but also create new dance moves as well as working on some choreography for the team.

I had it all working out well, a very co-operative and good dance team. What makes a good dance crew is not only how good your dancers are but how willing are they to co-operate with you as their the leader.

Every dance crew has its weak and strong ones, but at the end of the day all just has to work together, properly managed by studying each one of them and using each one where he or she fits and you are guaranteed of getting an amazing result as long as they stayed passionate. After the training section, Red Hair Harry found out that the registration for the preliminaries of the world dance tournament was closing today by 6pm and we still had not purchased the form for the tournament.

Just after the training section, another dance crew came in to our training centre. It was the former Queen, now Red Bee along with her thugs and they looked like they had come for something very serious.

Now things just got worst, first, we had not gathered enough money to register online for the tournament and it was already 4:30pm, and now we had to get into another war or rivalry against The Red Bee.

The Red Bee approached me and said ‘give honor to who them honor a give them’ and so she sincerely apologized for all the wrongs she had caused me and promised such things would never occur again. Moved with so much emotions, tears rolled out of my eyes, I hugged her and begged her to be my friend and part of my new dance crew.

But she only accepted my friendship and turned down her becoming part of my new dance crew, she said she would have loved to but had other matters to attend to before the days grow dark as she walked away with her thugs.

I had absolutely no idea what she meant by ‘dark days.’ I dispatched the whole team, if by 6pm we still had not gotten the form, then it is certain that we would not be competing in the World Dance Championship. After every effort to raise the cash for the online registration, it proved absolutely disappointing and fruitless.

The show was to begin with its preliminaries by the next day but it turned out we really might not be getting an entry spot or a registration since it was already 6:27pm, we tried all outlets including the internet, but it was already too late.

After a long day of so much stress and disappointment, I got home with a really sad and long face.

Mr. Gregory saw me and said, ‘What’s the matter Angel,’ and I said to him, ‘I could not get an entry form for the preliminaries of the World Dance Championship.’ Emily suddenly walked into the sitting room along with the rest of the family and said, ‘We knew such a thing would happen so we decided to get this for you, a lovely gift.’

It was a late entry form for the preliminaries, and most suprisingly even containing the name of my dance crew which was so stunning to me, they had just managed to secure a late form for me, in fact, we were the one hundred and twenty-fourth contestant for the ultimate prize.

I asked why they went this far for me, and Emily replied, ‘we all saw what you did on that night at the Ark, defeating two of London’s finest dancers in one night, Melina,’ starring at my face, she said, ‘Sparks, you were born for this.’

I thanked everyone in the family and hugged Emily so tight, this followed with a big family hug. Wasting no time, I quickly called the team to get ready for the big day that I just got an entry form.

The Prime team was so happy and already getting set for the big stage. Later that night, I understood better what the former Queen of Merton meant with the expression ‘Dark Days.’  The news I later heard about her had it clear that she was arrested and might be serving a very long time in jail, and this really made me sad.

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